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A Letter to Bioware - Regarding Cheating in PvP and Ways to Discourage it.

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A Letter to Bioware - Regarding Cheating in PvP and Ways to Discourage it.

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01.17.2014 , 04:39 PM | #41
There aren't often hackers in SWTOR, but when it happens, it's pretty noticeable. Saw a Merc healer randomly teleport from behind a pillar (my friend and I were beating on her) to the door. There was no sorc there to pull her, only a powertech that was on her team. I tried to record her doing it again, but, I whispered her asking what had happened so I'm guessing she took that as a hint to stop.

There's also the people that are completely retarded when it comes to cheating. I was playing my carnage marauder in midbies, and there was a pyro merc guarding their node (civil war), we were losing mid. I went over there, we started fighting, he had me down to around 40% health, and he was at like 20%. So, I jumped off the side of the platform and sat there for a moment to wait for my leap cooldown, and I had my execute proc up. So, I leapt back up, gore + force scream = instakill. Then, I see, "exploiter!" in the chat. Wut? He whispered me saying that it was a known exploit to jump off the side of the node. I asked, "You mean.. line of sighting?" and then he proceeds to try and convince me that it's an exploit that he cannot shoot through the floor down to where I was. *sigh*
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01.17.2014 , 06:41 PM | #42
OP, here is the problem with your plan, if a seemingly large amount of people are banned for hacks, that may encourage more people who want to screw the game over to do so, also it makes them look bad if such and such people could hack their game.
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01.17.2014 , 08:26 PM | #43
i normally dont call hacks unless otherwise proven via stream, or fraps. As far as discouraging it, I doubt that will happen for the following reasons

-Bioware sadly doesnt care enough
- Also with the addition of f2p, all one has to do is grind multiple toons so if one gets banned, they can jump on the other
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01.18.2014 , 12:26 AM | #44
I am on The Shadowlands.

I have to say the amount of exploit cheaters is getting utterly out of hand.

1 - Sins' who can constantly stealth in and out of combat. Over and over. Stunning constantly. Over and over. NOT in a group. Alone.
2 - Utterly un-killable Commandos. 5 people beating on the guy and his HP barely goes down a tick. Never being able to stun him or slow him. NOT ONCE. He never died the entire game.
3 - Operatives who cant be stunned at all and stealth in and out constantly knifing you to death in the process.
4 - People getting the Huttball clear across the area in 10 seconds flat from the START of the game scoring a point before we are even barely out of the gate.
5 - People who literally skip around moving back and forth like they are on speed or crack constantly who cannot be stunned or slowed. EVER. Their toon has a look of being out of whack and "skippy" as they do this. I would guess this is the half-connection open exploit.
6 - People who conveniently fall through the floor right before you would kill them. Then showing up half way across the map, when they don't have a stealth ability. Doing this everytime you go after them. Sounds like a half-connection open exploit.

I could go on. Me and my friends are really getting fed up with it.

I want to mention that quite alot of times if me and my friends are seeing this stuff our games get bad proformance and FR as well as other "interesting" issues. We have surmised that the exploit/cheat the people on the other team are using is causing the game/server to spaz out because of it. It's been happening quite alot lately. I never used to have these issues in PVP the way it is now with this exploit cheat people. It is ruining the game and the enjoyment of it.

Bioware needs a team who set and PVP nearly daily to see what is going on. People who watch and observe. We pay for this product and service. It should be as free of cheating as humanly possible for it. I understand cheating will never fully be stopped, that's impossible, but Bioware needs to crackdown on this hard and the people doing it.

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01.18.2014 , 12:40 AM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthVengeant View Post
I am on The Shadowlands.

I have to say the amount of exploit cheaters is getting utterly out of hand.
I've been on The Shadowlands for 2 years and haven't seen any of the issues you describe.

If it's happening all the time, one of you ought to be able to Fraps it (or use Bandicam.)

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01.18.2014 , 07:13 AM | #46
Since Dec patch I been chalking up these weird occurrences as sync issues. First time I heard 'articial lag' cheat was the other day and now am very curious if it's true or not. Mashing abilities that never go off only to be beat to the CC punch by the odd player. Also notice my hunker down getting ignored once in a blue moon....and again was blaming such on BW issues of animations and CD without the actual ability going off. Oh and the odd speedster always going super speed every time I dot him (like they have no CD to it) or her up in a match.

Anyways if it's a cheat, give it time. I am sure there will be bans and fixes one day. And do not chalk it up as the cheater is better than u:P

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01.19.2014 , 03:15 PM | #47
I sure as heck wasn't expecting to see replies to THIS thread in my email inbox.

Necrophilia going on here!
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09.09.2014 , 09:30 PM | #48
Well in the 2 years since the post was created notthing seems to have changed. I just had a jedi sage with really bad gear rip me apart with one attack in huttball - yeah I'm just a sorc healer, but I have great gear. There's no way he could have taken me down when I had full health with one attack.
It's a terrible way to run a game that people pay to play (not all, but most). It's probably what's making other players cheat... They see cheaters running around doing what they want and decide to even things up and never stop once they've started and have no consequences.

Maybe I missed some message from dev about what they're doing to cheaters or how they constantly work to prevent it, but I doubt they've said anything about it.

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09.10.2014 , 01:23 AM | #49
Earlier I was playing my sentinel, solo guarding the western bunker in Novare coast. A powertech came up to me and we proceeded to fight. When it became clear he wasn't going to kill me one-on-one, he started to run away. So I snared him. Next thing I knew, he was speeding off faster than normal movement speed while snared - in fact, faster than I could run - and I'm combat spec'd and have 15 percent movement speed bonus at all times. I even hit transcendence for the extra speed burst and he still got away. There was nobody else near to give him a speedboost, and we were fighting at the western bunker, nowhere near the run speed power-up.

It was definitely not legit. That was the first time I had seen such blatant cheating in a lower level warzone. I rolled my eyes and logged on my mercenary for some 50 pvp.
This kind of *******ery is exactly why I will never ever even begin to consider anyone's cries of "hack". Whoever you are who posted this earlier, look up "Hydraulic Override".

99.99% of everyone who thinks people are hacking have a minimal understanding of the game, and in all likely hood have only reached 55 on a single toon. I get that there is **** going on that you don't understand, but instead of running to the forums every time to let everyone else know how inadequate your understanding of game mechanics is, maybe try doing some google searches first.

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09.10.2014 , 01:26 AM | #50
This kind of group idiocy is how the salem witch hunts started.

If you guys don't come up with video evidence for these "sins who can pop in and out of stealth 4000k times and are immune to all damage/stuns forever" and "commando's who never take a single hit point the entire warzone", then all you're proving is that you are bad at pvp.

I guarantee when you put up this video evidence of people "hacking", we will all laugh at you.