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(L,F&E 83) Sometimes it is Good to be Bad

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(L,F&E 83) Sometimes it is Good to be Bad

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08.13.2012 , 09:09 AM | #1
((Ok, get ready for a walk on the evil side. People with weak stomachs may want to skip this one. I am NOT kidding.))

It was very quiet in the small ship at last. The occupant of the cockpit liked it that way, most of the time. Of course, his current plaything as not going to be able to give him joy for much longer but that was not such a bad thing. He had a ready replacement, maybe… The boy had been tough, strong and capable. Pity he had decided to fight when he should have run. But then again, Jedi always were predictable in that regard. Give them an evil to face and they almost always charged it, even if they truly had no chance at all. The man in black sighed softly. There were times when he truly loved his life, but they were getting fewer and fewer as time went by. Was he actually getting better? The stunted shrimp of a Jedi master who served as his liaison to his master said that he would, in time. But he needed sustenance. He shook his head. It was time again. He truly detested this now. It used to be such a rush, to hurt other people, to hear them scream and beg, cry and wet themselves. To hold their life force in his hands to do with what he willed. Now?

It had gotten old. Was that it? Was he simply bored? Could that be it? No, it had to be more than that. Maybe the little brown pile of poodoo had done something to him while he had been a prisoner, maybe the little green pile of poodoo had. It didn’t really matter. He paused in his musing as the com chimed. He keyed it on and snarled as the green form he detested more than almost any being in the galaxy appeared. Small wonder, the Jedi had been the one who captured him and turned him over to the Jedi’s master who had made him what he was now.

“What do you want, Vandar?” He snapped as he fiddled with the controls. Not that he really needed to, but he did not want to meet the Jedi’s eyes. “I am busy. Unlike some lazy good for nothing green idiots…”

“We may have caught a break.” Vandar said without rising to the insult. “The gunship that Will modified was seen landing on Nar Shaddaa by one of our agents.”

“Are you sending me after him?” The man blinked. He was not quite sure how he felt about that. Will Kalenath was a very formidable opponent. Both times he had faced the soldier; he had been forced to flee, both times by the interruption of the Bladeborn who were no longer a threat. But before that, it had been glorious both times. The soldier was as crazy as the man in black was. He smiled and licked his lips. “I would love a rematch.”

“How many times must we tell you, boy...”Jedi Master Vandar Tokare’s voice was strict now. “Business before pleasure. He is not there. And we need him alive. Two others of the Seven were seen debarking. Michelle and Jina Darkstorm.”

“Then… what…?” The man in black asked softly. When odd things started coming down the pipe from the one in overall charge, bad things were happening. “Why call me?”

“There was an odd disturbance in the Force last night. Did you feel it?” Vandar asked softly. Neither of them had any way of knowing what had transpired in the Sitolon homeship recently. Either of them might have found it interesting. Ravishaw would have found it hilarious, but then again, he found a lot of things funny that really were not.

“I was busy.” The man in black sneered at Vandar’s expression. “But you wouldn’t know anything about getting lucky, would you?” He wasn’t about to tell Vandar that he had sensed it to, and it worried him. He had the disturbing feeling that Vandar knew anyway. The Jedi was too perceptive by half.

“Who did you take, this time?” Vandar asked in a long suffering tone. “Jedi or Sith?”

“Jedi.” The man in black smiled as Vandar’s face fell. “Don’t worry, I am making them feel right at home.” Vandar actually winced at that. “It’s okay, when I break them, we can use them for spare parts.”

“Ravishaw…” Vandar actually growled at the man, but Ravishaw just grinned.

“You want me on Nar Shaddaa?” The insane man thought about that and grinned. Dodging Hutt enforcers who did not like him, Sith who hated him and Jedi who despised him. It sounded like fun. “Capture protocols?”

“Gently.” Vandar cautioned. “We absolutely need them alive. Istara in particular. If she IS there, call for backup. We can have a full team there in eight hours.”

“Why?” Ravishaw asked sourly. “It’s not like that stuck up harpy has a chance against me without the poodoo or the lickspittle around.” Vandar just looked at him and Ravishaw made a sour sounding sigh. “Fine, fine. Tell the master I will do what I can to be gentle to his new toys. But I may pick up a few myself.”

“Discretely this time, Ravishaw…” Vandar commanded as the insane Bladeborn grinned wider. “The last thing we need is more Imperial presence in the area. Not until we are ready to move.”

“That is your problem…” Ravishaw grinned evilly and cut the com as Vandar opened his mouth again. “I love doing that to him…” He set the com to ignore any incoming calls for ten minutes, shook himself and stood. “Ah well…time to get this done…”

Ravishaw settled his cape and strode form the cockpit into the main bay of the small spacecraft. He smiled as he heard the whimpers from the locked door, but ignored them for now. Later he would sate his hunger for pain and fear. Now it was time for business. He strode into the tiny medical bay and smiled as he saw his medical droid had finished.

“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey…” He crooned into the ear of the young man on the table. The young man jerked and tried to scream, but could not with the tube down his throat. Ravishaw was no amateur at doing this. He had been doing to for years. He very rarely broke a new apprentice right off. He much preferred to take his time. “There, there, my new apprentice… It’s okay. I won’t hurt you unless you earn it. Or you beg for it.”

The young man in tattered Jedi robes snarled at Ravishaw and he grinned. Always so predictable, the Jedi were. Sith, well, sometimes they acted weak and pathetic to try to get him to lower his guard. It never worked, but hey, it made for a more interesting time sometimes.

“Let me explain before you do anything incredibly stupid.” Ravishaw smiled at the defiant look that came into the young man’s eyes. “You old life is over. You are mine now. You will disagree, you will posture, eventually you will beg and whimper, but in the end, you will serve me. Go ahead, protest all you want.” He pulled the slimy tube out of the Jedi’s mouth with a yank. The young man gagged, but couldn’t go anywhere due to the restraints he wore. Ravishaw patted his head. “There, there… You have taken your first steps into a larger world my apprentice. Scary, I know, but I am here to guide you, to teach you, and to correct you when you screw up, which you will.”

