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Suggestion forum and BW customer service

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Suggestion forum and BW customer service

Savro's Avatar

09.17.2012 , 04:32 AM | #1
I really appreciate the effort you guys put in answering our questions in the Customer Service forum but i'd like to see the same effort in this forum.
I know there are discussion threads like "A Thousand Papercuts" where come together many many ideas and in that case is pretty impossible to answer, also because of the duplicate suggestions but...
But there are simpler thread with a single suggestion like "Ability to turn XP Off" started by Fireswraith or the last threads i started ("Bound set bonuses" and "Forum Subscriptions") where a reply from a person inside BW (customer service) would be a very useful feedback for the discussion because:
- we'd now if a suggestion is going to be considered or is going to be discarder (because of game desing, too much effort, not suitable for the game, etc...)
- we'd be certain that you have read the post, and this would make us want to give new and better suggestions. I know that you say that you read all the posts, but seeing that your effort (in thinking about and writing a reasonable suggestion) has been appreciated is very very different. We don't know if a particular suggestion is considered useful or not... I really like this game (since preorder) but when i post a suggestion i feel like i'm talking to noone, or at best to people that can't do anything to make that suggestion a game feature...

As you can see i posted 3 suggestions (and 3 bug reports) in the last 2 days: "Bound set bonuses", "Galactic Trade Network: some suggestions" and "Forum Subscriptions" and i think they are reasonable. This should prove that i like this game and that i'm tring to figure out how to improve it. But i'd like a reply from you.

Petnil's Avatar

09.17.2012 , 05:42 PM | #2
got to say i agree, even if itīs just a flag on the posts that have been read. Ofc iīd prefer an answer on whether my suggestion would be:

1 exelent idea we most likely would implement in a future patch
2 good idea but not likely going to happen in the near future
3 we dont like the idea but if enough players will back you up then we might reconsider
4 itīs a bad idea and it will never happen.

Or a link to one of the posts that allready have been answered on the same topic. Since thereīs so many posts on the same topic most suggestions have been made several times. I know it would take a bit of resourses but we realy could use more 2way comunication. Iīve seen so many good suggestions that havenīt been answered.

Phosima's Avatar

09.24.2012 , 04:43 AM | #3
I agree. It would be nice to receive some feedback from BW. Just knowing the suggestion has been read and whether or not it's possible to implement at all.