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Favorite Companion?

Asheris's Avatar

10.30.2012 , 09:54 AM | #51
I like doctor Eckard Lokin, he is a very complex character with lots of interesting things to say. He fits well to my agent's agenda, lots of behind-the-scenes roleplaying here

Kaliyo comes quite close to be a favorite of mine, gave my agent more reasons to smile and frown than the whole class story combined! Still, there are companions I prefer...

My second favorite is Malavai Quinn, for same reasons. He just fits like a glove to what is going on, a fantasticly written character. All my warriors find a use for him, one way or the other

And last but not least - Archiban "Doc" Kimble. A companion that I disliked at first, found him stereotypical and hollow. I couldn't be more far away from truth actually, like the previous two I find him to have a very interesting personality behind that scoundrel's mask of his

I must be in the minority but then again not a lot of people I know spend their days thinking about their pixel companions and how to make it into an even more awsome roleplay expirience

Phyreblade's Avatar

10.30.2012 , 04:00 PM | #52
(1) Torian Cadera ... for not only being what amounts to perhaps the best romance of the game but also inspiring, in me, an absolute fascination with Mandalorian cultural and social norms.

(2) Malavai Quinn ... for making me think what it means to be an Imperial servant to the Sith, even as they tug him back and forth between them like a friggin' chew toy, and for how much he despises his own inability to overcome that contention to keep someone he cares for safe.

(3) Vette ... for just being cute enough to joke and tease one of the scariest warriors in the galaxy.

(4) Khem ... for calling my Sith Sorc "Little Sith" because that's just how he darn well sees her and for how that insult gradually and slowly changes to become real respect and affection.

(5) Corso ... for laughing at all my smuggler's jokes, and making me laugh through some of his own.
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