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SS Gunslinger DPS

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08.26.2012 , 06:00 PM | #1
Hey all, I've got some questions for all you SS Slingers out there. I've been using this Spec for most of my time playing with a brief stint in Sab. I have pretty much full Blackhole/Campaign and have plenty of experience with the class. Recently though I decided to actually use the combat logs to see where I was at. On average I am getting around 1400 on an ops dummy which I'm content with, but I feel I should be doing better.

Stats are roughly at 35% crit, 79% surge, and 98% accuracy, with some amount of power. I know its not optimal, but I like it. Talent tree is pretty much the optimal SS tree except my last two points are in endurance rather than independent anarchy. Still I feel these aren't the problem. Rather I'm thinking its my rotation or just the low numbers of the spec itself. I don't use Sab Charge, Freighter Flyby or Vital Shot in my rotation as I feel they don't give enough bang for their buck in SS at least unless I am swimming in energy and everything else is on CD. I know alot of people use em though, so...*shrugs*

So for any of you SS people that are pulling higher numbers I'd love to hear your rotations or advice that doesn't involve Learn to Play. I've been searching around Ask Mr. Robot as well and it seems the highest numbers are being pulled by DF...well Lethality since they are all Snipers, but same difference. So I've been thinking about trying it out.
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08.26.2012 , 08:05 PM | #2
You said it yourself, you don't use Flyby or explosive charge. If you want some help have a good read of this: