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[GUIDE] Augment Guide (Level 50)

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[GUIDE] Augment Guide (Level 50)

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08.16.2012 , 02:41 PM | #1
Once I maxed out on my crafters on augments, I had a hard time keeping straight all the augments I could craft and which ones would benefit each of my characters the most (and which ones would sell the fastest on the GTN). I took some time, did a little spreadsheeting, and thought that a guide explaining it would be helpful.

Primary Stat Augments are going to benefit straight stats (aim, cunning, strength, and willpower and for some reason, presence). These are going to be good for healers and DPS typically, but I find a balance between these and the secondary stat augments (typically Overkill and Critical) helps maximize the healing/burst damage for my toons.

Tanks will typically balance the Power Augments (for example: Redoubt is the only augment that gives defense, a highly sought after stat for Powertech Tanks at the end game) and their Primary Stat augments.

  • Endurance Augments
    • Primary Stat Augments
      • Presence: Command - Crafted by Synthweaving
      • Strength: Might - Crafted by Synthweaving
      • Willpower: Resolve - Crafted by Synthweaving
      • Cunning: Skill - Crafted by Armormech
      • Aim: Reflex - Crafted by Armormech
    • Secondary Stat Augments
      • Alacrity: Alacrity - Crafted by Synthweaving
      • Accuracy: Accuracy - Crafted by Armstech
      • Critical: Critical - Crafted by Armstech
      • Power: Overkill (gives more power than endurance - opposite of Fortitude) - Crafted by Armstech
      • Surge: Surge - Crafted by Armstech
  • Power Augments
    • Endurance: Fortitude (gives more endurance than power - opposite of Overkill) - Crafted by Armstech
    • Defense: Redoubt - Crafted by Synthweaving
    • Absorption: Absorb - Crafted by Armormech
    • Shield: Shield - Crafted by Armormech
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