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Very Detailed Assassin Tank and 8 Man HM Kephess Overview

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Very Detailed Assassin Tank and 8 Man HM Kephess Overview

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09.09.2012 , 08:09 AM | #1
Herpdee, an assassin tank in our guild recently put together a video going over assassin tanking abilities and a very detalied explantion of 8 man HM Kephess. Enjoy.

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09.09.2012 , 11:51 PM | #2
Nice! Overall, a very good guide.

I disagree with a couple points, most strongly the disparaging of Thrash. As I have mentioned though, longer post coming on this topic, so I will just content myself with mentioning that Thrash is a special attack and is not dodged at the same rate as other melee (check your combat logs to verify this). It *is* a force dump, and shouldn't be used anywhere near as often as most assassins/shadows hit that button.

Another thing that is significant is Recklessness. Do NOT use this prior to Shock (in your current spec). Instead, use it prior to Force Lightning and then follow up with Shock. The Recklessness proc on Shock is actually a bit meh without the proc from Thrash. The main thing to ensure is that you aren't wasting the second charge on a random Chain Shock.

Oh, it's also worth noting that Dark Ward at 20% is the set bonus, not a spec. It is an unambiguously mandatory set bonus though, so definitely worthy of mention.

Notes on the fight itself:
  • The walker's single-target attack is not random; it is based on threat. This is why it hits the healers most often. This is a hard fact to exploit, since both tanks are usually busy throughout the fight, but still something to be aware of. Generating sufficient threat during the walker burn phases is enough to keep the single-target attack on the tanks for the majority of the fight.
  • During the "carry the bomb under the walker bit", my co-tank guardian leaps (intercede) to the one with the bomb and I put my Guard on them. This reduces damage noticeably. Also, I hit the walker with Slow Time (whither), which also has a noticeable effect.
  • It's not actually impossible to tank during Savage Wounding (Kephess's bleed), but it is indeed quite stupid. We did this by accident on our very first run at Kephess, and I actually survived! (our healers are amazing) I don't recommend it though.
  • We generally have my co-tank (a guardian) pick up Kephess first so that I'm free to pull the bomber closer to the melee DPS. My DPS (as a shadow) is also quite a bit higher, which helps a bit with the DPS check.
  • We pop adrenals on the first and third walker burn. I would consider this to be more of a DPS check than the bomber, since getting the walker down in three burns is *vastly* easier than dealing with a bomber while Kephess is bleeding your tanks dry.
  • LoSing with the ranged DPS is cool. Generally not necessary (since our commando DPS just heals himself on the way out), but still a neat trick, especially with sorc/sage DPS.
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