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Sith in a Pretty Dress: Chronicles of Adwynyth

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Sith in a Pretty Dress: Chronicles of Adwynyth

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02.16.2014 , 07:57 PM | #221
Quote: Originally Posted by Adwynyth View Post
Just watch out for that Throne of Lightsabers...squirm too much on that thing and >bzzt< OW! My butt!
Don't go to any weddings, either. There might be an Ughnaut trying to poison you.
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02.19.2014 , 05:29 AM | #222
Timeline: Ch. 1, Nar Shaddaa
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Spoilers: none
Cross-continuity reference to make you cringe: In this post, Quinn's warning about 2V.

Horrendously bad fan fiction: Sith in a Pretty Dress