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PvP Bodyguard Spec Help

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09.01.2012 , 03:13 PM | #11
I personally use this- but I just hit 50, so I'm not sure what would work better
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09.01.2012 , 04:30 PM | #12
Cure is a must to use when being focused. other then that use the environment around you just don't Los your team to much, call for taunts on the biggest damage dealer and play offensively if it's just the one person attacking you. Fusion missile, electro dart, cc then death from above if you can throw in an unload, rail shot or rocket punch as well using your instants to keep you up make them play defensively and they won't hurt as much.

We are the most durable of healers.
I would recomend Getting some v1 or v2 seismic grenades aoe cc that you can use and get a big heal off.
Try to rotate instants between all your rapid scans, this being emergency scan, kolto missile and cure.
I try to use my jet boost and electro dart to get dps off my team mates which saves heat in the long run.
While you have your bubble up cast on others and instants on yourself till their health is safe then cast on your self.
Your tank is equally improtant as yourself and above dps team mates, if you keep you and your tank alive you can usually survive till the dps get back.
But running with a good tank who can switch guard to the person being focused and taunt constantly will help boost your healing as your not burning heat to save people.

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09.01.2012 , 08:14 PM | #13
Also, many people seem to forget that we have an ability that removes your next ability's cast time, and another that removes the next ability's heat generation.
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09.02.2012 , 11:18 AM | #14
Don't think anyone has forgot its just such simple abilitys on a 2 minute cool down which is slightly to long for them to be any real use use the thermal override when you get to about 40 heat to keep it lower for longer and the instant when you need an extra instant heal

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09.04.2012 , 09:25 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Farseen View Post
Hey There!

I spent a good chunk of time just yesterday trying to tweak my Bodyguard Merc so I'd love to pass on what I've learned.

Basically, Bodyguard Merc's can spec one of two ways: Heals or Survival

Personally, I WZ a lot, so for me Survival is of the utmost importance.

This is the spec I use:

I guess what I'll do first is go over some of the key talents that I've chosen, and explain why, and then I'll talk a little about my playing style.


I know I'm going to get some Flak for ignoring this talent, but honestly, I rarely need to vent heat, so why waste 2 points in it, when you can put one in Heat Damping to make your Electro Dart, Jet Boost and Concussion Missile all free. Seems pointless to me.

I overlooked this talent to begin with because I didnt realize that the three skills it reduces heat for are actually free to cast with this talent in place. Super useful....

Necessary for survival. If you save your power shield and your escape move (forget the name) for a critical moment, you will almost never die in a WZ. Next talent listed below is crucial with this one.

This gives you a 20% boost to healing yourself when you have your power shield on. Now like i said before, if your save this until a critical moment, you can pretty much get yourself back up to full health every time. That's super frustrating for a DPS to beat on you for ages, while you group heal allies with Kolto, and then have you pop Power Shield and heal back to full. Wasted a lot of their time and energy. Good practice and timing will lead you to never dying in a WZ, and thats my favorite thing to do

This seems obvious, but have you actually read what it does for you? It's incredible! Here I posted it below:

Pay close attention to Healing Scan. It's reduced by 100%, meaning you can cast it over and over again. Assuming you also have the Critical Efficiency talent, you can then bounce back and forth between Healing Scan and Rapid scan when Supercharged Gas is active. You'll almost never fail in keeping someone alive when rotating between those two, throwing in the odd Kolto Missile to increase healing efficiency.

I use this one on the move all the time. It's great to land a quick instant heal (something that Mercs lack in), and cure's the odd debuff, which can be super helpful.

The 10% bonus in armor boost is incredible. 10% is a huge chunk to add on, especially if you're healing a Juggernaut, or even yourself, considering you're a heavy armor class.

I think the rest of the choices I made in my build are pretty self-explanatory.


So as I mentioned before, I tend to enjoy surviving the most. I mean, it seriously annoys me to DPS someone only to have them heal to full in the matter of seconds.

To start, remember to always be shooting your allies with your basic attack so you build charges for your Supercharged Gas Cylinder. It's super helpful to always have it, because once you pop it, you aren't going to die.

My rotation usually goes as follows:

- Kolto Missile as I approach my allies
- Emergency Scan, to quickly give someone a boost of healing, and get it's cooldown tickin' so I can use it again
- Healing Scan, to make Rapid Scan cost less
- Rapid Scan, since Healing Scan's cooldown isn't up yet
- Cure Mind, to remove any debuffs and give a quick heal
- Supercharge Gas Cylinder, if I need to, I'll pop this
- Healing Scan -> Rapid Scan -> Healing Scan -> Rapid Scan, if you see someone dying, this will save them

and then I rotate back to my beginning Kolto Missile to make sure all my future heals are an extra 5% stronger

Throughout all that, you'll learn to continuously shoot people with Rapid Fire to build back your chargers. Think of it as a constant Heal over Time. Oh, also always have the WZ Med Packs on you. They only cost 10 WZ point, and heal you something like 20% or something? It's saved me more times than I can remember. (as a side-note, I just rebound my WZ Medpacks to the Z key, and now I can get them off RIGHT before I die )

That's all I got! Fire off any questions and I'll do my best to answer!

I love this write up. I just started leveling my merc bodyguard and I think this will come in handy.

Thanks for this and the OP asking.