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09.15.2012 , 08:44 PM | #11
Okay, really short chapter, just so I can move on to something different. Gonna go through and edit the spacing, as was suggested.

Chapter Seven- Yymir the Grey

Titus stepped into the Bastion’s atrium, his boots clanging against the metal floor. He leaned against a wall, turning on the suit’s wrist-datapad. He looked over his personal mail, reading some of the confirmation emails that the Grey Cartel had sent him. He read the contract, and signed it, sending it to Lieutenant Isaac. It was then that he heard a noise coming from the main hallway. A lot of footsteps, and some yelling.

Moving to get a better look, Titus peered down the hall, seeing a group of bodies walking. Two tall men dressed in black Sith robes were in front of a man. They were walking quickly. Another pair of guards came into view as the party got closer. Titus moved from his view, waiting for the people to pass to get a better look.

As the group entered the room, everyone else seemed to come to attention. The guards entered first, carrying electrostaves in their right hands. Then followed the man behind them. This person was dressed in an elaborate set of flowing grey robes that covered most of his body. His face was covered by a shadow due to the fact he was wearing his hood up. Every time the man took a step, Titus could hear the metallic sounds of battle armor. The man was probably wearing it underneath his robes.

The robed man wasn’t very tall, but he was well built. Muscular, as far as Titus could tell. He seemed to have an aura about him that demanded the respect of others. The man’s belt was an armored weave of cloth and some kind of metal, and an oddly shaped lightsaber hung from the left side. The hilt was thin and long, but curved towards the bottom. A section of glass showed the saber’s crystal suspended by the machinery within. The crystal was a deep violet, like that of the Uuskus flower, native to Naboo.

Everything that this man wore seemed expensive, as if it had all been handmade specifically for him. He walked like he held control over everyone in the room, yet he kept himself shadowy, saving his identity for those who mattered enough to see it. The man and his guards passed Titus and exited down a different hallway, everyone standing and watching until their footsteps died away. There was something strange about that man.

Titus stopped a woman as she walked by.

“Who was that man who just walked past?” He asked, his voice being distorted by the helmet. The woman turned and looked at him. Titus realized he towered over her.

“That was the leader of the Grey Cartel, Lord Yymir the Grey.” She responded.

“Why’s he called that?”

“What, Lord?”

“No, ‘The Grey.’”

“Because, before creating the Cartel, he was a master of the Jedi. He then left the Order and joined the Sith, becoming a Lord of the Sith. Apparently he decided to leave them too, and founded his own organization. He’s obsessed with the color Grey, and the idea of neutrality that it represents. Or so the stories say.” The woman responded, before she walked away.

Lord of the Sith, and Master Jedi? Clearly this person was in touch with the Force, if what that woman had said was true. Titus got the feeling it was true. He also got the feeling that he’d see that Grey Jedi again. Much like the bounty hunters from Hutta.
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10.13.2012 , 03:05 PM | #12
Well, I'm back from my super long hiatus of writer's block (For which I apologize,) and I come bearing a new chapter! This one is probably my favorite so far, and has a good dose of action and intrigue.

Chapter Eight- New Acquaintances, New Adversaries
Three Months have Passed since the Events on Nar Shaddaa

Deep in the barren reaches of space, a lone space station drifted along, it’s engines broken and its hull dented, scraped, and burned. The hangar doors had been shut. No ships had made contact with the station for quite a long time. There were no planets nearby. No bright and shining stars close by. No belts of space rocks. There was nothing save cold, dead, empty space.

“I don’t like it.” Titus muttered as he approached the cockpit’s window of the Oppressor.

“Why not, sir? There are no living things nearby, what’s not to like?” B7-A4 responded as he walked up to the bounty hunter.

“Something’s not right here. I don’t know why I’d be sent here if it wasn’t dangerous. I don’t like it. It’s too…… Empty.” Titus muttered to himself. He then turned to A4.

“Run some scans as we pull in. See what’s what.” He said. The droid nodded. A moment passed.

“Scans indicate that this is indeed the Titan-VI Mining station. Logs indicate that it fell out of orbit of Titan-VI approximately seven and a half months ago. A scan of the subsystems indicate that engines, weapons, and fuel storage are offline and that all escape pods have been jettisoned. The main reactor is still live and active. And strangely still supplying power. Hangars are offline, though a hack of the cameras shows a frigate docked in Hangar 3B. Communications have been jammed.” A4 spoke as if he had known these things forever. Titus nodded, his hands stroking his chin, which was scruffy and untrimmed. He hadn’t had time to shave since he joined the Grey Cartel.

“That’s… Not normal. Most mining stations disable all of their systems after they’re no longer needed. And strip it of anything useful. This entire thing is against standard.” Titus thought out loud.

“Master if I may, that fact that hangars are offline, yet a frigate has docked is also against standards. I’d also point out that the frigate is a model introduced five months ago.” A4 chimed in. Titus nodded. After a moment, he turned.

“I suppose we have little choice either way. The Cartel said my partner would be waiting for me within. See if you can find some place to dock. I’ll be suiting up.”

“Yes, Master.”

The heavy metal doors slid open with a hiss of air. As the doors closed, the hunter in the armored suit stepped out. He lifted a finger to his ear.

“A4, you there?”

“Coming in loud and clear master. I’m uploading the station’s map to your HUD now. You should probably kno-“ A4’s transmission ended abruptly in static, then another voice came into Titus’ ear without warrant.

