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Experienced Commando Healer looking for raiding guild!

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Experienced Commando Healer looking for raiding guild!

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09.17.2012 , 03:21 AM | #1
Hey, I'm an older player (older as in, I started SW at Early Access), and I stopped playing this game not too much longer after release, although I do have a fair bit of raiding experience from the little amount of time I played.

About my raiding experience:

As one of the first level 50's on my server, I quickly banded together with other new level 50's, as we identified with each other as Hardcore gamers who were keen to progress quickly through the endgame content that was available at release, whilst we didn't know each other prior to Star Wars, we soon found ourselves bonding and forming a tightly-knit group on Kai-Kan Eu PvP, in a guild we called Relapse.

We were successful in our endeavours, and whilst we didn't achieve the very first raid boss kill on our server (that honour went to a guild on the Imperial side), we swiftly defeated every other boss available as server firsts, which was full Eternity Vault and Bonetrasher in KP, on normal and hard mode (although due to massive bugs, downing Soa HM was no walk in the park, we wiped easily for 30+ hours to get it down) and also had 3/6 on Nightmare before the first content patch, which actually went live around 3/4 weeks after game launch.

When the first patch went live (the one that brought out the rest of Karagga's Palace, and those Zombie flashpoints), a lot of changes were made to boss difficulties, as well as bug fixes, Soa HM was made significantly easier and defeating Nightmare mode was now achievable (before this patch Nightmare Soa was next to impossible, due to hp, mechanics and bugs, and I don't think many, if any guilds in the world managed to kill him on Nightmare before this patch). Anyway once this patch was released we were 10/10 NM within two weeks and I was stuck with one very big problem: I got bored.

Within 6 weeks of the game launching I had cleared all content (albeit on 8 man), I was in pretty much full Rakata and the only thing for me to do was do Warzones/Ilum all day, which actually became fairly frustrating, considering the massive population imbalance between Republic and Imperial sides (and I played Republic). So I ended up leaving the game and haven't looked back since. Until now.

Facts relevant to my character:

My character is called Relik, I'm a Republic Commando Trooper, and my specialisation is Combat Medic.

I leveled as Combat Medic, I always played as Combat Medic, and have never tried out the other two commando specs, although if you are looking for a Commando in general, whilst I have no experience with the other specs, I am willing to try them out (Can't promise I will be any good).

I have all datacrons relevant to my class (+aim) and a lot of the others, I also have the annoyingly tricky to get +10 all stats one from the Museum on the fleet. As mentioned earlier I am in pretty much full Rakata gear, and my professions are Biochem (for the medpacs etc), and Cybertech (for the bombs), but I also leveled and then dropped Armortech to make crit Rakata belt and bracers (the ones with the augment slots).

As a player (along with the rest of my guild) considered ourselves and tried to be ahead of the curve in terms of in-depth class knowledge, as well as tactical knowledge and preparation for raiding, we had no guides to help us defeat these bosses so early on in the game, and so everything was done via trial and error.

If you have read this far and are still interested in me here are some videos from our very first nightmare (unless stated otherwise) mode kills (you can see by the date stamps on when it was uploaded that I am not exaggerating my claims to the speed with which we cleared the content).

Obviously I'm the big *** cyborg shooting green beams, if you're struggling to spot me performing, but the videos are shot in great quality and the music is pretty funky, so hopefully it's not too much of a chore to watch them.

I didn't record the videos (that was my fellow healer Audentia, but as stated above, I'm pretty easy to spot).

Gharj Nightmare (Aud sharing the quest mid fight on very first kill lol).

Karagga Nightmare:

Soa Nightmare (I died towards the very end, invisible lightning ball bug = v.annoying ;p)

Bonetrasher Nightmare (Ended up solo healing from the last 20% after Aud died, only to then die myself after we hit the enrage timer and it becoming a mad scramble to kill him before wiping - messy kill lol):

Fabricator one tank tactic (if it is common practice now, it wasn't then).:

KP HM compilation vid:

(also in this vid, we actually had a trial guy raiding with us - Ember from a guild called Omega, he was v.annoying and kept telling us how to do content we had already cleared and he hadn't, he was quite slow on the uptake and died a lot, we aren't elitists by any stretch, but needless to say he didn't get into the guild haha).

So there you go, our very first kills, so the more intense fights were pretty messy, but many were clean kills.

If you got bored reading this stupidly long application, then you are not the guild for me and I am not the player for you. Otherwise if you're interested then please reply on this thread or PM me, I'll try to get back to you asap, whilst I'm still on Kai-Kan, if you're interested in me and I'm interested in joining your guild, then I'm willing to server transfer, so I'm casting my net far and wide and reposting this to every other recruitment forum. Also, bear in mind that having not played for over 8 months, I will be a bit rusty.

My personal information: 26, Male, UK. Anything more you will just need to get to know me.

Also, from what I understand, whilst I've never seen/done any of the current content, I see that Rakata is still a pretty strong gear level, and whilst I by no means expect to get boosted for gear (Something I don't really care about, I just see it as an aide to progression - although it is nice to sit on fleet in the best gear possible with your cool face on) I think I'm quick learner and I'll soon be pulling my weight. I'm also not adverse to joining guilds that are still in the progression process of the game, I'm not the best player in the world and I make mistakes, but as long as I'm with a group of people who can learn from and improve on their mistakes, then that's cool with me.

Cheers for reading and I look forward to reading any responses,

And if you're curious, the set up that I was most accustomed to running was 1 tank, 2 melee 3 ranged 2 healers, things were harder for us with only one tank for the most part (Jorg and Sorno NM was almost as hard as prenerf Soa HM), but I do know how to heal the two tank tactics, to be specific guardian, sentinel/scoundrel, 2x gunslinger, commando dps, commando healer, sage healer. And I know I'm continually adding to my post, but like with raiding, in my posts I always feel like I can do more ;p

Big Time Relik.

P.S Sorry if this is quiet the right forum, but I'm guessing a majority of active raiders will read here.

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09.18.2012 , 06:31 PM | #2
There are now actual server forums in the "server group forums", post there.

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09.18.2012 , 06:47 PM | #3
Its a shame you're a Commando and not a Merc :P

You'll want to transfer to Tomb of Freedon Nadd, its the only English EU PvP server now obviously. Though I imagine as of this morning your character has already been automatically transferred.

As the other guy said, best posting in Server forums, best of luck ^^
Kazar - Powertech, [Tomb of Freedom Nadd EU]

MagnitudeZero's Avatar

09.18.2012 , 06:47 PM | #4
Yeah cheers mate, due to the changes in server consolidation today, I was moved to Freedon Nadd server, and managed to find what is hopefully a good guild very quickly.

So this thread is /closed, thankyou for your patience in reading - but I'm no longer looking.