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Developer Update: Class Changes and Balance in Game Update 1.4

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Developer Update: Class Changes and Balance in Game Update 1.4
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09.04.2012 , 02:07 PM | #111
It amazes me how BW thought Commandos actually had good crowd control. By the time I attack someone after using Cryo Grenade they'll be killing me with in seconds. Great.

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09.04.2012 , 02:08 PM | #112
still no mention of the SGR content. You know you're rapidly running out of time to make the "This year" promised deadline.

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09.04.2012 , 02:13 PM | #113
Now that I'm thinking more about it, the other change I'd love to see is the Agent's Shield probe.

I'm regularly in battles where this gets 1 hitted away. I'm literally facing 1 enemy and they one shot me and disable the shield. Even that 1 shot still does damage. I thought this was a bug at first, and maybe it is. But can this be changed to a % decrease of incoming damage? Or put the value higher? Is this supposed to be based on my 1800 - 1900 cunning?

Having a talent that increases healing while this is up makes it a little useless. I put the shield up as I start to get attacked and in under a second its gone. No more increaesed healing. Otherwise I'm using it out of combat, and then it doesn't work as a shield anyway.

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09.04.2012 , 02:13 PM | #114
Quote: Originally Posted by Windybanker View Post
They just made Force Speed remove all stuns and snare and lowered the cooldown to 20s. Those are AWESOME buffs in exchange for the cone Overload.
it already did that with proper skill points allocation...

which leads me to reinforce that the change to overload is absolutely horrible, so it hit "unintended" targets that was a good thing not a bad thing by far

its a good thing i despise inquisitor pvp anyways would be pissed if they ended up doing this for cover pulse too would make snipers sooo squishy
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09.04.2012 , 02:13 PM | #115
I would have preferred this change to Resolve:

Everytime a players resolve has been filled, 30 seconds will be subtracted off the Resolve timer (if on CD).

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09.04.2012 , 02:18 PM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by TripleDaddy View Post
We are getting a 30 meter interrupt and no range nerf to our CC. You should be offering a goat in sacrifice, not complaining.
And that helps me how when I'm surrounded by a mob of angry Rakghouls ?
Maybe everyone else should just learn not to run into a room and P/O everyone in it instead.

Yeah it sucks when I accidentally disturb a nearby baddy (or worse a nearby mob) but I should have been more careful with my attacks and not let it spread out, you know, use some tactics.

Too bad the article didn't start with l "We’re confident that these changes create a more predictable, readable, and ultimately enjoyable PvP experience." , I could have just stopped reading from there. For me that's a big N/A.

I will say this though "Austin Peckenpaugh", what an awesome name! Sounds like you should be a international man of something!
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09.04.2012 , 02:19 PM | #117
Quote: Originally Posted by jcurri View Post
At least you can actually interrupt someone planting or capping at 30M by shooting your basic attack at them... how is my shadow supposed to accomplish this with NO attacks now at 30m?? And before anyone says "pull", not all shadows have this... and even so, it's a 45 sec cool down.
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09.04.2012 , 02:19 PM | #118
Quote: Originally Posted by jcurri View Post
IEven more importantly, I used it to detect stealthers. Now that's been completely impaired.
yeah, i dont see it being too useful for this anymore. and maybe a little harder to knock people off bridges

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09.04.2012 , 02:21 PM | #119
Level 86 valor Pyro Merc here...

Not really sure if these are good changes or not. I gave up Thermal Det just to have the knockback on rocket punch so I can kite.

Do you have any plans to restructure kiting/melee range? Currently it heavily favors Jedi and engagement abilities.


Also, when can we expect you to have an active tweeter to bounce feedback off of users?
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09.04.2012 , 02:24 PM | #120
Quote: Originally Posted by NRVNQSR View Post
still no mention of the SGR content. You know you're rapidly running out of time to make the "This year" promised deadline.
In an update about class balance changes? What?
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