“What did you do to me?” The young man’s voice was stronger than Ravishaw had assumed it would be, and he smiled inwardly as the young man did not do as expected. He loved surprises. “Feel… so…”

“Your inner ears are a bit off at the moment. Due no doubt to the four grams of class three detonite that are packed beside the right cochlea.” For a moment, the boy’s eyes were blank and then he stiffened. Ravishaw grinned. “Yes, I put bomb in your head and another in your stomach. People have figured out how to remove one at a time, so I had to figure out where to add another. If you look here…” He poked the boy in the arm and the medical droid lifted it, since the muscle relaxants were still in effect –it wouldn’t do for him to jerk around during surgery after all, now would it? Not that he was about to waste general anesthesia on an apprentice. The sooner they learned about pain the better- “You can see my mark. This is what allows me to see through your eyes and hear through your ears. It is quite permanent, I assure you. Others have tried to cut it out, cut it off, even amputate the arm, it won’t work. The mark is just a physical reminder that you are now mine.”

“You do not own me.” The boy said quietly and then froze as Ravishaw exclaimed with glee.

“Oh…a tough one. Oh, it has been so long since I had a tough one.” He was giggling with glee as he laid his hand gently on the boy’s forehead and smiled evilly. “You won’t think that in about an hour, boy.” Power flared form his fingertips and the boy tried, Ravishaw was actually impressed, the boy managed to dissipate some of the power that Ravishaw shoved into him, but eventually, he like all the others succumbed and started screaming. Ravishaw was quite impressed actually when he looked at the chrono and found that he had spent an hour working on the boy. This was one tough Padawan, pity his master had been nowhere near as tough…

“Good boy…” Ravishaw said quietly as he keyed the medical droid on to make sure his newest apprentice did not die. He needed a new cat’s paw and this boy was shaping up nicely. A little programming, a bit of pain, some care, and he would serve willingly, gladly. They always did.

The man called Ravishaw paused as he left the medical bay and shook his head slowly. He hadn’t really enjoyed most of that. What was wrong? He shook his head. He was hungry, that was it. He would feel better after he ate. He keyed the locked door open and the whimpers increased in level and frequency. He smiled evilly at the Cerean female who was bound against the wall. Her eyes tracked him as he approached. She was shaking her head, but had no power to speak. She also did not have vocal cords. Her voice had irritated him, so he had ordered his medical droid to remove them a day after he had ‘acquired’ her and her Padawan.

“Oh don’t worry, my dear… It will be over soon enough. I figure you will last another… Oh, five days or so…” His grin was vicious as he laid his hand on her shoulder and she started trying to scream again. “And don’t worry about your precious little Padawan. He is in good hands.” He stared drawing her life force out of her, savoring the pain he was causing her almost as much as the power. “He has taken his first steps into a larger world. Far larger than the closed off one you idiotic Jedi dwell in…”
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08.13.2012 , 09:11 AM | #2
The boy was shaping up nicely, Ravishaw decided as he put his new apprentice through his paces. The former Padawan had an active mind, and after some less than gentle persuasion, was firming up into a nicely balanced apprentice. Every so often, he showed a little bit of spirit, but Ravishaw had no problem with that, it kept the man on his toes. The ship wasn’t big enough to have a full on obstacle course inside it, but Ravishaw managed in the cargo bay by shifting some of the cargo as the boy moved through it. Ravishaw nodded. The boy was almost ready. The treatments that Ravishaw gave him nightly had left his mind in a highly suggestible and pliable state. Soon it would be time to mold the boy into a very different man than the boy he had been. He snapped his fingers and Neof froze in place, a foot up as he had started to climb over a crate.

“Defend.” Ravishaw said quietly as he picked up another crate with the Force and threw it at the boy. To Ravishaw’s surprise and delight, the boy deflected it with the Force. Every other time Ravishaw had done that, the boy had either tried to dodge and been punished, or been hit by the crate and then punished. “Well done, Neof.” He had given the boy a new name, ‘Neof’, short for ‘Neophyte’. He would get another, eventually, when Ravishaw determined he was worthy of it. The boy did not smile, indeed, did not react. Ravishaw smiled widely, he was learning. The man in black spoke sharply. “Continue.”

He watched the boy jump around the cargo bay and nodded. The boy had come far in the four days he had been aboard. Of course, the boy had gone through all the usual Jedi phases. He had tried ignoring Ravishaw, which hadn’t worked. He had tried letting his emotions pass him by, which hadn’t worked. Not when Ravishaw knew within hours exactly how to press the boy to get a reaction. He had even tried suicide, which hadn’t worked either. Ravishaw had done this so often it was almost rote by now. The boy HAD managed to slit his wrists deeply enough, but Ravishaw had been watching, and after treating the wounds, had punished the boy hard enough that the boy had not been able to train for a day. Finally, the boy was moving to Ravishaw’s exacting standards and the former Bladeborn nodded.

“Come here, Neof.” Ravishaw beckoned to the boy and Neof approached, not too slow, and not too fast. Either one would draw punishment. The boy bowed formally, something that Ravishaw took a delight in and waited. The man in black walked around the mostly unclothed apprentice and nodded slowly. Loincloths were easy to make and maintain. Far easier than full robes. The surgical scars were healing, the implants that the droid had put in were situated properly, the boy had not vomited or anything. Sometimes that happened and it was such a mess to fix that often Ravishaw simply went out and got a new apprentice, discarding the old one or using the failure to do something nasty to someone. He really enjoyed doing that. There was little quite like seeing through the eyes of the apprentice as he or she approached the target, said hello and blew up. It was evil, but so much fun to see the dumbfounded and terrified look on the target’s face just before the connection winked out. He had learned not to stay connected when the apprentice died, it knocked him for a loop. The bombs were not really large enough to do more than kill the apprentice in a messy fashion; he was an artist, not a terrorist. But the sheer terror he got from such tactics was worth it. Maybe he WAS a terrorist? He didn’t know, or care actually. “Good boy…” Ravishaw said quietly as he ran a hand across the boy’s scalp. The hair was growing back.

Something was different about this subject. Ravishaw could not decide what it was. He walked around the young man twice and shook his head. It didn’t really matter. The boy’s mind was almost perfectly prepared for a proper beginning and that was all that mattered.

