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NESTINAR (RP-PvE) is recruiting the Empire's finest

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NESTINAR (RP-PvE) is recruiting the Empire's finest

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09.18.2012 , 01:17 PM | #1

We are a congregation of like-minded players who seek to experience the game and conquer all challenges in a rich In-Character atmosphere, while socializing in a safe, relaxed and fun environment.

Official website:
Aliegence: Sith Empire
Timezone: Central European Time / GMT+1
Language: English
Focus: Endgame Progression, Roleplaying
Officers: Haderach, Atara, Agvar, Azula, Raiko, Ixalia, Zerianna, Beckert
TORWars article (April 2012):

More about Nestinar:

"Nestinar is an ideological self sustained paramilitary organization committed to preserving the Emperor’s vision for a strong imperial society and securing the advancement of the Sith Empire throughout the galaxy."

The name "Nestinar" comes from an ancient Thracian ritual and means "a person invulnerable to fire".
We are an ambitious guild that entered the BioWare pre-launch guild program on 11th November, 2011 with a small group of founding players. Now we are among the oldest active SW:TOR guilds in the world and have proven our stability. Our ambition is not to be the first to clear the latest endgame content, although endgame is a major part of our activity, but establishing Nestinar as a solid, more sophisticated community for people to have fun and genuinely enjoy their time spent together with respect to classic values where profanity and arrogance doesn't make you "cool".

Endgame (Operations/Raiding):
Weekly we have scheduled Operations on Wednesday Friday Sunday and Monday evenings with a duration of three hours. We have a Progression and Casual teams which play in Hard and Story mode respectively.
For operations progression we can currently accomodate 1 Tank, 1(2) Healers, 2 DPS.

We guarantee a calm and patient leadership during Operations where everyone can have fun playing the game with enjoyable company.
The use of voice chat is not required.

Our Operations Sign-up threads are publicly visible on the forum.

(28.02.2014) All content is cleared, for details please see here:


"If we accept the idea that in order to achieve our goals cruelty, violence, theft or fraud are encouraged methods, then our morality will rest on this principle and we will perfect all the actions that go along this line of thinking. We’ll be no better than the lowest criminal on Nar Shaddaa or the Sith apprentice who lost his mind. Any such action can be ascribed, at least in part, to a natural bad tendency that is an extenuating circumstance in result of the rapid expansion of the Empire in the recent years. After a millenia of peace and preparation the strikingly fast imperial conquest came as an overwhelming reality to many within the Empire and unlocked their subdued desires for power. Power, however, is a tool only for the hands of the most skilled of craftsmen. Those incapable of wielding it, but yet receiving it developed a corrupting illness of insatiable hunger for dominance. It is by the actions of such corrupt individuals that cruelty is done upon others, which in turn, corrupts them, spreading the illness until the whole galaxy dies by the infection, destroying the very purpose the Sith Empire is fighting for."


Our roleplaying theme is based on the conception that the Empire is not evil and we're fighting to bring justice and order to the galaxy. What we call "Ideology" is the driving principle that our members share, rather than a quiescent background in which people should fit their character stories. The ideology allows for greater flexibility and freedom when devising your stories and tales, while still adhering to a strong guild theme.
Nestinar presents a suitable home for Light and Grey Imperial characters and an opportunity for the Dark sided to be the antiheroes in our organization. If our philosophy interests you, we suggest that you to visit our website for a detailed read.

Rules & Ranks:

Nestinar has no ranks. Everyone in the guild is equal and equally valued. The Force using classes aren't ruling over the non Force users and there are no commanders to impose their will on anyone.
For the purpose of guild management, however, there are Officers. There is no difference in the privileges that the officers have, except that they are responsible to assist with any issues, invite people to the guild and watch over the civil and pleasant atmosphere.

Everyone joining Nestinar agrees unconditionally that:
  • Any form of discrimination and harassment based on nationality, sexual orientation, sex, race, age, religion, social status, physical condition, hair colour and others is forbidden.
  • Offensive language and attacking someone’s dignity regardless of cause and motive either In-Character or Out-Of-Character is forbidden.
  • All criticism is handled in a polite, patient and friendly manner without exceptions.
  • He or she respects other players on the server and if provoked by profanity and negative attitude shall not answer in the same means. Will use instead the in-game tools for reporting intolerable behavior to the Game Masters.
  • He or she shall not participate in acts that detract from the enjoyment of the game for others such as: ganking, camping, griefing, stalking, flaming, etc.
  • He or she understands the meaning of common sense and common etiquette and will abide to them.
  • All members are aware that going astray of these principles will result in expulsion from the guild.


"Nestinar members are bound together by strong moral and ideological principles which ensure both our outstanding discipline and our appreciation of individuality. Every single member is the face of our organization to outside parties. Being a member of Nestinar sets high expectations and it is our goal to surpass them every time."

