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Testing Power vs. Crit

arkitip's Avatar

09.11.2012 , 08:56 AM | #1
Ok, based on the overwhelmingly varied opinions on power vs. crit for sentinels/marauders I decided to go ahead and test it. I'm starting this post to see if there's anything specific people would like to see tested as opposed to the test parameters I'll outline below.

I'm currently what I consider to be a BiS geared sentinel after spending a ton of time and commendations mod swapping with 61 gear. My current stats are (stimmed and buffed):

2150 str
1065 power
164 crit (30% buffed)
228 accuracy (101%)
300 something surge (77%)

I'll post my exact gear setup when I get home, right now I'm just starting the post to gather some ideas.

What I intend to do is add 183 crit to get me to 328 crit rating, which is a bit over 29% unbuffed, 35% buffed. This will result in a loss of 164 power.

I will run 10 6 minute parses in each gear setup. I will have every class buff and an exotech might stim. I will not be using adrenals or Inspiration/Bloodthirst. I'll start off by doing this in Combat/Carnage spec and try to get Watchman/Annihilation done ASAP. I've played both extensively and am familiar with their priorities. I won't claim to be a great player, but for reference I do currently parse at right around 1850 DPS in combat spec.

Will edit this later with gear setup/spec for each layout and build.


Here's my current gear/spec, while the wishlist is with the mods needed to adjust crit to 328 rating.

Done 10 in current layout so far (Combat spec, 164 crit rating):

High - 1895 DPS
Low - 1774 DPS
Average - 1827 DPS