“To Medical. I have something special for you today.” Ravishaw’s voice was soft and the boy nodded dumbly. Ravishaw turned and walked towards the door, aware that Neof followed at exactly the prescribed distance, head down. Training apprentices was an art, not a science. Each one was different. That was part of the challenge, part of the test… Ravishaw froze in place, barely aware of the boy stopping a meter behind him, incurious. Ravishaw turned slowly to look at the boy and his eyes went wide as he actually saw the boy for the first time. From the moment Ravishaw had taken him, the boy had just been a subject, not a person. But now…

Young, about fifteen, if the Bladeborn’s estimation was anything to go by. Younger any than he had taken before. Strong in the Force, but unfocused and with little actual training besides the drek the Jedi taught. The boy had blonde hair and brown eyes that were downcast now. Ravishaw was not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but there was something that really bothered the man about seeing this boy like this, standing there… What was it? He walked around the boy again, seeking answers, and the boy did not move. Ravishaw reached out slowly and touched the boy on the shoulder only to jump back as he heard a voice. Was it real or only in his mind? It was female, older… Terrifying in the sweetness that barely masked its lust.

‘Come here, momma’s little boy. Mommy has something special for you today…’

“No…” Ravishaw stared at the boy, dumbfounded and then he stared down at himself. When he spoke his voice was angry and terrified. “No…” He repeated. Then he screamed. “I will not be her!

The boy jumped, startled out of his pose and froze in place, expecting punishment. But instead of punishment, Ravishaw sighed deeply and took the young man’s hands in his.

“Easy… Come…” The boy followed, his mind nearly fractured into bits by the treatments that Ravishaw had given him. “Let me take care of you…”

Instead of the medical ward with its cold bed and machines, Ravishaw led the boy to a small empty dormitory. The former Bladeborn led the boy to the bed, sat him down and, without a word, pulled out a medikit and started cleaning the boy’s injuries. In a few minutes, he had the minor wounds cleaned and bandaged. He stood the boy up, put a clean robe on the boy and sat him down again.

“Do you want to sleep?” Ravishaw asked softly and gently. The boy stared at him, this was totally outside what the boy had known for the last few days which had seemed an eternity. The boy barely remembered life before this ship and his master, more feelings than actual memories. The boy nodded slowly, his face scared. Ravishaw sighed softly. “I can’t promise anything but this, boy. I am not going to violate you. I have…taken you and broken you… So you are my responsibility. I do need an apprentice. Actually… no… Not an apprentice… An initiate…” The boy stared at him uncomprehendingly and Ravishaw smiled. “Won’t this go over just so well? But I think it will be fun. For me anyway. A new thing is always fun, at first anyway. Sleep boy. Tomorrow I will try to put your mind back together. For tonight, sleep.” The boy stared at him and Ravishaw gently put the boy’s legs up on the bed and covered the young man with a sheet before turning out the lights and leaving the dormitory.

As he left the room, Ravishaw leaned against the wall and, wonder of wonders, started to cry. It had been so long, he had forgotten. He had tried so hard to forget. He had been… what? Eight, nine, when Trugoy had come to take him from his mother? He didn’t know. All he had known, all his early life, was his mother. Her wishes, her lusts, her… He shook himself and sternly ordered his mind to obey. It did. One thing for sure, he could not do what he usually did to his apprentices to this boy. But maybe, like he had told the boy, he didn’t need an apprentice. Maybe he needed an initiate. Wouldn’t that be rich? He was cast out form the Bladeborn Order. What would they think if he started aping their customs? He grinned widely at that. They would hate it, and him, even more. Good.

He walked into the prison room whistling a jaunty air. The Jedi in her bonds barely roused until he touched her cheek, then she woke with a grunt that was probably as much of a scream as she could manage. She recoiled as he stroked her cheek. He detested Jedi, sol this came easily for him.

“I just had a wonderful idea, Jedi. But this means I am going to be very hungry, a lot of the time.” He shook his head. One problem with being the way he was, was that he could not survive without sustenance in the form of life force that he had to take from victims. Unwilling ones were sweeter. “That means you are going to have company soon. We will have to spruce you up, so that you look your best. But for now…” He pulled part of her life from her body, ignoring her grunts and cries. He savored the feelings, loving every moment, but was careful not to take too much. If he killed his food supply, well… He didn’t want to hurt the boy further. But he would if he had to.
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08.13.2012 , 09:14 AM | #3
“Wow…” Ravishaw sat back with a grunt as he shook his head. Destroying a mind was easy. Putting one back together? He shook his head. “How did that black furred witch make this look so easy?”

Even now, after all this time and pain, he could not shake the feeling of warmth that came over him when he thought of Ona, healer of what had been Trugoy’s Bladeborn. She was…different…from the others. Even as a child, he had known she was different. After her maiming, he and the other Bladeborn had done so much to try to help her and had finally managed to pull her through the injury, the depression and the rest of it. Then she had literally thrown herself into healing, learning what to do to mend broken bodies and souls. He shook his head, he hadn’t thought of that in years.

“Master…?” The boy under his hands groaned as he turned to look at Ravishaw. “What have I done wrong?” Ravishaw grimaced, but schooled his expression before he looked at the boy. The boy was so fractured it would take little, if anything to break him completely, and Ravishaw did NOT want to break him now.

“Nothing, Nikol. I am just… taking a break. Not your fault.” Ravishaw patted the boy’s shoulder gently. The very first thing that Ravishaw had done was deactivate the explosives fitted inside the boy’s body. He was not going to lose this one or throw him away. Nikol had slept through that. Ravishaw had been amazed to learn the boy’s real name had started with an ‘N’. He had never asked or cared before. “Easy boy… Almost done for today.” He laid his hands on the boy’s head again and concentrated.

Healing had never been his thing. He had always been more focused on breaking things, hurting people. He knew the basics of course. Anyone who wanted to survive in this hard galaxy knew at least the basics of first aid. But this was way beyond basics. Ravishaw knew, to within a millimeter or so, how far he had pushed Nikol towards the boy’s breaking point. He had done that many times, too many to count. But bringing someone back from it? That he had never done. He sighed. It would be easier just to break the boy totally and start over with a clean slate. That was what Ravishaw usually did after all. But… He couldn’t. For some reason, he just couldn’t. Every time he thought about doing it, that same hated voice welled up in him.

