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Oceanic Servers

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08.27.2012 , 07:08 PM | #1
Some of us are finding on Gav Daragon, that membership numbers are still low compared to the US super servers. This creates a real problem with PVP 50 where the same team tends to dominate heavily and in ranked we only ever see the same three or four teams, with those successful doing little more than farm ranked comms from the weaker teams.

I imagine that you have investigated options already for merging the Oceanic servers into one, and making code unique for our isolated servers is unmaintainable, but is there some way of uniting the servers and using the phases to seperate those flagged for PVP or PVE seperated to delinate the play styles that justifies PVP or PVE servers?

It would help with group finder and warzones to bolster the populations and give more variety to the game.
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