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Center Screen Errors / Messages


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09.11.2012 , 04:47 PM | #1
This thread is not to voice my "Opinion" that the messages and errors that are forced for you to see in the center of the screen are an option we should be able to shut off. It is a VERY IMPORTANT in game disruption that is adversely effecting the way we play the game and needs to have the option to be shut off immediatly within the "Customize UI" feature. This I would have thought considering the extreme amount of posts on the subject would have been priority #1 when coming out with the customize UI feature. Yet it was never addressed and would have been fixed just as easily as the rest of the great customize UI features that were added.

Reasons this is a required FIX to a PROBLEM not a feature or a option for those who just want it.

1) There are gigantic messages in the center of the screen which block you from targetting when needed because you simply cannot see what to target. Different area's this is a problem listed below.
a) Space Combat
b) PvP
c) Flashpoints, for tanks like me this is a big problem.

2) For people to get the effective gaming they need to be able to see space ships coming at them or enemies coming at them and if things are simply in the way then they cannot. Simple as that!
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