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08.16.2012 , 10:54 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Solar_Breeze View Post
Powertech has taunt makes some fights a lot easier i.e Firebrand/Stormcaller I wouldn't swap for another Mara.

Assassin tanks can stealth res in parts of the fights where 1 tank is required or a dps can pick up the boss for 30s (powertech)
The dps taunt isn't required. The tank on stormcaller can taunt and take the debuff. Firebrand doesn't do any damage before he casts incinerate armor.
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08.16.2012 , 01:06 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by bbare View Post
It is quite obvious some classes are less-balanced than others. For example, an assassin dps cannot compete with a marauder dps. However, I believe that every class has its role in operations, even if it means switching to a different role. So, here is my ideal operations group including every class in the game:

1. Assassin Tank
2. Jugg Tank
3. Operative Healer
4. Sorc Healer
5. Arsenal Merc
6. Lethality Sniper
7. Pyro Powertech
8. Annihilation Marauder

This is arguably an ideal setup for an operation. It does a great job at balancing single-target heals, single-target tanking, aoe heals, aoe tanking, single-target dps, and aoe dps. The one argument you could make is substituting the powertech for an additional marauder. However, since powertechs have better burst and aoe damage than marauders, they probably will be very useful in future raids that require burst and aoe (similar to HM Kephess).
1. Assassin Tank
2. Jugg Tank (Powetech is better than Jugg)
3. Operative Healer
4. Sorc Healer
5. Arsenal Merc (Another Sniper or a Madness or a Madness/Lightning hybrid Sorc would be higher DPS)
6. Lethality Sniper (Marksman/Lethality is higher DPS)
7. Pyro Powertech
8. Annihilation Marauder (Carnage is higher DPS)

The Powertech tank is going to take less damage than a Jugg tank, do more damage, and have more utility.
I'm not sure why you have Arsenal Merc unless you really wanted small bursts of damage, both the Sniper and the Sorc along with a Powertech or a Marauder would have higher DPS than a Merc.
The Marksman/Lethality sniper will do more damage and have good burst, which really makes the Arsenal Merc questionable even further.
Carnage does do more damage, but I suppose that if healing was an issue for some reason an Annihilation Marauder might be better? But still, Carnage does more overall damage and more burst since 1.3.

Just my personal take based on parses. We raid 16 man though anyways.
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