‘What a smart little boy… Come here Morey…’

He was not going to be his mother. He had been, he shuddered in memory. He had done far worse than she had, to many more people than she had. She had only done her perversions to him. But he was not going to be her now. He was not. He would not do it to a child. He calmed himself and focused. Healing did not work with anger, with rage, with hate. It needed something different, something he didn’t have a lot of. He finished what he could and retracted his hands.

“How is that, Nikol? Better?” Ravishaw asked as he sat back. He checked the catheters and nodded. The boy would not be mobile for a while, but was bouncing back. He did not want the boy wandering the ship anyway. So better this than leave him to lie in filth. He could move around a bit with bag, and that would work for what Ravishaw had in mind for his trainee next.

“Yes.” The boy said in a dazed voice. “May I… um…”

“You have a question?” Ravishaw prompted. The boy nodded and Ravishaw smiled, a gentle smile that felt out of place on his face. “Ask.”

“Why…?” Nikol asked softly. “You hurt me… I don’t remember before the pain…Why did you hurt me?” Tears were falling down the boy’s face as he tried to be brave. But his control was as fractured as his mind. “Why are you nice now?”

“Don’t fool yourself, boy. I’m not nice.” Ravishaw said with an evil chuckle. “I needed an apprentice, and I chose you. I broke your mind the way I did all my previous apprentices. But…” He paused as if unsure. “You are not an apprentice now. You are something else I have not defined yet. I am going to help you, I am going to put you back together. Then I am going to train you, as I was trained.”

“And…” Nikol was feeling the words out as he went. “If I don’t want that?”

“I am afraid that what you want has no bearing here, Nikol.” Ravishaw grinned, an expression that turned into a frown as the boy started crying again. “Hey… I won’t hurt you again unless you deserve it. We rarely get what we want in life. But from this moment on, until you die or graduate training, you are Initiate Nikol.” Ravishaw snapped the restraints into place and rose from the bedside. “Now I have business to attend. I expect you to have read the pad by the time I get back. We will discuss it.” Ravishaw indicated a datapad that sat beside Nikol’s head with a nod. The restraints were to keep the boy from thrashing in nightmares or convulsions more than to keep him from escaping. Where would he go?

Ravishaw had to smile. Vandar would likely be upset that Ravishaw had made a detour to Tattooine. And to pick up Bladeborn training materials from a hidden cache? Vandar would likely be even more incensed at that. Which was one reason Ravishaw had done it. Also, he had needed some of the texts on healing; he had done a lot more damage to Nikol that he had thought. Maybe he wasn’t as precise in breaking minds as he thought he was. Ah well, water under the bridge.

“I will have a meal sent in by the droids an hour. Is your stomach settling?” Ravishaw asked gently as he laid a hand on the boy’s abdomen. It felt right this time, not off as it had before when the boy had tried to eat slid foods. The results had been spectacular. Ravishaw thought he had cleaned it all up, but was not sure. Oh well, another thing to get his new initiate to do when the master returned. Scrubbing decks was traditional too, if he remembered correctly.

“Yes, Master.” Nikol said, not moving under the touch.

“Teacher, Nikol…” Ravishaw said with a small grimace. “Call me ‘Teacher’…”

“I…” Nikol froze, sure he was about to be punished. “Yes, Teacher.”

“It’s okay boy.” Ravishaw patted the young man’s head gently. “We are both figuring this out as we go. I shouldn’t be long. But when I come back, I will need your help.”

“Mine?” Nikol asked dumbfounded. “But…” He looked at the restraints that bound him and shut up. He could reach the datapad but nothing more and the bonds were far beyond his ability to break.

“Yes, yours.” Ravishaw smiled at the boy’s nerf –in-the-headlamps expression. “Initiates get to do all kinds of dirty jobs while they learn. It’s traditional.” He patted Nikol on the shoulder and left the room. Outside, he shook his head. “Man, this being nice is hard…”
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08.13.2012 , 09:15 AM | #4
<Thirty minutes later>

Ravishaw hated places like this. This hole was closed in, dank and dark, but that was not what bothered him. The screams, the whimpers, they were not a problem either. No, the problem was the beings that filled it. Republic Intelligence Special Branch was not composed of nice people, as Ravishaw had discovered when captured by them. Again he cursed himself in the depths of his mind. His jealousy, his uncertainty was what had led to his capture and his eventual enslavement by these scum. How he hated them. Nothing else in the galaxy did he hate as much as Republic Intelligence Special Branch. The Jedi, the Bladeborn, nothing else. He stride into the commander’s office and waited impatiently for the man to finish his call.

“Two, you say? Children and no adults evident? Hmmm… The slavers are tools, nothing more. See if the scum can track them. If they can take two, that may clear up our shortfall.” The commander nodded, and then paused as he saw Ravishaw standing there tapping his foot slowly. “Uh… Carry on, soldier. I will call you back…” The commander hung up and gulped as he turned to face Ravishaw.

“Problem commander?” Ravishaw asked in a sweet tone. It always freaked people out and now was no exception. This guy was given a certain amount of freedom, he had to be able to react to situations as they developed.

“N…No… Milord.” The commander stammered. “We had a team disappear. But this is Nar Shaddaa. It happens.” Ravishaw felt something odd in the Force when the commander spoke, but ignored it. “How may I be of assistance?”

“I need two, perhaps three young and fit specimens to carry back to the master. Preferably female and if they have the Force, so much the better.” Ravishaw could not have missed the spike of fear that went through the man in front of him even if he had not had the Force. “What?” He asked impatiently.

“We have had to curtail our efforts, milord.” The commander licked his lips. “Forces of Cranna the Hutt have been seen in the area, and if she discovers the base…”

“Indeed.” Ravishaw grimaced, but his mind was working fast. Cranna the Hutt was an odd one for a Hutt. He did not know her history, not entirely, but he did know she had drawn and quartered a Bladeborn she had caught on her premises. That in and of itself would have earned his respect, but she also had apparently made it her life’s goal to completely eradicate Republic Intelligence’s Special Branch. That gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling, and the germ of an idea. If she found the base her forces would obliterate it, no matter that she was exiled from Hutt space. She wouldn’t care in the slightest. He shook his head. “So… How many do you have?”

