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Current and future characters you intend to be

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Current and future characters you intend to be

SpoeMeister's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 07:06 AM | #11
- SpoeMeister Spivak ; Rattataki Operative (L50) (Adopted son to Do'chan)
- Orrusos Spivak ; Cyborg Powertech (L50) (Husband to Eve'lynn)
- Do'chan Spivak ; Sith Sorcerer (L32) (Spivak Patriarch)
- Eve'lynn Spivak ; Human Gunslinger (L32) (Wife to Orrusos)
- Salandra Spivak ; Chiss Sniper (L17) (Adopted daughter to Do'chan)

I still intend to make:

- Spoetoe Spivak ; Rattataki Commando (sister of SpoeMeister but seperated)
- Ba'chan Spivak ; Miraluka Shadow (Spivak Matriarch)
- Biccus Spivak ; Mirialan Guardian (Rival to Orrusos)
- ??? Spivak ; Chiss Marauder ( ???)
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Spivak Legacy (ToFN)
SpoeMeister Orrusos Do'chan Nadobo

LordRahlik's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 07:41 AM | #12
Nightwanderer legacy, The Proginator, EU

Rach'an, father of the Nightwanderer family and founder of the feared Rach-Darths widespread reputation.
Rattataki Male Sorcerer Healer (lvl 50)

Rach'ka, daughter to Rach'an
Rattataki Female Sorcerer Ranged DPS (lvl 50)

Rach'mar son of Rach'an
Rattataki Male Mercenary Ranged DPS (lvl 37)

Rach'lia, second daughter to Rach'an
Rattataki Female Sniper Ranged DPS (lvl 50)

Rach'kol daughter of Rach'lia
Rattataki Female Maurauder Melee DPS (lvl 31)

Rach'Ano best friend of Rach'ka, saved her life on several occasions, adopted by Rach'an (not allowed to bear the Nightwanderer surname)
Twi'lek Assassin Tank (lvl 50)

Rach'kor best friend of Rach'an and his companion on several ventures (not allowed to bear the Nightwanderer surname). Godfather of Rach'ka
Human Cyborg, Juggernaut Melee DPS (lvl 50)

Rivalin sister to Rach'kor, not accepted to use a Rach title (yet, Rach'riv perhaps?) and not allowed to use the Nightwanderer surname. Not part of the family, but known by everyone since she's Rach'kor:s sister.
Human Cyborg Assassin Melee DPS (lvl 21)



Chiss Powertech (in no way associated with the Rach family)

Something Operative (might be a Rattataki Rach' but not certain)

One of each of the Republics classes.

I need more character slots.
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Ranadiel_Marius's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 09:40 AM | #13
Marrius Legacy, legacy level 46(I think)

Characters listed in the order they were created
Ranadiel- 50 Miraluka Sentinel
Tiwaz- 50 Pureblood Juggernaut
Maxton(formerlly Maxwell)- 50 Mirialin Sage
Alderrok(formerly Ragnarok)- 50 Rattataki Assassin
Ancile(formerly Masamune)- 50 Zabrak Commando
Inggar- 50 Chiss Powertech
Valanga(formerly Avalanche)- 50 Twi'lek Scoundrel
Esageard- 50 Cyborg Sniper

All of them are male and LS(IV or V depending on how many points their class story gave them). Really sad I lost half of the names during the transition, but I can live with the new names. No real RP background for them. As far as I am concerned in my head canon they are all half-brothers sharing a single father even if lore says that can't happen. No planned aditions unless they add new classes in future expansions. If they do I'll probably make a Cathar for the Republic and a human for the Empire(unless there are other new races added between now and then as well).
A Primer on the Emperor(yes this does have spoiler)

One Night Stands and Similar Encounter (spoilers again, and I am probably going to repost this sometime in the future)

alricka's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 11:25 AM | #14
1. Darth Jaculus, a human male Sith Juggernaut (neutral, leaning towards evil). Level 50.
2. Felicine, a human female Gunslinger (neutral, leaning towards evil). Level 39, very close to 40.
3. Ignavus, a Sith Pureblood male Sith Sorcerer (evil, as of now Dark I but will go further down). Level 16.
4. Adolon, a human male Jedi Sentinel (good, as of now Light I but will go further up). Level 16.
5. Megelle, a human female Imperial Operative (neutral, leaning towards good). Level 10.
6. Rucks, a human male Vanguard (neutral, leaning towards good). Level 10.

