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Pax open recruitment (Dominus & Imperius)

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Pax open recruitment (Dominus & Imperius)

GalaxyRed's Avatar

07.19.2013 , 03:58 PM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthebeast View Post
I am currently a recruit on the empire side, found so far to be enjoying myself playing with my wife. We are lower levels and most everyone is 55 so getting people to do the 4 mans with in the lower levels hasn't happened yet. When I log on and say hi I always get at least 1 hi back, I am sure once I get up in levels I will be able to be more a part of what everyone is doing.
I'm on the Republic side, as a recruit as well (still processing), and have had similar experiences, because of my lower level compared to others, but I'm getting up there. Dominus has been a nice group of people so far. When I have things to say, or need help, I usually get a response almost immediately. I play as a Jedi Sentinel in the guild, named Markanis.

dax_antares's Avatar

07.21.2013 , 08:32 PM | #152
I'm about halfway through my recruitment and I have to say its been a lot of fun. Good people, all very friendly. Plus I've never seen a guild that has so many members take an active interest in your recruitment.
"There is no death, there is the Force."

Zypheres's Avatar

07.22.2013 , 07:28 PM | #153
I'd have to say this is the most interesting group of people I've been associated with. At one point, you feel like you're with loving family, the next you feel as if you've been tossed into an asylum. However, this guild has been nothing but fun, and I can't wait to have more memorable adventures with these crazy, lovable screwballs.

Eimie's Avatar

07.23.2013 , 10:00 AM | #154
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyahlia View Post
OK. I am currently in the application processing stream with Pax, and I was asked to come here and share my thoughts about the process and the group.

*mandatory disclaimer* I am providing this statement of my own free will. There is no one holding a blaster or light saber to my head. My posting here in no way constitutes any official endorsement of this organization. Comments here are my sole opinion, and may differ from that of others*


No seriously, the process is... unique... but quite a bit of fun. It's designed for you to get to know the members of Pax, not just the characters they play in game X. It's also designed for them to get to know you. If you love gaming, want to consider being with a social, cooperative group of like-minded people, then really, you should consider applying.

Just... if you do... think of it as a lot like frosh week...
She got it exactly right! I am also a new recruit and I have enjoyed the recruitment process and getting to know the other members. I look forward to becoming a full member myself and playing games with Pax for many years!

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07.27.2013 , 09:03 PM | #155
I thought really hard about joining Pax after it was recommended by a friend. I haven't ever applied for a guild or played a MMO, so I was intimidated by this process. I discussed everything with a couple of my friends (not involved with Pax but a different guild) and learned that they had some issues with their guilds. IMO, because they didn't really get to know their guilds but just filled out some questions and were selected by their answers. Pax isn't like that...they get to know you and want to know that you are truly interested in becoming more knowledgeable about the game and community as a whole.

I'm still a little overwhelmed, but most of that is just learning not only how to play a MMO but also how guilds run. I've had a lot of really great support, the people are very nice and very inclusive. They are all insanely knowledgeable and willing to help for any of your questions.

MordinJade's Avatar

07.29.2013 , 06:54 PM | #156
I am currently in the application phase with Pax. It has been a fun experience - lots of fun questions, some harder than others. But all in all, it has been a fun ride so far. I think it's good for a group like this to get to know its members and that's definitely what Pax does during this process. It also gives them an opportunity to screen out the ones who may not fit the criteria they're looking for (hope that's not me!). Seriously though, don't be scared about the questions. They're just trying to get to know you and it also gives you a chance to know them. They seem like good guys and gals and you should definitely give them a chance!

WallaceBran's Avatar

07.30.2013 , 09:20 AM | #157
I'm about halfway through my recruitment process with Pax, and I can say without a doubt that these are some of the nicest people you're going to find. The recruitment process looks like a mix between a job application and an interrogation, but it really isn't like that. They truly do seem to want to get to know you. There are no in-game evaluations or tests you have to pass or anything like that. You don't have to beat X or get to Y level before you can apply. Relax, don't worry, this is a good group of people no matter where you are in the game.

Xann's Avatar

07.31.2013 , 10:16 AM | #158
I'm halfway through as well and the process has been pretty fun. They are very friendly and ask some really cool questions.

Calow's Avatar

08.01.2013 , 07:23 AM | #159
I am on the last day of my application period and I have to say I am impressed with the Pax Community thus far. I have been in more groups with the people of Pax than I have been in the last 6 months and everyone has been VERY help full. I am certainly hoping I am allowed to become a full member and I have already mentioned the community to several friends!

If you are looking for good people to play with, look no further!


kixpix's Avatar

08.05.2013 , 11:44 AM | #160
Well so far ive really enjoyed my time in pax. The people are great and if I do something wrong, I can blame Infedel (right?)