“Eight, milord and none female.” The commander grimaced as Ravishaw glared at him. “We cannot expose the base. This is the last fully functional base. We have the last medical personnel besides Menglan…” He broke off as Ravishaw clenched his hand and the Force constricted his throat. The claw of the Force held him off the ground as he choked.

“If you ever speak that name in my presence again, commander, I will kill you by inches. Do you understand me?” Ravishaw had perfected the art of speaking in a monotone. For some odd reason it scared people more than loud angry cursing did. Odd, but effective. The commander nodded jerkily and Ravishaw released him. The man fell to the floor gasping. “The scout team reported the gunship. Has it left?”

“No milord. Neither female has returned to it since it landed and life scans are negative. We can search it…” He broke off as Ravishaw laughed sourly.

“If you want to send your men to their deaths, go right ahead.” Ravishaw could not believe how dense some of these fools could be. Any of Will’s ships would be deathtraps for uninvited guests, even Force using ones. Maybe especially Force using ones. “I personally am going nowhere near that ship. What I need is this. When I capture my targets, I will need a secure place to hold them. My master’s orders are clear, he wants them alive and undamaged. So I need a place to keep them unconscious and drugs to do so. No more, no less. I will give you warning when I come with them. And who knows… maybe I can find some…other candidates for you to meet your quota.” Again, there was that odd tingle in the Force. Before the commander could gibber or anything, Ravishaw swept from the room. He had business to attend. Plus, he wanted to figure out why the Force was trying to tell him something. This was not a feeling he knew. Almost an anticipation? That made no sense. He shook his head and started his hunt. He loved hunting dangerous game, and nothing in the galaxy was as dangerous as Sith.

It was almost too easy. By the time Ravishaw had finished his slow circuit of the cantinas in the area he had selected, he had his first tail. She, yes, definitely a she, he noted from her sense in the Force as he perused the wares of a back alley seller of weaponry and armor, was young and somewhat inexperienced. Not human though, maybe a Twi’lek? He couldn’t be sure. He didn’t actually see her, just sensed her. He bought a dagger and a sword, more to have something for Nikol to practice with than for any real need. She managed to stay out of sight, but in the Force she stood out like a glowing red dot on a white background. She was angry, and that probably meant one thing. She wasn’t wearing robes or anything obvious, but her sense in the Force was… He paused. Something was off. Something… nearby? He paused, looking around and blinked as he saw a ring of people surrounding a fight. He grinned. Street fighting as nothing new, but… Wait moment… what was this? One fighter was down; he was getting hammered, but… Ravishaw blinked and his eyes traced the crowd until they found someone who looked remarkably like the fighter. She was… Whoa… Now that he was close, she shone in the Force… Not too strong, but… She was…

How the hell does a street rat learn that?

He blinked and shook himself. He started off again, as if he had been pulled in by the fight momentarily. An experienced tail likely would have noticed, but the female who was following him did not. She did not even notice as the fighter who had been down got to his feet and pounded the living crap out of his opponent empowered by the female with battle meditation. His tail followed him as he started towards the spaceport area.

Sloppy, girl, very sloppy. Your master would be annoyed… And where is your master… Ah

Ravishaw did not need the Force to see the female form that strode from the shadows into the alley in front of him. He grinned under his cowl. Her entire outfit was designed to draw attention to her. Her black clothing accentuated her red face and skin. A Sith pureblood then. Rare and dangerous. He smiled as he stopped.

“Nice to make me not have to chase you.” He could tell his offhand comment rattled her a little. She was on her turf, surrounded by her power. But he was supremely confident and had done this innumerable times with all kinds of beings.
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“You will die here, Traitor.” The woman said. “I am…” She broke off and snarled as Ravishaw made a bored wave of his hand.

“Yadda, yadda, yadda.” Ravishaw smirked at her expression. “Do I look like I care who you are? You are meat. Soon to be slave meat. Or dead. Not that I care. But that delectable morsel you have following me... Now SHE is a treat…She will make fine addition to my stable.” The Sith’s lightsaber ignited in a red wave and Ravishaw nodded. “So predictable.”

Die!” She shouted as she charged. His steel blade was out and he parried her cut without difficulty. Lightsaber against a steel blade was usually over quickly and this was no different. Well, except that the saber wielder had no chance. A swift cut and her right arm hung loose, the tendons that controlled it cut with surgical precision just above her elbow. She transferred her lightsaber to her left and renewed the attack.

“Oh come on!” The man in black complained. “Make this hard!” This was pathetic… Wait a second… He cut, she dodged and struck, but left herself wide open for a quick pommel blow to the head that left her dazed. A swift boot and she collapsed to the ground, out of the fight. The woman who had been following him came running into the alley and drew a lightsaber, but Ravishaw just smirked. He had been right, it was a Twi’lek, female, age about 15 standard, brown skinned and pretty. He ignored her and spoke loudly. “Enough with the pawns. Show yourself, Sith.”

Soft clapping came from near the other end of the alley as another man in black came around the corner. His face was hidden in shadows and his voice was slow and sinister. “You are just as advertised. ” The man shook his head as he came closer. “And here I thought Kiriama was skilled. And all she is, is pathetic…”

“Not pathetic…” Ravishaw said quietly, his blade in hand as he classified his opponent. Middle age, powerful, dark of course. The guy radiated confidence, seething anger and power. The Bladeborn shrugged. “Outclassed. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you? After all you sent her out here to die and distract me, just like that one.” He jerked his head at the young female Twi’lek who stood, red lightsaber in hand, unsure as to what to do. “Very well, Sith. What do you want?” He affected boredom, but his mind was racing. Trap? Maybe. Probably. Ah. He smiled grimly as he scanned the area and found what he expected. But he had time.

“Isn’t it obvious?” The other man snickered softly. “I want you. Your head, to be precise.”