Future, will wait for the species to be made playable:
1. Qereen, a Togruta female Jedi Shadow (haven't decided, probably good).
2. undecided name, a Nautolan male Mercenary (neutral).

elliotcat's Avatar

08.30.2012 , 04:22 PM | #15
Here's my ppl:

1. Ayang Cardani, female Mirialan scoundrel. Straddles the line between genius and crazy. Also have her on Ebon Hawk where she holds the current title of Worst Mandalorian. LS.
2. Aranea Senecio, female human Marauder. Bleeding-heart LS idealist. Gay for Jaesa. Wants to be bros with Quinn.
3. Kanaya Ixera, female human Sentinel. Mostly LS, but doesn't mind making attachments. Meyali's former padawan and Aranea's twin sister, but they were separated at birth.
4. Meyali Cardani, female Mirialan Sage. LS but thinks she's better than everyone else because of it. A horrible, horrible person. Gets what's coming to her. Ayang's mom.
5. Meenah Ferula, female Twi'lek Assassin. Neutral and crazy. Rains karma down on Meyali.
6. Terezi [can't pick a last name yet], female human Merc. LS but idc, I just made her to see how good I was at cloning NPCs. Now she just runs around Kaas City freaking people out.
7. Vriska Alyssum, female human Operative. LS. Has a tragic backstory that makes the agent story 50000 times worse.

Ebon Hawk: Latula // Elaeys // Raima // Jaea // Macara // Meulin // Damarra // Kanaaya

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SveinEternity's Avatar

08.31.2012 , 08:02 AM | #16

Svein Eternity: Sith Warrior, human cyborg, LS but makes the tough decsisons for the Empire often kills traitors so.... Is an Imperial Loyalist

Azra Eternity: Bounty Hunter human, LS but delivers justice with a shot of her gun.

Verana Ara'ina: Sith Inquisator, Pureblood, DS for the most part (power play expert) ,but sometimes her conscience gets the best of her.

Ardon: Imperial Agent, Human, who is nuetral for the most part but as the story progresses he becomes more LS.

Raon: Jedi Consular, Human, who is light but will do whatever it takes to achieve victory and protect his loved ones. Probaly light one for majority of story.

Rexla Reeal: Imperial Agent, Cathar, and a double agent for the Republic. His mostly DS,likes to kill sith etc. progressively becomes more light but not completely

Clyde Angelica: Jedi Knight Human, LS but becomes more DS as the story progresses.

Tera Angelica: Smuggler, Cyborg Nuetral LS and is a little greedy but she tries to help the Republic.

To be added....

Serena Angelica: Trooper, Miraluka, Neutral, kills Imps but gets lighter as story progresses....

There you have it.
The Eternity Legacy

Shlumper's Avatar

08.31.2012 , 09:00 AM | #17
Ja'kra - 50 sentinel - female chiss - light side (pinnacle of what a Jedi should be)
Va'atuk - 50 powertech - female zabrak - light side (prefers to capture rather than kill)
Tyet'tan - 40 sniper - female chiss - neutral / dark (does what she thinks is best for her mission and the empire, even if it goes against the wishes of the sith)
Vrin - 35 shadow - female twilek - dark side (manipulative ***** that likes to cause the worst possible outcome for everyone but herself)
Ae'tros - 32 juggernaut - female sith - neutral / light (seeks out power and the next greatest challenge, prefers not to waste time killing the week and defeated)
Dhoria - 26 commando - female mirialan - neutral / light (dedicated soldier, does what needs to be done to complete the mission)
Ptakka - 17 scoundrel - female rattataki - neutral / dark (seeks riches)
Syndur - not yet made sorcerer - female cathar - dark side (sadist, wants the galaxy to suffer)

TaoAlchemist's Avatar

08.31.2012 , 02:36 PM | #18
I play on two different servers. Many of the Level 1s I mention below just have a character created just to hold the name on their server until I can get around to playing that character actively because I am waiting until I can unlock the species I want them to be.

