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Current and future characters you intend to be

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Current and future characters you intend to be

saiyanjedidmv's Avatar

08.29.2012 , 04:57 PM | #1
I am not 100% sure if this is in the right section but here goes nothing.....
Okay who are the current characters you have made and are playing as and what characters do you intend to make in the future to play as (if you have any idea) please name the characters name(only if they are already made) class race and level optional: mention their intended alignment.
I shall go first:
currently made and being played as:
1.blasilver zabrak jedi sentinal lv 34 (light sided)
2.canderordo human vanguard lv 11 (neutral)
intend to make(thank goodness that you can make 8 characters):
3. unknown twilek powertech (light sided)
4. unknown cathar gunslinger (dark sided)
5. unknown cyborg commando (light sided)
6. unknown human jedi shadow (light sided)
7.unknown twilek sith warrior (light sided)
8. unknown mirilian imperial agent (light sided)
As you can tell I prefer the light over the dark the sith warrior and imperial agent will be advance classes I just forgot what they are called. I kind of hope that the game lets me make some of them hybrids, why? because canderordo is suppose to be the father of blasilver and the currently unnamed twilek powertech, blasilver is suppose to be the father of the currently unnamed cyborg commando and human jedi shadow, and the uncle of the unnamed twilek sith warrior.
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08.29.2012 , 05:20 PM | #2
  1. Jedi Master Uluain Voress, raised as a monsatic on Mirial, member of the Council of Reconciliation -- Mirialan Jedi Shadow
  2. Skypp Destin, First Mate on the Auric Wind -- Human Gunslinger
  3. Lieutenant Tyonn (surname pending), commander of Bravo Squad -- Cyborg Commando
  4. Savah Voress, Jedi Knight, Uluain's younger sister -- Mirialan Jedi Guardian
  5. Lord Xaath, Darth Typhonis' enforcer -- Human Sith Marauder (played RP-wise as Rattaki, may reroll with Legacy unlock)
  6. Vaaysh Rakssa, kissai caste Sith ritualist -- Sith Pureblood Sorcerer
  7. Agent Sarannan (surname pending), Tyonn's estranged sister and Imperial Intelligence operative -- Cyborg Operative
  8. Coprophage, former slave / twisted Sith experiment in survival of the will -- Rattaki Mercenary

Kyriosgundam's Avatar

08.29.2012 , 05:46 PM | #3
Current Characters being used
1. Miriallia: Human Female, Sith Inquisitor Assassin AC lvl 40 (Darkside)
2. Sabarral: Mirialin Female, Jedi Concular Shadow AC lvl 21 (Neutral/Lightside)
3. Irileth: Human Female, Jedi Knight Guardian AC lvl 16 (Neutral/Lightside)
4. Karyhn: Human Female, Smuggler Gunslinger AC lvl 12 (Lightside)
5. Heran: Human Male, Sith Warrior Juggernaut AC lvl 12 (Darkside)
6. Volgnot: Human Male, Bounty Hunter PowerTech AC lvl 13 (Neutral)
7. Murrue: Human Female, Bounty Hunter PowerTech AC lvl 16 (LIghtside)
8. Pelarra: Human Female, Trooper Commando AC lvl 14 (Lightside)
Characters for future play when current ones finished (names subject to change if already taken xD)
1. Evantha: Human Female, Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer AC (Darkside)
2. Akira: Human Male, Jedi Knight Sentinel AC (Neutral/Lightside)
3. Garth: Human or Miralin Male, Jedi Concular Shadow or Sage AC (Neutral/Lightside)
4.Yvonne: Human Female, Imperial Agent Sniper AC (Lightside)
5. Name undecided: gender undecided, Sith Warrior Marauder AC (Darkside)
6. Keiran: Human/Mirialin/Twi'lek Male, Smuggler Scoundrel AC (Neutral)
7.Name undecided: Chiss Female, Imperial Agent Operative AC (Neutral)
8. Javic : Human Male, Trooper Vanguard AC (Lightside)
And any other character types I chose to do. Neutral/Lightside means that those Jedi will have romances and Marry but will be primarily Lightside in everything else.
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theStirge's Avatar

08.29.2012 , 09:16 PM | #4
1. Eleeta: Chiss Female Operative, Light Side, Level 50, Armstech
2. Zel'eena: Chiss Female Sentinel, Light Side, Level 34, Synthweaving
3. La'heelta: Chiss Female Mercenary, Light Side, Level 19, Armormech
4. Moth'reena: Chiss Female Juggernaut, Light Side, Level 16, Artifice
5. S'leeva: Chiss Female Gunslinger, Light Side, Level 1, Cybertech
6. Seleer'ee: Chiss Female Shadow, Light Side, Level 1, Biotech
7. Col'eelta: Chiss Female Vanguard, Light Side, Level 1, gathering
8. I forget the name: Chiss Female Sorcerer, Light Side, Level 1, gathering

Ardim's Avatar

08.29.2012 , 10:22 PM | #5
My characters:

