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Constructive and hopefully fruitful game fixes/suggestions

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Constructive and hopefully fruitful game fixes/suggestions

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12.19.2011 , 11:18 AM | #1

The game is fantastic. Here's a list of things I wish we can have addressed or improved upon to make the game even better for all of us. Thank you for the hard work thus far!


UI -

Overall UI scaling, the reward windows, item icons etc are too big for my younger eyes, I'll scale larger when I am older likely I like options

More than 6 bars and scaling sizes- vertical or horizontal options as well

A minute/second indicator on the icon option would be awesome for longer cooldowns, other than hovering overing and seeing a timer only then

After minimizing, the quest tracker pops up again after loading worlds/screens

Fully movable and scalable/customizable self and target frames. If we screw it up a reset to defaults backout is fine.

Additional fonts option to change fonts for nameplates, etc. I don't really like the fonts, even though authentic to the Star Wars theme.


Searches don't seem to yield any results when correctly picking gear and choosing - available to me or companions

Make sub categories of some kind to only show a certain slot type - chest, head, implant etc


Glitchy and shows less than actually on sometimes - ctrl+U twice fixes this

Right click dialogue on member listing should have invite option added

Notifications when guildies log in, just like friends. Hey they're friends too!


Sound notifications needed - at least whisper, but would be nice for guild or anything else customizeable


Macros!! Not fun having companion attack and my opener to be two separate buttons. I am find not opening large sequences but little 2-3 at once time things would be nice.

Sell all grays (cheap) gear button when at vendors. Yes I know companions have it, but why not us when physically there.

I like the Taxi/bind point system, but a merge of the two when applicable would be nice. Not a big deal but why twice needed discoveries? One to do all at location would be nice, again if applicable ( I know some areas only have 1 of the 2).

Weird slowdown glitch, I know it's weird but when on a speeder and clicking companion button it slows the game down for a few seconds

Weird glitch when clicking quick travel and then cancelling the channeling timer bar still goes even though I stopped it. Even if you do it again the channel bar timer doesn't show again, unless to wait a little after.

Probably been addressed a ton but- gathering locations show physically but can't click on them at all

Distance of terrain needs to be further out if enabled, the growing flowers and grass 30-40 feet ahead is a little weird/undesirable.

Beating a dead horse, but mods.. realease the mods-kraken! Let the community enrich the game and you can focus on the content, it's a win/win!

Your gladly paying customer- Me