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"Collected Writings of Tiethiagg" mission is too tedious!

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"Collected Writings of Tiethiagg" mission is too tedious!
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08.21.2012 , 09:16 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by BadSpice View Post
Of Course they move on! It's not a commitment. You don't have to marry the people you group with. The point is, they teamed up in the first place, acknowledging each other's existence. THAT is the point. People then have the power to make a clean break or exchange buddy info, it's really case by case. But getting folks to interact at all is a monumental achievement in SWTOR. I know it runs contrary to a lot of the single player-esque systems in place in the game. But with this event people are teaming up with strangers and actually playing together to complete these quests, it's awesome. I'm grouping with people I don't know, and complete strangers are lending a hand to me. Instance it off and you'll get NONE of that interaction.
The Rakghoul Plague was good, especially for a public that had no sense or expectation as to how good the game's events could be. From what I saw of it, it helped build community too. I wasnt able to enjoy all of it because I had a very intensive college schedule at the time. However I am fully participating the Acquisition and these quests are clever, invigorating and encouraging some of the best impromptu grouping I've seen in SWTOR, which is what an MMO should be all about in the long hall. And I loved bumping shoulders with live and friendly players all competing for the "Collected Writings of Teithiagg" quest. Bioware has given to social players a great gift with this event and this quest.
so you didnt run into the guy clicking the mirrors to make sure you failed the quest. great community you live in. that guy wasnt interested in a team..he was just interested in screwing with people.