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Bugged Karraga's The Unyielding Helm

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Bugged Karraga's The Unyielding Helm
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.21.2012 , 09:41 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Slurmez View Post
translation: bad luck, we will just talk about it
Now, do the right thing and apologize for your snippy comment.

Thanks much for the updates, Joveth and Allison!
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08.21.2012 , 09:44 AM | #12
It just puts a little smirk on my face when I see a naysayer get owned, thanks again for the updates Allison

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08.22.2012 , 03:33 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
Hey everyone, I've got an update for you about Miraluka and hats! We're working on a change right now that will allow them to wear all helmets, masks, visors, and circlets. The current plan is that they will replace the player's chosen mask and show the default mask where necessary.

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08.22.2012 , 03:43 AM | #14
it'd be cool if we could not have a visor and have empty eye sockets
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