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On "The Trials" And How I Hate Your CSRs

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On "The Trials" And How I Hate Your CSRs

Omophorus's Avatar

09.08.2012 , 10:46 AM | #1


I abandoned the Voss Empire-side quest "The Trials" because I was out of quest log space and had leveled past it.

I forgot, in my lack of wisdom or functional memory, that "The Trials" is required to be able to obtain the +4 Endurance datacron.

Lo and behold, when I go to re-obtain the quest, the quest givers won't talk to me.

So, I google it, like any sane human being would.

On these very forums, the official response from the CSR team is to submit a ticket in game.

I did so.

I spoke with a gent who was nice enough, and said he had to escalate it to the specialist team.

I see my ticket closed today,with the specialist team deciding it is "working as intended" and that I got a warning before abandoning the quest that I couldn't re-obtain it.

Funny thing is, I never got any such warning. None at all.

And your own CSR reps on the forums have said it's a bug and to submit a ticket.

The folks in the game say the opposite.

Get your heads out of your rectal cavities and get your stories straight.

Oh, and don't make useful things like datacrons tied to quests that cannot be re-obtained if abandoned, and do not provide any warning that they are not re-obtainable.

And for the love of all things holy, don't give me that stupid "working as intended": BS when there have been numerous other complaints and apparently a long history of contradictory and unhelpful customer service.

Seriously guys. Double You Tee Eff?