“My... head…?” Ravishaw snickered and he had to admit, he did it better than the other guy in black. “Yours isn’t enough?” Now he laughed heartily. He looked down at the man's midsection and winced.“No, I can see it isn’t. You need a head transplant, don’t you?”

“What?” The guy stared at Ravishaw and Ravishaw for his part just shrugged. If the guy was too clueless to get his jokes, well… “Fall before the might of Darth…” He paused in his monologue before it got really started as Ravishaw raised a hand. “What?” He demanded.

“I don’t care what you call yourself. Darth Helmutbrain, Darth Shortstuff, Darth DarkUnderpants…” Ravishaw was laughing hard now at the guy’s poleaxed expression. “Whatever you call yourself, you are not worth my time…” He turned his gaze to the Twi’lek who stared at him and shivered a little. “This one on the other hand… Hmmmm…” His grin turned lecherous. “Thank you for bringing me a new morsel. What is your name girl?” Ravishaw asked politely.

“Ah… Lia…” The girl froze as her master’s gaze turned thunderous. “I…”

“Lia…” Ravishaw rolled the name around on his tongue and smiled widely. When he spoke it was gentle. “Nice name. Lia, if you would, please… Put out your lightsaber, it won’t do you any good. Pick up your ally here…” He indicated the comatose Sith at his feet and nodded to the Twi’lek. “Carry her to that end of the alley and wait.”

“Lia!” The Sith snarled at her. “Do nothing he says!”

“Um…” The girl looked from her master to Ravishaw, obviously confused. “You… You don’t want to fight me?”

Fight you?” Ravishaw actually recoiled little at that and his face was positively stricken. His voice was shocked. “Oh my dear… I hate fighting with my food. I just don’t want you to bruise that pretty little body in what is about to happen. Your friend is already bleeding all over the alley.”

“Your food…?” Lia froze in place, her eyes going wide. “I… No…” She tried to scream and a grunt was all that came out. She was struggling now, fighting something that only she could see. “No… Please…” She grimaced and her eyes were pleading. But her gaze was drawn to Ravishaw’s eyes and the hazel orbs held her immobile as his power wafted through her. It seeped through her, poking here and there, sneaking into every little corner of her mind and taking what control she had away. She was his in less than ten seconds. He was, he had to admit, very good at that kind of thing.

“It’s okay… Do as I say, pet. And do bind your friend’s wounds. Would hate for her to expire before we could get… better acquainted. Your former master and I need to talk.” Ravishaw turned an evil look at the Sith who looked a bit nonplussed as Lia did as Ravishaw ordered. She put away her lightsaber, picked up the red skinned woman, carried her to the end of the alley, set her down and opened a medikit. The Sith shook his head and nodded in rueful admiration.

“Your skill is impressive. At least for manipulating weak minded apprentices.” The Sith said quietly. “But it is all for naught. You will die here.”

“And now we come to the gesticulating helplessly part…” Ravishaw sighed. “Ah well, it was nice knowing you Rical.”

“How do you know that name?” The Sith actually turned pale. “There is no way…”

“Ah, my boy…” Ravishaw actually sighed in regret. “That would be telling.” He wasn’t about to tell the Sith he had snatched the information from Lia’s mind where it had resided after some ‘pillow talk’ the Sith had done with his slave. “You have about five minutes until the troops you requisitioned get here to try and take me. You did not expect me to trap you, did you? Even with them, you would not have a chance. Silly Sith, always trying to beat opponents far beyond your ability just to see if you can make a name for yourselves. You can’t. Bets on how long you last?” His sword sang in the air as he swung it.

“You will fall this day. I am not afraid of you, Ravishaw.” The Sith declared as he drew his lightsaber and it ignited.

“Oh I promise you, before you die, you will be.” Now Ravishaw’s voice held no humor at all. “You will be…” With that, he attacked.
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Lia was shivering uncontrollably by the time she carried the unconscious Sith pureblood into the ship. Ravishaw looked at her and sighed. “Bring her to Medical, and then you and I will have a talk.”

It hadn’t been much of a fight. Sith as a whole, in Ravisahw’s experience, were far better at talking that fighting. Always going on about how the ‘Dark Side was stronger’ and ‘Everyone will quake at my footsteps’or ‘Bow before my power’. Yadda… Yadda… Yadda… Ravishaw had to admit, the guy had tried. But his skill with a lightsaber had not matched up with his loud mouth. He hadn’t been bad with his saber, not really. Ravishaw had simply been much, much better with his sword. Ordinarily, the former Bladeborn might have tried taking the guy as a source of life force, but with two delectable dishes already under his power and the Sith reinforcements closing in, he had chosen simply to end the fool. A thrust to the chest, a cut to the throat and guy was dead before he hit the floor. Ravishaw could have just kicked the corpse off the edge of a mile high railing and voila, no evidence for the Sith to find except a couple of pools of blood and a seriously scared feeling in the Force. But no, he had decided to show Lia why crossing him would be a very bad idea. She hadn’t screamed, he gave her that. She hadn’t screamed at all when he had dissolved her former master down to molecules and absorbed those into his body as stored power. At least Vandar had made it so he didn’t need to keep doing that, it would have been inconvenient at the very least. He had to keep powering himself with the Force, but hey, that was what the captive Jedi was for. And maybe this one…

Ravishaw secured the Sith pureblood female to the medical table and started up the medical droid. When asked for directions though, he paused. What did he want from her? A meal? An apprentice? A pawn? She was too dangerous to leave loose. She had passed Sith training obviously but… He shook his head and ordered the droid to patch her up and keep her unconscious until he could decide what to do with her. He stepped to where Lia was cowering against the wall and shook his head.

“I am not going to hurt you, Lia.” His voice was gentle, soothing. His hand came up and stroked her arm gently.

“What…? What are you…?” She managed to choke out, but cowered away from his touch. “No… Don’t touch me…”

“Lia, I am not going to hurt you.” Ravishaw sighed, how had Trugoy and company made this seem so easy? “I did what I did for a reason. I needed you under control. You were. Now you are losing control. Are you hungry?”

“What?” Lia’s eyes went wide at that quiet question.

