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Merc Arsenal PVP

Cybridwarform's Avatar

08.23.2012 , 11:29 AM | #1
After playing a PT and now working on a merc ive thought of a few little quality of life buffs that just might help from a PVP standpoint.

Change the Ammunitions talent:
get rid of the railgun heat buff and replace it with "while HVC is active your TM can't be interrupted"

Power barrier:
This talent would be amazing if it provided a bit more resistance and a bit longer duration it could just be the defenssive buff mercs need to be a bit more resilient in combat. Maybe a 5% stacking buff that lasts 15 seconds. etc...

Custom Enviro Suit:
Get rid of healing rcvd and add maybe a defense buff instead? Or something more beneficial over having a healer glued on my _______.

Power surge:
Along with the 100% activation reduction add a 100% crit chance to that instant ability. This would make it a buff for all 3 specs.

Pinning Fire:
Remove the slow, make it PIN the enemy like the name says. 3 second immoballize. -that would help with a bit more survival / and be a bit more forgiving in positioning/kiting.

Power Overrides:
Modify this talent so that fully talented it changes concussion missile to include an interrupt and has a cooldown within the range of all other int classes. It shouldnt affect the other concussion missile abilities in PVE due to the fact in PVE if u just want it for the CC or if you need it to int it wont be affected by the heal since its taking damage from other sources to break the heal etc... That would give us the interrupt we badly need.

Everything else should be gravy after that.

I think the only thing that would be nice for pyro mercs is a deep talent that lets them channel unload while moving. Procc based, 10 sec proc reactivation CD.

rotatorkuf's Avatar

08.24.2012 , 05:12 AM | #2
solid ideas...

but sadly enough, this will fall onto deaf ears (believe me, i've been trying, at least to elicit some response from the dev team, for quite a while)

bioware's design team has made it clear they're "happy with where mercenaries are"

and the lack of interrupt is entirely on purpose (for god knows why, they never explained)

just keep healing and realize you're never going to be a viable DPS as a merc in PVP