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Get rid of the Novare Coast Intro Cinematic

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Get rid of the Novare Coast Intro Cinematic

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09.04.2012 , 12:05 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Ameepa View Post
Before the match the cinematics are fine but the novare coast cinematic really adds a delay when joining when it is in progress. Even when skipping the cinematic itself but the fact that it even starts adds the delay.

It goes like this:

-Queue pops, enter wz
-WZ loads and you are standing on the respawn spot, notice that the fight is already going, ready to join in.
-But you can't join because you are stuck in respawn spot unable to move for few seconds while the cinematic starts to load.

-Cinematic starts and you spam your space bar.
-You can join the fight with a 5-10 sec delay.

Just leave it for a new wz, disable if it is in progress. Just like there is no speeder runs and such in Voidstar if the fight has already started.
That's not a problem. If you can see your toon BEFORE the cinematic starts, hitting escape will bypass the rest of what you said and you can hop right in. When it becomes a problem is if, say, you join a voidstar halfway through, you pop out of loading screen straight into the video, escape out of it, then are stuck in place for X seconds while the textures re-load and the rest of your team's already fighting.