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HILFE! Server Ping out

Anasasiel's Avatar

09.02.2012 , 02:25 PM | #1
Hallo - ein Freund von mir möchte mit mir Star Wars spielen, allerdings hat er folgendes Problem ( auf English wie er es mir gesendet hat):

First I could select server, then it hung in loading screen (the blue turning cog)
somehow it hat to time out and eventuall, after many tries and patience, it did.. resulting in getting the server screen again
so picked the server and then same happened a few times
then I read about it and I changed the compatibility mode etc
then I got an empty server list a few times..
after a while I could choose the server again
and then it went to character creation screen, altough everything was black except for the top bar outlining and the next button (which didn't work)
then after rerun, I got the loading screen hang again..
then after time out I could select server...
and now im waiting again frown

hat irgendjemand einen Vorschlag? Wir haben von Neuinstalieren, bis anderen PC etc schon alles versucht :-(