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PVE-Best Stats and Rotation for Hybrid DF/Saboteur

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PVE-Best Stats and Rotation for Hybrid DF/Saboteur

NuclearWarrior's Avatar

08.21.2012 , 06:41 PM | #1
Hello fellow SWTOR's, I am currently running a DF/Saboteur Hybrid Gunslinger and I was having trouble keeping my dps above about 13.5K on the op dummy. My guess is that the rotation I am running is not as good as it could be and/or, my stats are not correct.

Stats are as follows:
Accuracy: 103.52%
Crit: 37.55%
Surge: 65.14%
Power Rating (302)

Shrap bomb
Vital Shot
Shock Charge
Sabotage Charge
Illegal Mods
Wounding Shots
Speed Shot
XS Freighter
Cool Head
Wounding Shots
rinse and repeat

If anybody could kindly share their thoughts on upping my dps through changing some of my gear, points on my skill tree, or roation; I would aprreciate it greatly.