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Vote Kicking in Group Finder Flashpoints, Make it 3 votes

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Vote Kicking in Group Finder Flashpoints, Make it 3 votes

Lorinnor's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 04:17 AM | #21
I have 2 level 50s, a Shadow tank and a Sentinel DD. I do more ops than FPs, and so far, I have only once experienced someone getting votekicked. It was somewhat understandable, and nevertheless severely indecent.
Oh, and it happened to myself
The Group Finder was rather new still, and I was drafted in as a replacement DD for someone who had lost his connection and was trying to rejoin them, although I did not know that. I was immediately voted out, leaving me stranded on Ilum, wasting my time first to get back to anywhere I could do something useful, and mostly by kicking me out of the GF queue.
Unsurprisingly, these people now are on my ignore list.
I can understand that they wanted to be decent to their missing member, but they transferred his misfortune - which was likely somewhat earned by his not planning for regular ISP-disconnects - to a random stranger, me, who had done nothing to deserve the waste of time.
That they saw themselves with no better way to help their member not lose his progress says something against the system, but it does not excuse them wasting my time and possibly that of any other DD in between me and their re-queued former group member.
I think the queue system might need a few tweaks in more than one place...

Vegabond's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 08:40 AM | #22
I vote kick a lot if its not following directions/disconnects and general trolling.. And especially people cheating queues by coming as tank but in dps

Petnil's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 12:00 PM | #23
the groupfinder have put any potential tanks as tank by default for as long as i remember. maybe it have been fixed with the latest patch tho. Just saying some of the cheaters might not have done so on purpose.

lazyax's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 07:36 PM | #24
actually, another use for the vote kick (as i found out last night) is to circumvent the group finder lockout. for example, i was in a group, someone had to leave, we ask group finder to "find replacement" and due to an awesome group finder bug, we get a second healer. we explain the situation to the second healer, he then says "please vote kick me, so that i dont get the group finder lockout" no problem. I try to find a replacement again, and we get a second tank, lol.

eleusiszero's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 08:53 PM | #25
i agree with both partys on this one it should be a majority vote but also think why would u want to play with ppl who just think they are better than everyone its a game and ment to be fun the fact its swtor just makes it better i have been kicked for not knowing what happens on mandalorin raiders on my fist run i just called the guy a dick and left.
cheers for the post nice to see others also have problems with ppl who have no real concept of what playin an MMO is about

For example,

I just join a flashpoint half way through and the tank and healer are just arguing and typing garbage into the chat and then the healer leaves. A new healer joins and now the tank and other DPS are still typing garbage into the chat and I really don't have a clue what they're talking about and then suddenly "You have been vote kicked reason: stupid". I think it was something about going through the exhaustion zone in battle of ilum and the fact they skipped some bosses or something but whatever it was about was no reason to cast a vote kick on me which only requires 1 more vote before I'm gone.

Countless other times I see vote kicks on people for just stupid reasons such as someone accidently pulls a mob, someone doesn't want to skip a boss which literally takes under a minute to kill anyway (cause it drops a daily commendation and some decent loot). Sometimes you just get really aggressive and angry people in your group where if everything doesn't go exactly how they want it to go, you're gone and it only takes one other idiot in your group to vote. I've seen vote kicks where I've voted NO and they still get kicked anyway.

Just thought I'd edit in some more examples that I've seen vote kicks for to really make my point:

- In collicoid war game if a player gets on the cannon before everyone gets into the flashpoint and causes a wipe, they may not know any better and may have never done the flashpoint before. Politely give them a warning and get on with it. If your tolerance is really that low then you shouldn't even be playing an MMO
- In Directive 7, when you get up to the 3 droids, if you kill the orange shielded one before you kill the non-shielded one, it will cause the blue shielded droid to become immune. If a player does not know any better then simply explain to them what they need to know and get on with it.
- In KUS when you get to the cannon part, you can jump onto some of your surroundings and make all the mobs evade. If someone in your group does not want to do this, then I think that's fair. Exploiting the game mechanics to get past that fight with ease was not intended and if a player does not want to do it this way then I don't see why they should have to.
- In collicoid war game I was doing the puzzle part where you have to work together fighting the droids and clicking the terminals to get to the next area. I was the healer and unlocked a barrier which the tank and 1 DPS ran to. There was an elite droid (gold star) behind it. The tank tells me to come with him to kill it and I ask him why since he's already got a DPS there to help him and I get vote kicked for "being a monkey" because I simply asked him why he wanted it that way. Him and the other DPS are more than enough to take on the elite droid. Don't get me wrong, I didn't refuse to do it, I was actually walking to there to help him, kicked anyway.
- I was in a group in the boarding party flashpoint with a stealther and pulled one really small mob which we could have technically stealthed past and he goes crazy, vote kick, gone.
- A player in your group refuses to go through the exhaustion zone in battle of ilum. Sorry but skipping pretty much everything by exploiting the exhaustion zone was not intended, if a player does not want to do it this way they shouldn't have to. From my experience with this, all I've seen by the group trying to do it this way is a ton of deaths from the exhaustion zone killing people over and over.

What this system NEEDS is for everyone in the group to vote before they are kicked (excluding the person actually being kicked of course), not just the initial vote kicker and one idiot.[/QUOTE]

GalaxyStrong's Avatar

08.23.2012 , 11:53 AM | #26
I prefer 3 votes over 2. It seems more fair.

Larry_Dallas's Avatar

08.23.2012 , 12:31 PM | #27
I've never been votekicked or been in a GF mission in which someone was votekicked for a reason I thought was stupid.

Reasons I have seen people votekicked
1. They are likely a bot. Do not respond to chat messages, hit need on everything and walk to the next mob at a pace independent of the tank (way early or way late). I usually do not vote in situations like this. In lowbie I do these for the XP, in HM for the BH comms. Don't give a damn if they're a bot and I get no drops because I'm not looking for drops

2. They do not listen to instructions and do things they should absolutely know better than to do, whether it's their first flashpoint or 50th.
Two examples of situations where I've instituted a votekick

-battle of ilum: one of the DPS was pulling mobs. Not just pulling mobs before the tank (which he was also doing). Failing to follow the tank and attacking mobs 300 feet away from where the rest of the group was. The last straw was when we were ranging kal threk, this dps managed to pull three separate mobs which came and killed us (one in the hallway, a big robot then another group shortly after). So I started a votekick

-Eternity Vault-a jugg was tanking this and a PT was off-tanking this. During Gharj, a (I think) madness assassin kept taunting gharj, running into the raid in a panic and the boss crushed everyone. The tanks didn't know what was going on, but I was healing and could see him/her doing it. told him/her to stop effing taunting in chat. He/she asked why. I said because you're not a gd tank. Next attempt, he/she taunted. I let gharj kill the assassin. Didn't res the assassin. And votekicked them after the fight.

Sith-Viscera's Avatar

08.23.2012 , 12:57 PM | #28
iv'e been kicked just for learning a better,safer and faster way of doing a couple of FP that when i tried to tell just TELL them this newer way iv'e been kicked and iv'e been kicked for actually killing a boss one of those easier ways just cause it wasnt the way of the dude that figured he was leading us.

So yes we need a new vote kick system............

jeniyagyu's Avatar

08.23.2012 , 12:59 PM | #29
I don't think I've never started a votekick, but I have voted in one.

-Once in a SM OPS TWO DPS's were afk for 10 minutes, one said "back" and did NOTHING an entire fight. I had to leave though, the group make up was horrible and noone was talking to anyone. (One of the few horrible experiences).

The other day (yesterday in fact), I ran KUS as a DPS (I have both set's of gears, as I tank for my guild). I was in DPS spec because I have been sick and figured I would dps so I don't mess up. We got a healer and a tank who were guildies and another Shadow (DPS). I noticed after he used force pull that something was wrong, he ALSO was doing ranged attacks only 90% of the time, AND had Slow time. He was in DPS gear but tank spec. I ignored it and told my boyfriend who was sitting next to me that I will only say something if we wipe. We didn't, which was good, and surprising that we didn't hit any enrage timers, lol.

Anyway, I think the system needs to be changed a little bit, like ... it counts how many times you have initiated a votekick for the month and if you get over a certain number (like 5 or something) you are no longer allowed to use it, lol.

My 2 Credits :3
55 Shadow - 55 Sage - 55 Gunslinger
55 Assassin - 55 Sorcerer - 55 Operative - 55 Juggernaut
~Just wants to raid and have fun. Seriously, Guild Politics make me want to /wrists.~

jmnormand's Avatar

08.28.2012 , 11:03 AM | #30
vote kick should be a majority rules, and 2 out of 4 is not a majority...

the only time i have ever been vote kicked was in esseles story mode, all of us level 10 or 11. first time since beta i had played pubs and never done esseles. Two members of the group wanted to watch cut scenes, 2 member did not. guess which two were the ones to vote kick the others. after spending 30 min waiting on group find the first time i gave up and logged for the night.