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Questions on switching from Annhilation to Carnage

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Questions on switching from Annhilation to Carnage

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09.13.2012 , 09:45 AM | #1
Hey everyone,

I'm leveling up a Marauder (Currently at level 42 and working on my Voss class storyline) and I noticed a few problems I've been having lately.

For most of my play, I started in the Rage spec. I hadn't really done any class research and I just sort of threw points around. Around level 38 or so, I finally took a look on the class forums and such and realized that the rage spec is sub optimal. So I took a look around and decided to switch to a basic Annihilation spec.

At first I was quite impressed with the damage output (once I had practiced a bit on some green enemies). However, I also noticed a few not so good things.

- My damage output seems wildly inconsistent. On fights I died on (Lord Draagh), I noticed that on my failure attempt I would barely get him below half while using medpacks and defensive CDs (Saber Ward). My next attempt I'd blow through him without needing anything of the sort.

- My survivability is much worse. I've been using Jaesa and Vette as my companions the entire game, not ever needing Broonmark, Pierce or Quinn to survive. Through a combination of enough damage and being good enough of a tank I didn't have problems with orange elite boss fights.

So now to my questions:

1. Will switching from Annhilation to Carnage increase my survivability? Or should I start gearing up either Quinn or Broonmark and switching up my playstyle.

2. If switching to Carnage won't help me survive at all, maybe I'm playing the class wrong?

My general rotation looks something like this:

Force Charge
Deadly Saber
Battering Assault

From there I think I do a fairly good job of refreshing Deadly Saber (priority one), keeping Rupture up (priority two), using Annihilation right on refresh (priority three) and using Battering Assault as often as possible to keep my rage levels high.

Thanks in advance for help

Aluvi's Avatar

09.13.2012 , 02:53 PM | #2
Annihilation has the best survivability. I leveled up to 50 doing all class quests and many 2 player quests using first Vette, and then Quinn as soon as he was available. I never had any problems, very rarely ever died, and if i did, it was my own mistake. Here are a few tips:

-Dealing with groups of mobs, you should always kill the weakest first and try to cc/ stun those that you can't and kill them last.

-Deadly Saber's damage output greatly increases the more stacks you get on the target, and the more hp that target has. That being said, you need to prioritize your bleeds on "silver" elite characters or higher. It is a complete waste on non elites.

-Smash is still great as any spec against multiple grouped up normal enemies for the stun and mediocre damage.

-You have several "one or 2 shot" abilities that will quickly deal with packs that have 3-4 normal mobs.

-Don't forget to use Savage Kick and Pommel Strike, they do insane damage and are specifically meant to give you an edge while leveling up. You can use Savage Kick after a charge or on a target that is ruptured. Pommel Strike can be used after a force scream on a normal target.

-Try to focus on taking out the weak targets quickly with your Savage Kick, Force Scream, Pommel Strike, and Annihilate. For example, charge to normal rank target, immediately Savage Kick it, usually this kills it. Next, assuming normal targets left = 3-4 still, Smash to aoe stun. Battering Assault, Force Scream, and Pommel Strike Normal Target, dead. If you still have 2-3 normal targets and 1-2 silver elites, aoe fear. Kill remaining normal targets and make sure you go into the silver elites with rage to spare. NOW you can start using deadly saber/rupture on them, and pop berserk for the healing.

-trying to AOE stuff down as annihilation = you take a lot more damage because instead of things dying sequentially and the enemy mobs damage output decreasing over time while your heals ramp up and heal you, the mobs damage output stays the same the whole fight. Single targetting is not only faster as anni, it gives you less downtime.

-Berserk! Make sure you use it. On those golden elites, its not a bad idea to build up 30 Fury, hit bloodthirst, and then use Frenzy for 30 instant fury, berserk, apply bleeds + annihilate + ravage = TONS of damage and huge self heals.

-Use Quinn. Vette does pretty good dps, but you having more uptime due to less healing yourself = better in the long run, and its just more fun. WHo wants to stand there healing themselves? not me, that's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman's job (see what i did there? har har).
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Voxx_Voltaare's Avatar

09.13.2012 , 09:59 PM | #3
+1 for previous post. Spot on and exactly how I did it.

Voxx_Voltaare's Avatar

09.13.2012 , 10:26 PM | #4
+1 for previous post. Spot on and exactly how I did it.

SilverMagnum's Avatar

09.14.2012 , 09:16 AM | #5

Had this post open while playing last night

The difference was amazing.

Thanks so much for the help!