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Pick a team of 6 to fight a ancient evil.

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Pick a team of 6 to fight a ancient evil.

Newyankalt's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 08:12 AM | #11
1. Revan as the leader for his tactics and abilities
2. Emperor vitiate For his force powers.
3. Luke skywalker kinda need this guy on my team
4. Grand Admiral thrawn for his cunning of course this guy won't be fighting directly.
5. HK-47 Loyal to revan and if he get blasted he can be rebuilt.
6. Han solo for his luck.

Kellan's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 08:53 AM | #12
Here's mine

1. Grand Admiral Thrawn. (Tactical genius and he WAS a Grand Admiral so he probably has some martial skills)
2. Luke Skywalker (Over the top just by himself, but lets add to it)
3. Darth Vader (lets face it, he's a beast and a tank)
4. Boba Fett (gadgets/assassin man)
5. Han Solo (need a lucky guy, plus could be in the assassin team)
6. R2-D2 (yeah cause he's THAT awesome)

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08.22.2012 , 09:10 AM | #13
Tank=Obi'wan Kenobi
healer= Yoda
DPS=Luke Skywalker, Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker, Jango Fett (token non force user as required)

EDIT: Oops you said two non force users...well damn, I guess switch Anakin to the tank, drop Kenobi (sad face), and add Boba Fett to DPS with his father.
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08.22.2012 , 09:28 AM | #14
Cipher Nine
Darth Bane
Boba Fett

And my alternate roster:

Captain America
Iron Man
Black Widow

I <3 alts!

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08.22.2012 , 09:52 AM | #15
Non force user roster just for fun

1. Thrawn
2. Ackbar
3. Grevious
4. Durge
5. Boba Fett
6 R2-D2

EDIT: And the roster as specified in the OP

2.Boba Fett
3.Kyle Katarn
4.Count Dooku
5.Cin Drallig
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08.22.2012 , 10:07 AM | #16
1.Darth Vader
2.Anakin Skywaker
3.That kid who won swoop race in episode 1
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08.22.2012 , 11:15 AM | #17
1. Luke Skywalker- ... let's face it. You need the most powerful being to ever exist
2. Darth Sidious- Again. He's the second most powerful being to exist
3. General Grievous- Famous Jedi killer with a kill count of over 200 Jedi, many of them were masters
4. Grand Admiral Thrawn- He would lead the team from behind the scenes
5. Plo Koon- He can manipulate weather to create dense fogs, freezing temperatures etc. And he's pretty cool.
6. Yoda- He's the most powerful Jedi to exist up to his time, being surpassed only by Luke Skywalker

Alternate roster for fav heroes from other franchises

1. Batman- He would lead the team and... He's BATMAN!!!!
2. Superman- Super strong, super awesome, super... man
3. Iron Man- Technical support to help Bats recreate any tech that the bad guys have that is superior
4. Captain America- He's got the experience to keep a level head in any tight spot
5. Raiden(Mortal Kombat)- He is Raiden god of Thunder. Need I say more
6. Wonder Woman- What superhero team doesn't have the strong female character.
funny #7 George Lucas- he'd change the bad guys so that they have no chance of winning. But they'd always shoot first.

I know it's mostly Marvel and DC, sue me...
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08.22.2012 , 02:16 PM | #18
I didn't notice when I made this thread I was asking to make a star wars avengers team. Lol

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08.22.2012 , 03:33 PM | #19
Luke Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker

4 Troopers to be cannon fodder so at least for a split second you think this evil is powerful.....till the Skywalkers curbstomp it.
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08.22.2012 , 03:53 PM | #20
Mine would be:
1. Luke Skywalker
2. Darth Sidious
3. Mace Windu
4. Grand Admiral Thrawn
5. Boba Fett
6. IG-88
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