“Are you hungry? I am not.” Ravishaw smiled a bit more naturally for him. “I had Sith for lunch.” Lia stared at him and then, bending over, lost her lunch, her breakfast and probably from the looks of it, the last night’s dinner as well. “Oh, Lia…” Ravishaw held her as she vomited, wiping her face and whispering soothing words as she started to cry. After a few minutes, she stopped spewing and just shuddered. “Bad joke, not your fault. Expulsion of stomach contents is not a voluntary reflex.”

“How… How can you joke about that?” Lia asked through her tears when she finally could speak. Her voice was hoarse form pain and fear. She was aware that if he wanted, she was dead and gone, just like her master. “That was… beyond awful…”

“Yes it was. But how can I not?” Ravishaw countered. “I am crazy, Lia. Crazy people don’t have to make sense. Besides, joking breaks the tension.” He patted her on the shoulder. “Do you feel any better?” She shook her head and he sighed. She gave a squeak as he swept her up into his arms. “Easy, girl. I am going to get you cleaned up and fed, and then we can talk.” She was so tense in his arms though that he had to take extra care not to bump her into anything, or she likely would have broken something.

Nikol was reading when Ravishaw brought Lia in. His eyes snapped to the shivering bundle in this master’s arms and he gulped. “Mast-… I mean Teacher…?”

“Nikol, meet Lia, Lia meet Nikol. You two are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the near future. But for now…” He set Lia on her feet and ushered her towards the refresher. “Get clean girl. I will find something for you to wear.” Lia stared at the restrained young man on the bunk, then at Ravishaw and her head lowered in submission. She staggered towards the refresher and the door shut after her. The sound of weeping was quickly covered by the sound of the shower.

“Teacher…I…” Nikol shook his head as Ravishaw came close, looking at the bags that were attached to the catheters. None showed blood now. That was a first since Ravishaw had started healing the boy and he was pleased that the healing was working. It did not come naturally.

“She doesn’t know it yet, but she is an initiate too.” Ravishaw said as he released the boy’s bonds. “She doesn’t have anywhere to go. If she escapes, the Sith will think she ran and left her master to die. They would kill her slowly. Better she stay with us.” He grinned. “I am going to need a bigger ship if this keeps up.”

“She is likely to try to kill herself, teacher.” Nikol said quietly as he sat up. He stroked his wrists which were still bandaged. “Like I apparently did…”

“Key word there is ‘try’ Nikol.” Ravishaw grinned sourly. “It’s handled.” He undid the bags attached to the bed and helped Nikol fit the mobile bags to his legs. Nasty but needed for the moment. The boy had a number of issues and would for some time. “I am going to find a robe for her. I think there was some female garb in the stash I raided, but I don’t know the sizes. Actually…” He smiled at Nikol. “You saw how big our new sister is, and you know where they are. Go get her a robe, any size. We can get her better fitting garments later.” Nikol bowed and left the room. A muted sob came from the refresher and Ravishaw sighed. “Stupid girl…”

He opened the door and found Lia squatting on the floor, her skin dripping. A sharp piece of plastic was held to her wrist. But it would not cut no matter how hard she tried. “Lia… Lia…I am sorry, your old life is over. You are mine now. That shard will not cut you. I take care of my possessions, unlike that scum who had you before. Really… Using such a pretty girl as bait? Sheesh… ”

“Just… Just kill me…” Lia said in a monotone. “If you don’t the Sith will.” She stiffened as he sat down next to her and put his arm around her. “No…”

“Shhh… Lia… Shh….” Ravishaw stroked her head gently, trying to soothe, to calm. He was careful to avoid the lekku, stroking those would send the wrong message. “It’s okay. I am what I am, Lia. But something has changed, and I think it was me. I am not going to hurt you, well…” He paused and shrugged. “Unless you deserve it. I am going to train you.”

“W…what?” Lia asked through tear filled eyes. “You… You took me from my master… you broke my control… You took control of me…You… dissolved him…into goo…”

“Yes I did.” Ravishaw agreed softly. “I didn’t want to kill you. Your…compatriots… were typical Sith. You are not. You didn’t go to an academy did you?”

“I…” Lia shook hard and slumped. “No. The master bought me from slavers… They...I don’t remember any life but the pens… He trained me in secret. He said I was going to be his secret weapon.” Ravishaw snorted as he stroked her arm gently.

“Yep. Typical Sith… Well, Lia, Darth Darkunderpants is no longer your master.” Lia stared at him and her eyes went wide as she chuckled. “Better…” Ravishaw smiled at her. “Laughter is good, Lia. It’s actually better than screaming most of the time. Lia…” Ravishaw sighed again. “I can’t let you go, you know this.” She nodded jerkily. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t teach you.”

“What?” She stopped herself before she laughed. He obviously was not joking now. “But…” A gentle finger shut her mouth where it had fallen open.

“I cannot guarantee I will always be nice, Lia. I probably won’t be.” The former Bladeborn made a face. “I don’t know if this is a ‘phase’ or what. But I want to teach you at the very least how to survive. It is a hard galaxy, and no one really cares for the most part. I don’t know if I do, or if it’s another aspect of my madness. Maybe both. But it is your choice, Lia. I won’t force you to accept training.”

“If I don’t…” Lia’s voice was almost inaudible. “You won’t let me go, will you?”

“No.” Ravishaw agreed softly. “But you won’t suffer. I used to get off on suffering and for some people, I probably always will. Sith and Jedi in particular. But I give you my word, Lia. If you so choose, I won’t drag it out. You will go to sleep and not wake.” His hand was gentle as it caressed her back now, soothing, calming.

“I am not strong enough.” Lia said, her head down. “I never was.”

“By Sith standards, probably not.” Ravisahw smiled. “But I am no Sith.” He looked up as Nikol came in, a bundle in hand. “Ah… here we go. Did you get one for yourself?” Nikol nodded. “Okay, let’s get you both uniformed up and fed. It will be a long night. Training and homework waits for no one.”

Lia rose, hands unconsciously covering herself. Then she forced herself to drop them. Ravishaw shook his head slowly. “Lia… You have a beautiful body, but I am not going to sleep with you. No one anywhere around me is going to force you to do anything of that nature against your will. Get dressed.” He tossed her a robe and she caught it reflexively, her face a study of shock. “We have lot to talk about. I have some errands to run. Nikol…?”

