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Proposed Idea for Arsenal Interrupt Issue

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Proposed Idea for Arsenal Interrupt Issue

Xenotoxic's Avatar

08.26.2012 , 04:08 AM | #11
Additionally, I have 1 less keybind on my merc than I do all of my other characters. So maybe a new on-use ability really is in order.

twiggie's Avatar

08.28.2012 , 10:10 AM | #12
I know that a Tracer Missile that can't be interrupted sounds overpowered, but I was looking at the Sniper/Gunslinger (I have a level 50 Gunslinger, so I'm going to use their ability names) and couldn't help but compare the two.

  1. Has an interrupt. We have none.
  2. Immune to interrupts while in cover. We have no protection against this.
  3. Immune to activation knockback while in cover. We have no protection against this.
  4. Cannot be charged or pulled while in cover. We have no protection against this.
  5. Has a 20 second crowd control immunity (Hunker Down) while in cover. We have no protection against this.
  6. Has an AoE blind (Flash Grenade). We have a ranged stun with Electro Dart. I suppose that makes us even.
  7. Has an AoE knockback with a root (Pulse Detonator) and an attack with a knockback (if Ambush/Aimed Shot is talented). We are comparable in this area with Jet Boost and Rocket Punch (talented), so no complaints here.
  8. Has a root with a snare (Leg Shot). We have none, unless you talent Unload and stand still to channel it.
  9. Has an ability (Defense Screen) and a talent (Ballistic Dampeners) to absorb some incoming damage and an ability (Dodge) to give 100% dodge for three seconds. Also has an ability (Scrambling Field) to reduce damage by 20% for themselves and nearby allies for 15 seconds. We can only compare with Energy Shield.

I look at the list above and can't help but think how useful a GS/S is to their team compared to an Arsenal Merc. As you can see, they have loads of tools to use that we do not. I realize that the majority of the points I highlighted require the GS/S to be in cover, which means they are going to be stationary to reach their full potential. But guess what other class does? Mercs! Sure, we can heal, but as another poster mentioned, an Arsenal Merc trying to heal through their damage just makes them a free(er) kill. I'm trying not to only pick on the GS/S and I'm not asking for homogenization. I'm just asking that the gap between high utility classes and low utility classes would not be so punishing.

If Tracer Missile had a stacking interrupt resistance like I proposed, I don't feel that it would be too much. For one, TM would only be completely immune after reaching five stacks. Secondly, we would still be vulnerable to other hazards -- stuns, knockbacks, pulls, crowd control -- as well as gaining no more benefits that we don't already have. If this can't be done, then at least give us an ability with a cooldown that gives us such resistances, or give us a root and/or snare that we can use.