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Encourage re-running old content...

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Encourage re-running old content...

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09.12.2012 , 07:48 PM | #1
By doing the following.

Scale Flashpoint setting

The ability to set a scale for the flashpoint, any flashpoint, based on group level. This would increase mob difficulty/level and the rewards naturally need to revamp older runs and release nightmare modes, it is done by the game itself. The side benefit is that people could run the flashpoints solo for lower rewards as well.


You have added achievements to the game, which was a great move IMO. You could add achievements for running old flashpoints, especially in certain scenarios like without gear or at half health.

All gear convertible to Orange gear
This gives players an incentive to run old content, simply to acquire the old gear sets they want for a certain look. The idea would be that ANY piece of gear from flashpoints can be converted to orange adaptive gear by the proper crew skill. You lose the stats but gain the look. It also adds viability to those professions since they can ask for tips for the conversion (need a tip acceptance interface in the trade window, similar to WoW). Naturally most gear from flashpoints is orange but not adaptive.

Sidekick mode
The ability to reduce your level to your friends level so that you can run the content with him in normal fashion. This way he or she is not penalized by your level, and you get to enjoy old content again.

You would lose use of some abilities when you reduce to sidekick mode, but you still retain a level that is superior to the content (without affecting XP for other group members).

Holocron meditation/battle simulation

The ability to rerun specific popular missions within your class story...rerun the final mission for any planet story stage, Start from scratch and enjoy the starter planet again...temporarily. You receive special rewards and titles for running a holocron meditation or battle simulation. Naturally your level, credits and starting inventory is adjusted to match the average for that particular mission or stage.

The way you could do this is to create an interface that displays a list of missions within your class story. You then choose a particular mission and you are summoned to that instance.

Thanks for reading.