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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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09.18.2012 , 04:17 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Salantross View Post
I think it's a great idea. It's interactive and it gets people talking with immediate feedback. Things are obviously in motion to improve communication, and I feel the overall game as well. Showing negativity towards aspects of the game, and then being negative towards attempts to improve things really doesn't help.

Maybe wait and see how it goes first? I'm excited to see what comes of it.
You're excited. They're excited. Awesome.
At this point, I have no faith whatsoever in their ability to communicate simple things so forgive me if I'm not quivering in my chair.

But hey, I could be surprised, right? So here's a question. They'll cherry pick through and answer only the ones they want to answer, but what the heck.

Does 1.4 include anything companion related other than HK and the match-to-chest/hide-head-slot?
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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09.18.2012 , 04:19 PM | #12
It was mentioned that along with the "free transfer" event, we would also eventually be offered a pay-to-transfer option for characters we'd like to move from one server to another. is this still in the works, and do you possibly have a working time frame on when we might see it offered?

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09.18.2012 , 04:19 PM | #13
What can possibly 30 minutes bring more than the previously Q&A?
ya.. lots of information and not a single Soon! uh..uh.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Riccitiello View Post
When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you're really not very price sensitive at that point in time...We're not gouging, but we're charging.

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09.18.2012 , 04:21 PM | #14
Question: Will we EVER see all gear converted to Bind on Legacy? Or, at least, Tionese and up, so we can move gear freely among alts?

Alternatively, make only the token Bind on Legacy, with the actual gear binding to whomever cashes it in.

Is it in a reasonable future (a maximum of 6 months), or is it something to talk about when putting the kids to sleep?
Quote: Originally Posted by John Riccitiello View Post
When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you're really not very price sensitive at that point in time...We're not gouging, but we're charging.

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09.18.2012 , 04:26 PM | #15
Question: With the coming 1.4 update what was the reasoning behind new daily relics that cost 400 coms but are only very marginally better or new equipment BH com gear that seems to cost 350 coms per piece. Are daily coms and Black Hole coms either going to become far easier to get, thereby making them worthless than they currently are and it will likely have everyone in the gear. Or are we ment to spent months to get this gear?

Second Question: When will we see more interesting Species that aren't just coloured humans or as in the case of the cathar fairground face painted humans?

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09.18.2012 , 04:41 PM | #16
Question 1: When will we get an in-game ready check?

Question 2: Is there anything coming soon for Ilum or incentivized world pvp?

Question 3: A few weeks ago it was released that cross server pvp queing was not currently in the works, with the new servers up and running is there a plan to re-visit this issue?
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09.18.2012 , 04:43 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew_Past View Post
If done properly, this could be a new way for the developers to have more an interactive conversation with players on key issues. Of course, it could backfire if the developers just cherry pick "safe" questions. I'm hoping that this will be an indication of a better, more open development process.
Unfortunately, I suspect that's exactly what they will do. My biggest frustration with the Community Team/Dev Team is communication. It's hard to answer hard questions, but it builds trust.

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09.18.2012 , 04:52 PM | #18
Question: With the implementation of the F2P model, there comes the risk of "Pay to Win". You say you are against it. But "Pay to Win" is a sliding scale, it's not black-or-white. In fact, some of the "boosts" you've said you expect to put into the shop are considered P2W by some players. Could you please explain your decision-making process about what you will and will not put into the cash shop, especially with regards to the "Pay to Win" facet of the decision?

Comment: I expect this will be no different than the sanitized garbage you put out for the written Q&A. You'll pick the lame happy fluffy questions, the questions nobody cares about, the questions with obvious answers, and ignore the tough stuff .

Surprise me.

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09.18.2012 , 05:55 PM | #19
Please take another stance on this new "Q&A" thing, and pick actual tough questions asked again and again by the community.

The Q&A was laughable with regards to the picked questions.. Now is the time to rebuild the trust.. The ones that are playing right now are the real long term fans.. But we need to have some confidence in you guys, and trust you not to just hand this game to the F2P demons..

My question then: With all the talk about accuracy on gear, I'd rather ask what's the deal with Alacrity. Even maxed out the Alacrity doesn't offer life saving differences in casting speed. What it does do however is make you burn through your resource faster, and thus it feels like a stat that makes it harder to play a healer. Do you feel alacrity is working as a stat right now, or do you feel it's as counter-productive as a lot of people think it is.
Adjustments could be to either have it boost cast times A LOT more so it would actually feel like a boost that makes a difference.. Like a 2 second cast could be stat'ed down to 1 second if you maxed alacrity. Or you make alacrity speed up resource gain as well, so it would actually make alacrity heavy specs able to do a little more dps without draining themselves of resource..
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09.18.2012 , 05:55 PM | #20
Could you get skills bouns (i.e. 3) for completing 5 difrent chatacter classes after chapter 3 or 4 this would be (i.e.3) to all classes that you've done , father more if all 8 classes storys have been compteed all chatacters would get another (i.e.5) skill points.
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