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little advise for healers and dps

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08.24.2012 , 01:50 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by mikebevo View Post
Only if the person has a fairly good understanding of the FP mechanics and a proper understand of their class. A fresh 50 healer in recruit gear is not going to be able to heal Directive 7 final boss without understand of what is going on and understanding their abilities. That is unless the rest of the group has a great understanding of the mechanics and use the defensive cooldown at the right times. Trust me I have gotten put into many groups in progress right there. Which is easy fast BH comms for me, but I still feel bad for the group. Also trust me, in HM FP many people do not used defensive cooldowns or kill stuff in the right order.

Not getting gear can be a sign of lazinees. However, it does not mean the person is lazy, but not knowing the FP, not knowing your rotation, not knowing your abilities and being in recruit gear does. I don't really mind the first and last, but I can't teach people the middle 2 in a HM FP. Tanks are even harder, they need to at least have some clue about the healers abilities. I have no problem with gear or I would be a hypocrite, I went from Daily gear to Rakata and BH on my alt. However, it was not because I was lazy, but because the group I run with pretty much forced me into Ops that I was not geared for. I did know the Operation and I was geared the best I could be including augments. Still havenít done SM KP, but Iíve done NIM KP on my alt.
I pretty much agree with you. You do need to know the fights and be knowledgeable about your class and role. Ignorant players will always have a hard time in any endgame group content though. Better gear just gives you more of a cushion.

But all of the flashpoints were initially done in pre-columi gear, as that was all that was available at the start. Recruit gear is pretty decent, and is sufficient. You just need to use your head with it.