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Looking for Advice: Toth and Zorn HM

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08.26.2012 , 08:33 AM | #1

My guild and I have been attempting HM Toth and Zorn but are running into difficulties in the final 5%. We are able to dps them without running into any enrage difficulties; however on the soft enrage at 5% we are wiping due to the different mechanics and buffs that the bosses recieve.

We have tried different methods of dealing with this:

1) having all dps focus on Toth at 5% to down him so we donít get hit with red circles or his pounce. We are able to down Toth very fast, but when we move onto Zorn he turns to the group and hits us with his scream that wipes the raid almost instantly.

For the above strategy, I would like to know if it is recommend that the tank on Zorn move him as far away from the group as possible, or if the scream that Zorn does exceeds the 30m range? I am healing on Toth during this and am beyond 30m from Zorn, and yet I have been getting hit with it. Also, would it make sense to have any melee dps on Toth move to zorn so that they avoid any aoe damage done in the final 5%? Typically we only have one melee in our group so.

2) Having all dps focus on zorn, we are able to down him just as fast as Toth, but when we move onto Toth he gets the buff for having Zorn dead, and his pounces then wipe the raid.

Likewise, is there a maximum range on the pounce ability where ranged dps would still be able to hit Toth without getting hit by the Pounce? I know that most of our dps on the attempt where we did this were between 28m and 29.9m.

3) DPSing them both at the same time still runs us into similar difficulties, where we are dealing with both bosses in there below 5% phase.

We have been able to kill both of them during these phases, however due to their mechanics at the 5% we only have 2-3 people alive with almost no health (as a result of the pounce/scream) giving Murdoch the opportunity to one shot the people.

Any feedback, or strategies that you have for handling Toth and Zorn at the <5% stage would be extremely beneficial. For the most part, online guides and videos that I have watched donít really go into detail on this stage.
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08.26.2012 , 08:58 AM | #2
I'm not sure why you're struggling, since well we usually kill Toth first and then Zorn, but we've also done the bring them down to 0% at the same time, which we found to be a bit more hectic but doable.

Are you sure you're not hitting the Hard Enrage (when the boss goes red) at the last few seconds causing him to wipe everyone?
Because although Zorn does start doing a lot more damage after Toth dies, it shouldn't be killing everyone like that everytime. It has happened to us, but most of the time, Toth dies, I'm usually tanking Zorn at this point, I pop any remaining cooldowns and the dps finish off Zorn.

Occasionally we hit the enrage timer too, at which point when the boss goes red, if I was tanking Zorn I just start running and kiting him in a nice big circle so that the ranged can dps him down before he kills everyone.

Hope that helps, but really, I think you just need to keep having at it. We struggled on that last 10% phase for a good week or so before eventually getting them down. And after that we've rarely had issues.
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08.26.2012 , 01:53 PM | #3
This definitely sounds like an enrage issue. I would suggest re-directing all DPS immediately after the second Sonic Paralysis. I do think you're waiting too long for the switch over. Yes, Zorn does a scream but it does not cause issues unless he has hit the hard enrage.

Logs would be helpful to further dissect this problem, as well.

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08.26.2012 , 04:01 PM | #4
What we do is:
- Bring them both to 5%
- Finish Toth
- Zorn tank pops CDs while Toth tank (with fearful) runs up the valley on the opposite wall
- Toth tank taunts and draws Zorn in while Zorn tank runs further up
- Zorn tank taunts, rinse and repeat until he dies or we do.

It ends up with Zorn just zig zagging between the 2 tanks doing very little (relatively) damage until he hard enrages and 1 shots several people. We usually get him down while he is heading back to the Zorn tank.

The really important bit is to keep them as close together as possible. It's pretty tough to burn 8-10% with a soft enrage, its much easier to burn 6%. It's also really important that the tanks keep Zorn facing AWAY from the group and that no DPS get fearful on the last swap. I'd also suggest saving your relics/adrenals for burning Zorn down once Toth dies.