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Queuing via Group Finder as a pre-made, someone leaves group

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Queuing via Group Finder as a pre-made, someone leaves group

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08.25.2012 , 10:08 PM | #1
A potential issue I encountered last week: I was in a group with a guildmate. I queued us using the Group Finder, with all tier 1 Flashpoints selected (I never queue any other way, and up to that point had done 2 hard modes a day on two different characters since Game Update 1.3 was released).

After waiting a while, my guildmate had to go, and so left the group. I remained in the queue; the Group Finder icon continued pulsing, as it does when queued.

After some more time, the queue popped for me, and I joined three others for Kaon Under Siege. We completed the Flashpoint (I did get the usual Flashpoint completion). However, while the others in the group apparently got their 5 Black Hole Commendations, I did not.

I put in a ticket to have the Black Hole Commendations granted, assuming the system had glitched. My ticket was denied with no explanation. I put in another ticket to query this decision, and subsequently spoke to a live agent.

Apparently, their records showed that I did not queue randomly.

My guess is that there remains an issue with pre-made groups, such that if someone leaves the group while queued for a random hard mode, the system's record-keeping gets confused, and doesn't grant you the daily reward upon completion. The workaround (I know now) is to leave the queue if your group changes while queued, and queue again. You lose your place, of course, but better than missing out on the reward which is the whole point of the exercise!

I'd suggest the developers check this use case, as I suspect there's a hole in their logic somewhere.
Teo, co-host and producer of OotiniCast