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Star Wars: Episode I (rewrite)

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11.07.2012 , 05:14 PM | #91

Obi-wan stopped running, sweat and smut mixing on his face. His blue lightsaber hummed violently in his hands, the hilt slippery with sweat. Humid air heated from the fires from orbital bombardments and ones started by clones cooked him, each breath he inhaled was burning hot, scorching his throat and the roof of his mouth.

He paused to catch his breath, and stole a glance behind him. The homestead they had just been at was now burning to the ground, clone troopers armed with weapons that spat fire bathed the building in it. Obi-wan watched with wide eyes as the flames swathed back and forth, eventually catching to the ground and enveloping the body of the young man Obi-wan had just killed...


He had a duty. No time for that.

“Obi-wan Kenobi!” A stern voice called ahead of him. Obi-wan picked his head up, his padwan braid whipping across his cheek. He looked at the looming form of an Imperial Commander, clad in the gray armor and black cap that colored those of his order. A gun steamed in his hands, and two clone troopers, clad in white armor, flanked him. Their helmeted heads were constantly turning, constantly aware.

“Yes, Commander-General?” Obi-wan asked, bowing slightly. His voice rasped after each word.

“The assault goes well. Sectors six, thirteen, and forty have all been subjugated. From the information we have gathered the plans for the secret weapon are on a planet deeper in the outer rim.”

Obi-wan looked at the Commander incredulously.

“Wait- if they aren't here...then why continue the attack? We're just wasting resources.”

The Commander smiled patiently.

“What we are doing, Kenobi, is showing our power. Some of these people, these savages in the rim worlds, still believe we are weak. They don't respect us. Now..” The Commander turned slightly, and spread his arm wide, nearly hitting a clone trooper, who humbly stepped out of the way of his reach-

“Their crops burn. Their homes destroyed. Their spirit? Broken. They will remember this for a long time.”

Obi-wan fell silent.

The boy he killed... it was all for nothing. It was wanton murder.

“Does Yoda know of this? Sifo Dyas? Does he? Do they agree to this?” Obi-wan asked, his voice bordering on accusatory tones.

“Yes. They all agree with me. Yoda was...hard to convince. But Sifo Dyas? He understood. And he made Yoda understand. They know what's at stake.” The Commander answered. Obi-wan looked down at his weapon, at his smeared hands.

He felt sick.

“For the Empire.” Obi-wan declared quietly. The Commander nodded.

“For the Empire.”

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11.07.2012 , 05:56 PM | #92
A/N. A bit of bad news, fans. I'm cancelling my sub to this game, so I will no longer be posting on this website. My story can be found here: