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Toon Build question

joenewbie's Avatar

08.18.2012 , 09:59 PM | #1
Is there a repository somewhere with templates/builds and a write-up on the logic of taking certain skills instead of others when and why? I mean I don't need to be spoon fed but the description of skills provided are good, but not with how that applies in a practical manner.

I'm given a lot of choices that I don't really understand yet, and I hate that, so any advice, links, suggestions would be appreciated. I didn't post this in the class specific forum because I'm still willing to reroll and correct anything I misunderstood thus far... which isn't very far yet.

Thanks in advance,


Solar_Breeze's Avatar

08.19.2012 , 12:31 AM | #2
1st place would be the class forums on here.

there are many other sites out there but if you post within the forum of the class you are playing I'm sure people will be able to help out.

It would also help to know what your aim is. e.g PVP/PVE/Both - Tanking/DPS/Healing/Hybrid - What class you are .