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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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09.11.2012 , 10:10 PM | #201
Quote: Originally Posted by BaronV View Post
Dear Allison,

Its good that you take the trouble to clear this up so that people don't misunderstand and rage that only Terror from Beyond is coming.

That said. PLEASE stop with false promises like we have lots of new exciting content coming!. I get that you are just doing your job and are trying your level best to engage with the community while slipping in the oh-so-familiar marketing phrases you are probably required to do by your employers...

However just open your eyes and take a look at just how jaded, disillusioned, disappointed and downright fed-up a large majority of the playerbase is. We are sick and tired of all the marketing gimmicks and catch phrases that amount to very little in the end.

Please stop with the "exciting" and "coming soon" and what not. Just please take a look at this thread

This game takes ages to release miniscule amounts of lackluster content - and people stopped being fooled by the marketing gimmicks a long time ago...

Hate to break this to you, but game development takes time. I know that a difficult concept to understand in a culture that consume things and spit it out very easily and has very little value on anything that produced from are movies to television. Game programming is not a magical and the ultimate game does not simply appears fully functional with all features ;also Persistence Online Games are some of the most complex and expensive programming project that one can embark on which is probably why the genre stagnates for very long periods of time.Furthermore everything has to be made from scratch , just because X game has features I love ,doesn't mean another I like game can simply copy and paste it with crlt-v. They have to write there own code from scratch and it takes the same amount of time as it took another company to make the same features. I am speaking from the perspective of someone who actually attempted game development and found out there was a clear reason why 99 % of garage indie/mods armchair game developer end up in complete failure or complete abandonment or never much more complex than a retro game. Not saying that Bio-ware didn't mistake , pretty clear that they did and admitted that already but the amount of crying on ever little thing is ridiculous .

Anyway Enough of that rant . My point is they've kept there word on communication , they've updated us with increasing speed , cleaned up the torchan forums there releasing content faster far as I can tell since the recent restructuring of there development team .The Last of Event was in Late August ? New Operations on the PTS in Early September .So I am not sure what your complaining about so far there keeping there words, if the new warzone comes in a reasonable amount time then they've kept there word (if it takes forever to get the war zone out then you can complain rightfully ,since it been internally tested for some-time now ) .They've fixed bugs at an increasing rate the major ones such as log-in issue or class quest break .So .. I am not sure what more they can actually do that doesn't require infinite amount of resources, time or speed .

Also I there is nothing wrong with /marketing or hype in fact it’s vital for any gaming company survival if I was in a big business I’d do the same thing and I’ll tell you why, has nothing to do with being a cruel person . Gamer are idiots There always “Jaded “ and They are always “disillusioned “ complaining about the evil corporations and some nostalgia hardcore past that use to exist in a far away land , It popular to be cynical while being a walking bundle of living contradictions .Average game consumer will refuse to deal with anything that doesn’t have hype or the Coming of Jesus advertising attached to. If you lack the money to produce these complex media spectacles you might as well forget about being a Major AAA Game Developer .( This is why gaming is dominated by mega publisher with the income to supply those games , be it Apple hipster or EA Corporate,Valve, Nintendo Friendly, Activision and Square soft , or the Korean EA (Ncsoft). )The Average meme on the internet yearn for some kind Mom and Pops caring game developer,yet will horde consistently around these marketing spectacles like massive internet popularity contest boasting about profit margins and money the same thing investor care about , MY mmo going to kill wow etc etc . Yet…will whine constantly about company XYZ being evil and only caring about money and doing too much marketing lol!.. and desire for more honest companies LOL like the good ol’days.

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09.12.2012 , 12:48 AM | #202
Quote: Originally Posted by OceanwaveII View Post
Hate to break this to you, but game development takes time. I know that a difficult concept to understand in a culture that consume things and spit it out very easily and has very little value on anything that produced from are movies to television.
Im not complaining per-say that things are coming out slowly. Im complaining that they always like to make false-promises of things coming out quickly and use lots of marketing hype - when the final product is almost always late and a disappointment.

Seriously, they are not kidding anyone with the language they use, and frankly it has just become annoying.

I know game development takes time - so they shouldn't be promising the opposite.
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