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The Making Fun of Darth Baras Thread

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The Making Fun of Darth Baras Thread

Adaliaya's Avatar

05.23.2014 , 06:00 AM | #461
Darth Baras's father died to overeating after raiding senate's fridge. Son has seemingly taken similar path.

scarlet_magpie's Avatar

05.23.2014 , 07:17 AM | #462
Darth Baras has dreadlocks under his mask. He's a Barasta.

Shadowsentinel's Avatar

05.27.2014 , 11:34 AM | #463
Do you know why Baras sent Sith Warrior to deal with Master Yonlach? Because last time he was on Tatooine, Jedi used food trail to lead him to sarlacc pit. Unfortunately, sarlacc couldn't swallow Baras and died from asphyxiation.
'Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.'

Soultranna's Avatar

06.02.2014 , 09:30 PM | #464
Darth Baras is SO fat (how fat is he??) that he has to use the Force to put his socks on in the morning.

... What? he's yet to master underwear. That uptight manner of his? a hundred-year Force wedgie.

hey, lets' not get down on baras, guys... after all, it's not like he's the FIRST sci-fi fat man...

"Baron Harkonnen is SO fat... "
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