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Knowing which items have a better version of itself

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Knowing which items have a better version of itself

Nightsorrow's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 11:29 AM | #1

I have been an avid crafter in every MMO I played, something about wearing armor and/or weapons you made yourself is just very rewarding. And so far, I am loving how this game handles crafting, I just send my droid to get some special metals, while myself and my companion go around questing and picking up the base items. Then I have my droig make me some armor, still, while I am out questing. Very nice! Thumbs up for this idea!

There is only one gripe I have with it...

I am a completionist. I will try and gather as many recipies I can, even if I can not make any use of them. This also means I am spending a lot of time re-enginering items to get the better version. All this is well and good, I just want one minor addition.

When I look at the list of items I can create, I would like to have an icon or something, that could tell me if I can get a better version of that item through re-enginering. I dislike the idea of spending a lot of time checking guides, or databases, for something that is such a base idea in the crafting system.

Anyway, just wanted to get that of my chest. Now, where did I my droid run of too...