The first server is the Anlashok Legacy and those characters are (this was the Kanos Legacy until I moved servers and had to change names):

1. Annihillus - Male Sith Pureblood (red) Level 50 Sith Warrior (Marauder) Biochem Crafter, Romancing Jaesa (Dark Side)
2. Iantu - Male Rattataki Level 27 Bounty Hunter (Powertech/Hybrid DPS Tank) Slicer (no crafting), Romancing Mako (Neutral-Light Side)
3. Ishoola - Female Twi'lek (red) Level 23? Sith Inquisitor (Assassin/Tank) Artifice Crafter, will Romance Andronikus (Dark Side)
4. Kyr-kanos (was Kir in another life on another server) - Male Human Level 36 Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer/DPS Healer Hybrid) Synthweave Crafter, will Romance Ashara (Light Side)
5. Grimgarou - Male Chiss Level 29 Trooper (Commando DPS) Armormech Crafter, Romancing Elara (Neutral-Light Side)
6. Villetta - Female Chiss Level 12 Imperial Agent (Sniper) Armstech Crafter, will Romance Vector unless save ses reltationships get here sooner (Neutral)
7. Sookyi - Female Rattataki Level 1 Smuggler (will be Scoundrel AC Healer spec) Cybertech Crafter, will Romance Corso unless same sex relationships arrive sooner (Neutral-Dark Side) Iantu's daughter
8. Sylx'xi - Female Chiss Level 12 Jedi Knight (Sentinel) Artifice Crafter, will Romance Doc (Light Side)

The second server will have to move with the mandatory move when that becomes mandatory since the current destination server is the same as the first server I already have characters on. This server has the Kanos Legacy and those characters are:

1. Mal - Male Mirialan (bronze with red hair) Level 22 Smuggler (Gunslinger) Armstech Crafter, incorrigible flirt and will romance anything that breathes, but will likely end up romancing Risha when forced to choose (Neutral-Light Side)
2. Zurseek - Male Zabrak (black with white hair) Level 18 Jedi Knight (Guardian/Tank) Artifice Crafter, Romancing Kira (Light Side)
3. Khalisa - Female Sith Pureblood (purple) Level 18 Jedi Consular (Sage/Healer DPS Hybrid) Slicer (no crafting), will Romance Iresso unless same sex option becomes available before then (Neutral-Light Side)
4. Kir - Male Human Level 16 Imperial Agent (Operative/Healer DPS Hybrid) Cybertech Crafter, will romance anything, but will likely choose Temple when forced to, but wants to romance Watcher Two above all others and if that would be threatened by romancing Temple he will choose Watcher Two even though she is not a companion. She is his Ms. Moneypenny. (Neutral)
5. Sorscha - Female Cyborg Level 12 Sith Warrior (Juggernaut/Tank) Artifice Crafter, will Romance Quinn unless same sex romance becomes available first (Light Side)
6. Wyam - Male Miraluka Level 1 Jedi Consular (Shadow/Tank DPS Hybrid) Synthweave Crafter, will romance Nadia (Neutral-Dark Side)
7. Kymirra - Female Twi'lek (green) Level 1 Bounty Hunter (Mercenary/DPS Healer Hybrid) Armormech or Biochem Crafter, will romance Torian (Neutral-Dark Side)
8. Sylvar - Female Cathar Level 1 Trooper (Vanguard/Tank) Armormech or Biochem Crafter, will romance Aric Jorgan (Neutral-Dark Side)

admyacob's Avatar

08.31.2012 , 09:07 PM | #19
Iuguolo legacy, Begeren Colony

Haberl, ex-farmer turned soldier, fighting to defend the ideals the Republic stands for after losing his family to slavers and the war
Human Male Commando Healer (lvl 50)

Kadato, Kidnapped son of Haberl who fought his way out of Slavery and into the Mandalorians, willing to kill any, for a price
Rattataki Male Powertech Tank (lvl 50)

Betallor, Adopted son of Haberl who found him as an orphan of war during the service and brought him to the Jedi a bit overconfident due to his savant like skill
Mirialan Male Sentinel Melee DPS (lvl 20)

Naala, Primary contact between Kadato and the Empire who is loyal to a fault to the Empire before all others, including Kadato and her husband
Chiss Female Sniper Ranged DPS (lvl 12)

Dalknoth, Husband of Naala and secretly working to try to drag the Empire into the Light by climbing the ranks of the Sith
Sith Pureblood Male Assassin Melee DPS (lvl 19)

logankeepes's Avatar

09.04.2012 , 12:48 PM | #20
I currently have:
LVL 50 sage - Zakiri (LS)
LVL 50 scoundrel - Zakera (DS)
LVL 33 Juggernaut - Keepes (LS)
LVL 20 Sentinel - Zakorin (LS)
LVL 13 Vanguard - Zakbane (DS)
And plan on leveling:
Inquisitor (can't decide which AC)
Bounty Hunter (same as Inq)

i want to have a tank, a DPS, and 2 healers on my Rep side, and the others will be just for fun.
Zakiri - lvl 50 Sage DPS -- Zakera - lvl 50 Smuggler Healer
Zakbane - lvl 50 Vanguard Tank
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