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What to do if you die in an ops?

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What to do if you die in an ops?

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08.14.2012 , 12:37 PM | #11
There's no probe droid option in an Op. A good Ops leader should tell you to stay or go to the med center. If not, pay attention to the fight, and watch the health of the boss and your group members, If they appear to be winning, then wait.
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08.14.2012 , 01:18 PM | #12
When you die in an Ops, you are offered a med-center option. There are 2 ways to receive a med probe revive, one of which was mentioned:

1) Combat rez is used on you before the healer dies. If you wait to accept the revive, you will be still able to use it after the wipe.

2) Out of combat rez. If a party member has combat stealth (Jedi Shaddow and smuggler, for example) then they can escape combat when it is apparent that a wipe is about to happen. They can then un-cloak after everyone else is dead and use their out-of-combat revive ability. Party members can then revive each other in turn using their out-of-combat revives.

Either way, if you were booted simply because the party did not want to wait for you to run back, then it is safe to add them to your /ignore list. You don't want to group with people like that. If you were under-geared for the ops or not following the group's strategy and fight mechanics, they might have been justified in vote-kicking...but I'd certainly hope that they would communicate first.
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08.16.2012 , 10:52 AM | #13
Never release to med centre in an ops until your ops leader tells you to or it's obvious that's what everyone is doing.
  • If the fight is still on going - the ops leader will decide whether they want to in-combat revive someone who's dead (keep in mind there's a 5 min cooldown for the entire party so the ops leader is going to weigh who they want rezzed if multiple ppl die). If you release and they had wanted to combat rez you - they no longer can.
  • If it's a wipe they still may be able to get the whole group up after wiping (either they threw an in combat revive to a party member who did not accept until everyone was dead, or someone stealthed and thus was able to stay alive). In such a case they would again expect that your body is around nearby to rez you and get the group going faster than if you released and had to run back.
Also if you release in a boss fight and the rest of the group downs the boss, once you zone back in you won't be eligible for loot - definitely tokens. If they have it on master looter they can still give you a piece of gear but if not you will miss out on loot too.

For all these reasons do not release to med centre unless your ops leader says so.