Canderous Ordo - The Alabaster Legacy

1. Isaac: Human Male, Sith Warrior, AC: Marauder, Level 50 (Light Side)
2. Skradin: Human Male, Bounty Hunter, AC: Mercenary, Level 50 (Light Side)
3. Washington: Human Male, Imperial Agent, AC: Operative, Level 50 (Light Side)
4. Aerios: Human Male, Bounty Hunter, AC: Powertech, Level 50 (Neutral)
5. Gorothul: Human Male, Sith Inquisitor, AC: Sorcerer, Level 41 (Light Side)
6. Aloiysius: Human Male, Sith Inquisitor, AC: Assassin, Level 46 (Light Side)
7. Ardun: Mirialan Male, Jedi Knight, AC: Guardian, Level 43 (Light Side)
8. Jarude: Human Male, Trooper, AC: Vanguard, Level 50 (Light Side)

The Bastion - The Tangent Legacy

1. Rapter: Human Male, Smuggler, AC: Gunslinger, Level 50 (Light Side)
2. Director: Human Male, Imperial Agent, AC: Sniper, Level 24 (Neutral)
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08.29.2012 , 10:49 PM | #6
Alt-aholics unite!

Currently playing:
1) Rjyla, human female, Jedi Consular Shadow, lvl 50, Dark I
2) J'oules, cyborg female, Trooper Commando, lvl 50, Light V
3) Iseia, Sith pureblood female, Sith Warrior Marauder, lvl 50, Dark V
4) Kasaji, Twi'lek female, Jedi Knight Guardian, lvl 31, Dark III
5) Ren'aji, Zabrak female, Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer, lvl 29, Light II
6) Palahniuk, Rattataki female, Imperial Agent Sniper, lvl 46, neutral

Created but not playing yet:
7) Tur'anga, Chiss female, Bounty Hunter (planned neutral Powertech)
8) Buck'minster, Mirialan female, Smuggler (planned neutral or dark Scoundrel)

I'm planning on 8 more characters with the opposite ACs. I'll make them look like the offspring of my first "generation" but also plan to switch factions (Rep character -> Emp child etc). Will probably roll male IA (child of Rjyla/Iresso) and male Smuggler (child of Iseia/Pierce) next time around but am waiting on SGRs to determine genders of the other characters.
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08.29.2012 , 10:56 PM | #7
Right now I've just got one
Chamby - Lvl 35 Jedi Sentinel - Light side, human male
Next I'll roll a Sith Juggernaut, dark side, probly sith male
Then all the other classes with their intended alignments (light jedi, dark sith, heroic smuggler, jerky bounty hunter etc).
And one day I hope to play a dark side jedi, light side sith etc. But that's a ways off lol
Jedi Covenant
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08.30.2012 , 02:16 AM | #8
I've got Izzun, my Level 50 Human male Gunslinger, Lightside.
Then came Ghrubeli, my Level...34? Sith male Juggernaut, Gray, leaning light?
Next was Izzun's son, Ipikre, a level 15 human male Sage, Light.
Eventually I'll have a Human female Bounty Hunter who will be Izzun's sister and Ghrubeli's Ally.
I plan on following her with an as-yet-unnamed female Miraluka or Human Jedi Knight,
then an Imperial Agent, maybe male, maybe Chiss
then a male Zabrak trooper
and finally a female Twilek Inquisitor. Haven't got all the details hammered out, but it's a start!
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08.30.2012 , 06:34 AM | #9
Here goes:

1. Nic, human female Gunslinger. Moral alignment: More credits plz.
2. Rho, Mirialan male Jedi Knight, Virtue is his middle name.
3. Ruth, human female Warrior, pro-Empire, slid further and further from LS as the game progressed.
4. Wynston, Chiss male Operative, solidly neutral pro-Empire.
5. Mellekor, Zabrak male Warrior, DS.
6. Nalenne, Sith female Warrior (don't judge), LS but if I level her she'll turn DS for plot purposes.
7. Niselle, Sith female Inquisitor, chaotic crazy DS.
8. Vierce, human male Trooper, LS.

Planned? A neutral/selfish/whatever female Twi'lek Consular, maybe a big teddy bear of a female Chiss BH. Hard LS and DS Agents, one each male/female. I think that'll satisfy me.
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08.30.2012 , 06:42 AM | #10
I've been deleting/remaking characters due to lack of slots.


Naeblis: Sith Sorcerer. Human. Level 50.
Lanfear: Sith Juggernaut. Miraluka. Level 50.
Ziare: Powertech. Cyborg. Level 38.
Ra'hvin: Sith Juggernaut. Human. Level 32
Telv'isa'sdra: Sith Marauder. Chiss. Level 11.
Gwynofar: Sith Assassin. Human. Level 13.
Aludra: Imperial Sniper. Cyborg. Level 16
Lews-Therin: Jedi Guardian. Human. Level 10.

Future, when more character slots become available:

Colivar (remake): Sith Assassin. Pureblood.
Raolin: Sith Juggernaut. Human.
Unknown Miraluka Assassin.
Unknown Pureblood Juggernaut.
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