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What do ya think? Would you play?

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09.07.2012 , 12:45 PM | #1
Ever After

Ancient Theocracy
Domain Lands
Collective Provinces
Worker's Domain
The People's Kingdom
Philosopher's Hall
King's Dynasty
Grand Collective
Royal Stardom of the Gods
The Great Imperium
Revolutionary Battleground

People want lots of mini games. Things to do in between of just roaming around or waiting for something. People need variation.
H.C.C.S system which stands for Honor Courage Commitment Sacrifice.
No magic. Purely based on skill. With god buffs.
Crafting system will be very challenging and rewarding. Very unique. Complex, rich.
Historical based on Roman/Greek mythology
Beautiful world in which every village has places to rent/own so you can live where you want, when you want
Giant sandbox world where you can do what you want, explore, adventure with some themepark elements thrown in also.
Adventures i.e. "quests" will consist of more than just kill x get y. They will be challenging, exciting. Perhaps things like "I cannot open this chest which is holding a secret inside, help me figure out how to open it." Then you can pick it until you get it. Then get an achievement for "picking a lock"

Skill System: The skill system will be completely revamped unlike anything anyone has ever seen before in an mmorpg. It will not be real time skill training like eve, nor will it have levels. Just like in real life you will have to use the thing that you want to do for true skill. For example, if I want to get better at my bow and arrow, I will use the bow and arrow more. If I want to be better at climbing things, exploring, and get better at finding secret passages I will work on my exploration skill. You will still be able to progress in that field of the skills you don't use, but in order to skill up and be more experience in the fields you want, you have to DO it, everything won't magically go up because you gained a level.
There will be bonuses every so often to if you get it just right you get double or triple the points in that field. It will use the H.C.C.S system. Honor Courage Commitment Sacrifice. I still need to come up with a more in depth analysis of the system of HCCS but I assure you it will be addicting!

Achievements: There will be achievements in the game for a lot of things. People want progression, a sense of doing something for themselves, by themselves. They want to see what their character has done.

Open world pvp will consist of having random areas where you roam into and can frequently see each other while on your adventures. They will be called "precincts" and whatever people come into this "precinct" they will fight to the death. Whoever wins will be nominated to fight to the death in the Capital City arena. Again, no warping in anywhere, teleporting to battlegrounds it will all be unexpected and random.

Speculatore (Scout, Reconnaissance, Spy)
Architecti (Enginner, Artillery Constructor, Artillery Operator)
Clinicus (Field Medic, Doctor, Physician)
Centurion (Officer, Champion, Highness)
Levantia (Archer, Savvy, Stellar)
Adviser (Beast Tamer, Teacher, Philosopher)
A lot more will be added later as we go, that's all I could come up with for classes for now.

People want the crafting system to be challenging but not too complex. They want to be rewarded with good things when they are finished. Not fail half the time. Everquest style crafting mixed with the good things about. People don't want to feal like they are working in a video game. They want to have fun. Some people play a video game for fun and have jobs and don't want it to feel like a task since they did that already in the real world. Others don't work and want to play a video game as if it was a job so they can feel a sense of accomplishment for the hours of work of effort.

This is a completely new mechanic that people will get addicted to and keep playing. It will also be 8 dollars a month instead of the dreaded 15 dollars a month. Why do certain companies keep that? I don't know. Money hungry bastards :P

H.C.C.S system is unlike anything you have ever seen in an mmorpg. It will change the way mmos are played. It won't be a stale feature either. I have finally come up with a very very addicting way to keep people interested. I have tested it on some people also.

Honor points for your character will rely heavily if you are on an Adventure and you are called upon to do something. If you show up, you get Honor points and the more you do these Adventures the higher the points go and better things you can get throughout the world.

Courage points for your character will be for example. If you are on the battlefield fighting for your "Court" or "Kingdom" and keep slaying enemies you will get Courage points. Those will then, as you keep getting Courage points and are good at fighting, stack up and you can purchase different weapons, armor due to your Courage rank. This of course will be like Honor. The more you gain points, the bigger the multiplier.

Commitment will be like this. If you stay in an adventure or battle or anything like that even if you are simply exploring, and you stay committed to killing the foe, or climbing that mountain or are determined to do finish whatever it is you are doing, you will then get points to Commitment and again, just like Honor, the more points you have, the more points you will get!

Sacrifice is like this. You go out to fetch something for your Court (Guild) name may change and suddenly you are ambushed by predators and have to fend them off while you are trying to get something for someone. Or if somebody is almost dying and you come in and help them at last second. You sacrificed yourself to save them. You will get points for that.

You see? A player will always want to play to get their skill up because it will constantly be going up as they are playing and doing things, using their abilities their skills in those things they picked will go up, then with the HCCS system which are the core principles of your character, they will always want more so they will want to continue to progress. The game never ends. It truly doesn't. There will be no level cap, no leveling, no end bar on the skill. You can play the game not having to worry about what level are you and "dammit...another level closer to end" instead it will be "YES my Honor points are higher now!"

Completely new revolutionary system built specifically for this game. I am confident we can pull it off but we need to keep on the project and stay focused. Once we get more people, I am sure this will be a great game. I have some outstanding ideas so people are ALWAYS addicted!

As of now all this is copyrighted along with my company and I, along with some others are hard at work It's my dream. Wish me luck!
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09.07.2012 , 12:49 PM | #2
We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, but will be closing this thread, as it does not discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic. Thanks for understanding!