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Severe Lag Spikes & Disconnects (Error Code 9000) Specifically since patch 1.3.6

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Severe Lag Spikes & Disconnects (Error Code 9000) Specifically since patch 1.3.6
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LordMalic's Avatar

09.15.2012 , 06:31 AM | #31
It isn't ISP, have a friend of mine who has done 2 system reformats, bought a new router and called his ISP. Neither fixed the problem. Its a packet loss of some sorts and with as many people having this issue its more a game issue now than an ISP issue. There is a code somewhere that is preventing select people from connecting. This all transpired since patch 1.3.6 so maybe its best to go back to that point and check the coding.

This type of problem is a GAMEBREAKER and people will quit til its either fixed or just quit in general. In the end, would you rather lose more subscriptions over and issue that can be fixed or just keep telling people that they need to call their ISP?
Dravyn Ganderin Serpitina

Phatbeard's Avatar

09.24.2012 , 06:48 PM | #32
Same problem here, seems to have started occurring over the past few days. Normal 25ms latency interrupted every few minutes by massive lag spikes up to +12000ms followed by an error code 9000 disconnect.

Jamesdc's Avatar

09.28.2012 , 05:09 PM | #33
Now I am also having the same issue. Since the latest large patch earlier this week, I've been constantly lag spiked in PVE with occasional RED X syndrome. WarZones are completely unplayable, since I am disconnected 99% of the time, if I get to the WZ at all. What is happening to me sounds exactly like what happened to the Thread starter. I don't use mumble, I use Skype. Skype is incredibly fragile and if there is ever a problem in internet connection, it is the first to go. Funny thing is that I play SWTOR with a friend and we voice call on skype all the time during game play. Skype, hasn't had a single issue while SWTOR continually fails. Whether skype is on or off, whether my connection is high or low, has had no correlation to SWTOR's failures. I've checked connection and both programs during game failure and only SWTOR is having trouble. CS hasn't responded at all in the in-game support feature for the last three days. Responding here is my last ditch effort to see if this problem was resolved for any of my peers, or if CS ever admitted to or fixed the problem. If my frustration offends I apologize but after paying so much money for this MMO version of KOTOR, and problems obviously resulting from Patches... it is hard to be civil. Please help.

LordMalic's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 10:17 AM | #34
Are you guys trying to sink this game? I work in sales and my first priority is my customers. You would think they would give a logical response to this, not "call your ISP". Cause seriously this is no longer an ISP issue, countless subscribers are having this issue and I am well sure none of them have the same ISP's.

So BW the ball is in your court, please fix this issue, cause other wise the game will fail!
Dravyn Ganderin Serpitina

DeltaSpartaneg's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 11:25 AM | #35
SAME PROBLEM OVER HERE! This has been going for weeks, getting the same answers and everything. This is just absurd. But I just would like to point something out. I use to play this game on my laptop, but it was crap so all of my graphics were set to the lowest. But I never had a Issue with Disconnecting. This only happened when I got my new computer so I don't know if It is the patch or the computer, and I would like some help about it. Another week of this crap and I might just quit till this stuff gets fixed.

Slugwarts's Avatar

02.26.2013 , 10:39 PM | #36
Hello, apparently I am not alone with experiencing this issue... It has been frustrating to say the least.. however, for the 1st time ever, living in an apartment complex has paid off... there are several wifi signals available to me, so i got some passwords from my neighbors and checked out how SWTOR played. I have Comcast, I lag, horribly, and constantly, as the days go by the worse it is.. however, when i log onto an AT&T DSL connection, from across the parking lot, with a max of maybe 2 bars signal, i stay connected without issue. I called comcast, explained to the call center my issue, and he just said he would have to send a tech out, it was something wrong with my equipment... when the tech showed up, he looked puzzled because he said he just scanned my modem remotely, and did not see an issue.. so i had to show him my issue, and he said it was an issue in the "lines" and they were working on it. Effectively being blown off. I dont know if others have the opportunity to check other ISPs, but as for me, with this exact issue, its not a game-side issue.. its Comcast.

Kiniski's Avatar

02.28.2013 , 08:13 AM | #37
nop, no one is alone:


and continue, our path is with problems, not all have the issue is a specfici section of the players population who have this masive lag at specific time of the day, in my zone come from 8:00 est to 12:00 est, sometimes begin more early (from 6:00), awesome we change from 24 ms to 400k ms in a moment, from 10 seconds to 75 seconds range, sometimes I just do Alf+F4, because if you try to disconnect fom menu you can enter in eternal load screen.