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HM Kephess fight

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09.17.2012 , 08:55 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Olostur View Post
Of course. The point that a few others and I are trying to make is that there are other ways to do that, ways that we at least have found simpler.

Essentially, we're saying that if the tank is bubbled, one CD is sufficient to mitigate the spike on the very first one, where Kephess transitions from easy Kephess into angry Kephess, and after that it's not actually a lot to heal through. Therefore, I wonder whether there are other reasons why they may be having trouble.

Already it was discussed that they may not be bubbling. Also, I reminded them that there is no one else at all to heal at that point, as no one but the tank will take any damage. Maybe their healers are topping other people off rather than focusing on the tank, even though they have all the way until 60% to heal anyone else.

Another possibility is that the healers are trying to mix DPS on the walker with their healing. I know some groups do this, and it may be necessary for them, but I am of the strong opinion that if you are relying on this to shore up your DPS, you need to give your damage dealers a swift kick in the posterior. Remember that if you aren't tank swapping here, one tank will have more uptime on the walker anyway.

I have found that my raid team's strategies are often a lot simpler than others out there. Some people prefer to over-think strategy so they can be lax on their class. My guild spends a lot of time working our classes and trying to understand fights, then use very simple common sense. It is a matter of preference, as both work fine, and there is utility in proposing both to the OP, so they can chose what works best for them.
Exactly. So given that both strategies are valid and have been demonstrated to work by multiple guilds. This does not need to devolve into an argument about the validity of either strategy.

I proposed the tank swap strategy on the assumption that things like Sorc bubble and CDs would have already been tried as they are very basic and intuitive things to try. Things you (or atleast I) would logically assume had been tried before asking on the forums.

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09.17.2012 , 08:59 PM | #32
Perfectly reasonable. I agree that there's little point in arguing about it further. Both have been presented, and aside from one incoherent, I think both have been discussed well.
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09.17.2012 , 09:06 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Olostur View Post
It is a matter of preference, as both work fine, and there is utility in proposing both to the OP, so they can chose what works best for them.
This I can most certainly agree with
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09.17.2012 , 09:18 PM | #34
If adding a bubble works on one tank, it works on two as well.
Tank swapping is additional buffer time over any other healing tips.

Incidentally, my 2c healing tip: Kephess 100 -> 60% is the most sustained heal output of that encounter (especially the first leap). That makes it a perfect time for adrenal/relic. Also, it's over relatively quickly so you don't need to worry much about force management (top yourself off by the end of the droids).

Adding in a tank swap does not add much tank stress to the fight, and will not cause bad things to happen if it is missed. But it buys additional recovery time for anything that might happen. Maybe a DPS wants to commit suicide, maybe one healer is better than the other, maybe an internet connection lags, maybe a mouse battery dies. Making any sort of hiccup more recoverable and less likely to wipe at the slight cost of extra work is typically worthwhile.

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09.17.2012 , 09:18 PM | #35
Way to make amends while I was typing a well thought out and written post.

I'm disappointed in all of you for allowing me to waste my time in response.

Summary, OP was having problems with the tank swap strategy, we outlined the another course, and ways in which he could adjust his own strategy. Thread purpose fullfilled.

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