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Sorcerer PVE DPS build

I_Sithed_MyPants's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 11:01 PM | #1
Hey guys,
I've been testing out some Sorcerer dps build for pve on the Operations Dummy, both of these give me 1500+ dps. I haven't had much time to do a lot of testing just yet, I'm wondering which the community thinks would give the most dps. I'll give links to both builds, and combat logs of both builds in use.

Build 1 - Creeping Terror:

Build 2 - Lightning Barrage:

Combat Log 1 - Creeping Terror:

Combat Log 2 - Lightning Barrage:

Important to note that the Creeping Terror rotation does not include using Lightning Strike as a secondary use of Wrath as this actually lowers the dps in that build. However in the Lightning Barrage build, Lightning Strike is used as a secondary use of Wrath as in this build it increases the dps.

Character is fully Campaign geared so I was also expecting to see higher dps than 1500, I was expecting more 1600 range as the Marauder in our group does 1700+ combat logs against the same target.

Any feedback & input is welcome!