There are no class, level and playstyle restrictions. We will be honoured by your interest.

To join us you are welcome to pick one of two options:
  • Interview with an officer + Trial
  • Application on our website + Trial

- The trial begins once you are invited into the guild. It is a period during which guild members and you build impressions on each other.

- By default the trial lasts 1 month, which can be shortened to two weeks if the trialist displays good guild behaviour (being friendly, polite, helpful, active, responsible).

- In case of breaking Nestinar's Fundamental Principles during the trial, one warning will be issued.

Please be aware that:
  • You don't have to be a Roleplayer originally, we will be happy to help you learn the basics of RP, if you are interested.
  • You don't have to be interested in endgame, we accept social members.
  • You don't have to be an MMO veteran. If this is your first MMO game, we will help you settle in.
  • English may not be your native language. You will not be judged for imperfect grammar. (Not to be mistaken with lack of punctuation and text speak which are not related to your knowledge of English and we do not tolerate.)

You're free to be yourself. We embrace every person's uniqueness and believe that diversity enriches every social aspect of a guild.
  • We do have real life couples.
  • There are gay guys in Nestinar.
  • There are Muslims, Jews and Atheists.
  • We have diversity of nationalities from across Europe.
If any of the above points troubles you, we are not the right guild for you.

We welcome everyone interested in joining us to visit our website where they can familiarize themselves with the detailed guild information and contact an officer in-game or fill an application on our forum.

Thank you for your attention and may the Force be with you!
- Haderach, founder of Nestinar.


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09.19.2012 , 07:19 AM | #2
Currently our Operations team can accommodate Tanks, Healers and DPS. We have cleared hard modes of EV and KP and SM of Denova.

Of course, friendly players regardless of their interest in endgame are always welcome!

And by the way, pleased to see our thread was the first to get posted on the new server forums

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10.10.2012 , 02:34 PM | #3
recruitment is still ongoing,
things getting more lively by the day though,
but as the old saying goes, the more the merryer,

so anyone is feel free to have a look at the webpage and post an application if you think you like what you see

Darth_Haderach's Avatar

10.22.2012 , 01:37 AM | #4
Updated the original post.
Additionally, our expanding Operations team (from 8 to 16) is in high demand for DPS. Agents and Bounty Hunters are very welcome and will have little competition for gear. Good Sith applications will not be turned down, however.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have either on our forum or in game and don't hesitate to apply.

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11.03.2012 , 09:54 PM | #5
This is kind of an emergency update/bump to say that for the next week we will essentially be missing one decently geared DPS for a 16man team for Hard Mode Denova/Terror.

If you are thinking about joining, now is the perfect time to become part of the Operations team.

Also, our Operations schedule is getting expanded with one additional day! In addition to Sunday and Monday, we're now going to include Wednesday. The time remains the same - invites at 18:45 CET, start at 19:00 CET.

Haderach will update the first post with the new schedule as soon as he can.

Clarification: Of course as current members level up and get ready we will have more than the minimum number of people for the Ops team. But as we know a healthy team should always consist of more than the bare minimum of players. This allows us to sometimes skip Operations in favor of real life without leaving 15 other players unable to start, and also serves as a guarantee in case of connection failures that there will be someone to step in for the missing player. We have a special rule about reserves rotation which you can find on our website.

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11.11.2012 , 05:45 PM | #6
We successfully switched to 16man Operation team. Today, on the day of our guild's 1st Birthday we went to Denova Hard Mode as a group of 16 for the first time and loot was spilled.

We are still in a high demand for DPS. If endgame in the largest team composition the game has to offer and polite and friendly atmosphere sound like your style, don't hesitate to join us!

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12.30.2012 , 07:25 PM | #7

We are still in high demand for DPS and healers as well. If you looking for a guild with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with 8 and 16 mans 3 days a week, please don't hesitate to apply!
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12.30.2012 , 09:34 PM | #8
We are currently in a Holiday break until 5th of January, meaning that official hard mode progression operations are not organized until after that date. Regardless, we are still having a few operations every week during the holiday season for fresh level 50'ies and alts. You can keep track of our schedule on our forum, that part is visible to the public.

Nestinar has also published a unique roleplaying system that we've been hard at work on for months. It includes extensive character sheets with organized abilities, traits, inventory. Weekly scheduled events that follow a deep and consistent storyline with a narrator. It's private, however.

Not to mention the new festive fashion attire of our golden rancors... Come check them out!

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02.09.2013 , 09:44 AM | #9
applying very soon I think!
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02.15.2013 , 08:29 AM | #10

Would it be worth applying as a leveling tank? I'm just wondering as whether that would still give me a chance to run Ops with Nestinar as a tank, tanking is my favourite playstyle in MMOs and I just haven't had much luck finding a Guild in SWTOR.