“Hunter Titus? This is Agent Vecelia of the Grey Cartel. I’ve been assigned to assist you on this mission.” A woman’s voice came through.

“Who are you? Where are you? How did you know I was here? How did you access the comlink?”

“There will be time for questions when we meet. For know you must know that you’re in a lot of danger. They already know you’re here.”
“Who’s ‘they?’”

“The Black Sun.”

“Why are they here?”

“Questions later. For now, you need to get out. Tell your droid to send your ship to orbit. I’m transmitting a map of the station to your datapad. A squad is coming for you. I’m aware you want to stay and fight. Don’t lose your tactical advantage. They need to be unsure of your skills. Right now you need to hide. There’s a storage unit nearby. Go there. Wait inside.”

Titus was unsure what to think. Was this woman telling the truth? Should he trust her? She knew who he was, and who sent him. And he didn’t have reason to distrust her. At least not yet. He told A4 to leave the station and head into orbit, staying nearby. He then accessed the station’s map from his wrist datapad. He located the storage unit, and started running there at a brisk pace.

He reached the door, realizing it was locked. He heard noises coming from far down the hallway. Metal footsteps. Titus searched for the lock mechanism on the heavy steel doors. Finding it, he fumbled with the keypad. It was a digital pad with a code. Realizing that he’d never guess the pass, and that the footsteps were getting closer, he stepped back, and then delivered a swift right punch to the terminal. The blade shot out, stabbing the device and scrambling the electronics. The terminal sizzled for a few moments, and then the door unlocked.

Titus stepped inside, and shut the door. And in perfect time too. The footsteps passed right as the door closed. He heard voices speaking in a different language as they passed by. Titus heaved a sigh of relief, then turned around to look around.

The storage unit was a room full of lockers of mining equipment. The suits of mining armor had been stolen, but there were still fusion torches and plasma cutters resting in storage compartments. There was also a collection of strange saw-type tools and jackhammers. Titus reached down and pocketed a plasma cutter impulsively. He felt like he might need it later.

“Classily done, Titus.” Vecelia’s voice cam over the com-channel.

“I suppose now you want some answers?” She said.

“That can wait until we meet. Which we need to do. What’s your position?” Titus responded.

“I’m currently located in a supply closet near the Emergency Armory.” She said. Titus checked the map. The Armory was on the complete other end of the ship, close to an auxiliary reactor.

“Alright, I’d best be on my way then.”

“Indeed. You should try and find a new weapon from one of the Black Sun gang members. That Bantha blaster of yours won’t cut it against the arms that the Black Sun is sure to have.” And with that, Vecelia’s voice cut out.

Titus nodded to himself, stepping over towards the door. He pushed it open, and stepped out into the hallway. He looked down to left, then to the right. Coming out from a corner at the far right was the group of men he’d narrowly escaped from earlier.

“****.” He muttered to himself, stepping out further into the hall, revealing himself completely. Before the group of three men could react, Titus lifted his wrist and shot the towcable. The piercing point stabbed one of the men, a Rodian, in the shoulder. He screeched in pain as Titus pulled him off his feet towards him. When the Rodian got within a few feet of the hunter, He punched him square in the chest. He fell backwards as the cable retracted into Titus’ wrist.

As the Rodian lay sprawled on the ground, Titus jumped towards it, stomping its chest with his heavy boot. As the alien cowered in pain, Titus shot it in the eye, killing it immediately. By this time the other two had drawn their weapons and started running towards Titus. One carried a crude vibroblade, the other an expensive looking Repeater Rifle. The one with the gun fired a volley at Titus, who tried to duck out of the way of the shots.

A stray bolt struck Titus’ foot, draining his shields by 15%. He stood up and fired some shots of his own. One hit the blade-wielder in the chest, but he seemed unphased. The other shots missed either adversary. The enemy carrying the blade, who was a Trandosian, reached Titus, swinging the sword at his neck. Titus ducked the swing and unleashed a torrent of flames at the Trando’s legs.

The alien’s heavy cotton pants quickly ignited. It screamed in anguish, feverishly batting at its legs in an attempt to put the fire out. Titus took advantage of this, using the opportunity to disable the alien’s hands with his pistol. It was then that he took a second volley in the arm. The shots were absorbed, but his shield dropped down to 10% capacity. A red light was flashing inside the helmet, adding to the mayhem. Titus resolved to be more careful with an adversary carrying a ranged weapon.

As the Trandosian finally extinguished the fire, Titus released another burst at it, igniting its whole body. The alien dropped to the ground, flailing to put flames out. Titus left him there, then moved on to the other. The third enemy had been firing inaccurate shots at Titus, not wanting to wound his Trandosian ally. When Titus turned, another volley was shot. He dodged these, then fired his own. Two bolts hit the human enemy, who fired more of his own shots.

Titus took a bolt in the head, draining the shields completely. Worried, Titus used his jumpjets to dart forward and punch the in the head. He took the retractable blade in the temple, and collapsed to the ground, spilling blood all over the floor. Titus turned to the Trandosian, still lying on the floor, and cut its throat with its own vibroblade.

To the victor go the spoils, and Titus scooped up the repeater from the ground and examined it. Deciding to keep it, he attached it to the back of his armor, with allowed a section to become magnetized and held the rifle in place. Three corpses behind him, Titus moved on deeper into the station.
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