“I will stay with her, Teacher.” The boy said quietly. “I know how to use a cook unit. I think so anyway…” The boy paused but relaxed as Lia smiled shyly.

“I do…” She started unrolling the bundle that she held.

“Good kids. Get dressed and clean up. I will be back shortly.” Ravishaw smiled as he left. He might just make this work yet.
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Ravishaw was smiling and shaking his head as he entered the ship again. Things were looking up. Posing as a drunk was nothing new, but he was a bit surprised at the two boys he had encountered. He hadn’t found any traces of his true targets, which was actually not that surprising. He had little information on this Michelle being, but Jina Darkstorm knew how to sneak like a pro. She had snuck clean out of the Jedi Enclave on Tython while they had been on alert and looking for her. So, he hadn’t really expected to find them. He had half expected them to find him. It had been a bit of a shock to see the girl who had used battle meditation to help her brother in the street fight get snatched by a Special Branch team. He wasn’t quite sure how to help her, or if he really wanted to. The tingle in the Force came again and he sighed.

“All right, all right… I get it…” He growled softly. Whatever was guiding him had a particularly twisted sense of humor now. “Sheesh…”

The two boys who had come running after her were also an enigma. Both had the Force, but not strongly. He wouldn’t have given either of them a second glance, except… Something… The girl’s brother was obvious a fighter. The other one, if Ravishaw was not mistaken, was a born sneak and killer. He liked that one immediately. The boy’s threats needed work, but hey, no one started as an intimidating person at first. They all learned how. He decided that if they could find and rescue the sister, he would give them a second evaluation. If not? Well, he knew where the girl was, and the Special Branch scum were not about to hurt her. No they would treat her with kid gloves. The master’s orders were clear when it came to Force using females and no one sane did otherwise while under his control. Ravishaw was not sure if he was under the master’s control now or not. Truth be told, he really didn’t want to find out. Being dead sucked. Waking up afterwards was worse. Waking up to the gloating face of the being who called himself Ravishaw’s master was even worse than that. So he was very careful about what he did or at the very least what he did and left witnesses behind. He stepped into the main part of the ship and paused, dumbfounded.

The main compartment was clean. He stepped fully into the compartment and shook his head slowly. The bulkheads were gleaming, the table that served as an eating place, holo screen and game board was spotless. Even the floor shone. He was shaking his head in wonder as he walked further into the ship. It hadn’t been this clean since… He paused, thinking. Who had been the obsessive compulsive cleaner? He had gone through so many apprentices, slaves, tools… Had it been Morgana? Shult? Yes… Shult had been the neat freak. Pity about Shult being burned alive and all, but hey, when Will Kalenath got mad at someone that someone tended to die in a messy fashion. He bent down and scraped a fingertip along the floor. It squeaked. Someone had actually mopped the floor of the ship. Even Shult in his OCD had never done that. He was smiling as he strode further, but that smile vanished as a familiar voice sounded.

“I don’t care what he said. Lia! Release me at once!” The Sith pureblood that he recalled had been called Kiriama was somewhere between fear and fury. Ravishaw paused just outside the door to medical, wondering. The Sith spoke again, louder, desperate. “I command you to obey me! Lia!”

“I don’t answer to you.” Lia’s voice was soft, but adamant. “I am cleaning as I was instructed. No more. No less.”

Ravishaw smiled. Lia was certainly not submissive. She was obviously not in charge, but also not obeying the woman who was shouting somewhat hysterical threats at her now.

“You didn’t have to mop the floors, Lia.” Ravishaw said in a mild tone as he entered the room. The Sith’s voice cut off in mid tirade, her eyes wide with fear as she tried to cringe away from him as far as she could while restrained to a medical table. He was glad to see that the Force suppressant drugs the droid had given her were still functioning. Lia probably would not have been able to resist Force enhanced commands, but then again, maybe she could. Lia was full of surprises. “But it looks good. So do you.” He smiled at her as she rose and bowed.

She did look good in the gray student robe. It was a bit big for her, and she had belted it a bit tighter than she would have had to if it fit her properly. She smoothed the sides of the robe self consciously, but kept her gaze down.

“Teacher. I apologize for not finishing…” Lia began in a quiet voice, but Ravishaw waved her worry aside.

“I never intended you to mop the whole ship, Lia.” His voice held rueful humor and admiration. “Do you feel up to eating?” She nodded and Ravishaw smiled gently at her. “Go on, get Nikol, have yourselves some supper and meet me in the dormitory in thirty minutes. We will discuss the texts I gave you.” Lia froze and Ravishaw looked at her. “Oh Lia… You didn’t study the texts?” Now his voice was sorrowful.

“I…” Lia shook her head slowly. “I thought I could do the cleaning first. I didn’t realize how dirty…” Her voice broke off as she realized she was likely insulting her master’s level of cleanliness, or lack thereof. “No excuse…”

“No there isn’t.” Ravishaw said quietly. “Hand.” She held hers out and he slapped her wrist lightly. “Go, eat.” She stared at him and he grinned. “Do you want me to be rougher?” She shook her head quickly and he moved to the side to let her pass. “Nice job.” He commented as she left. He could feel her confusion in the Force, but also her gratitude for the compliment.

“What…?” Kiriama was staring at him with wide eyes, her sense in the Force scared and befuddled. Apparently she was not completely over the sedatives. “What are you doing?”

“Building a future.” Ravishaw said in a snide tone. “One student at a time. Well, little miss red face…” He clucked his tongue as he looked her over. “What am I going to do with you?” He ran a finger down her cheek and she tried to snap at it. “Ah, no biting…” A spark leapt from his finger into a nerve cluster in her cheek and she spasmed as her facial nerves jerked uncontrollably. He shook his head. “I could cut you off from the Force, but…after having had it done to me, I won’t… It’s just… wrong… Even for me…”

M….Mo…Monster….” The red skinned woman was shivering uncontrollably now as his power flew through her. “I will… kill… you…”

“Now don’t make me have you silenced…” Ravishaw said with a grimace. “It is such a mess, removing vocal apparatus without anesthesia.” He made a humming noise. “Well, I can’t control you the way I controlled Lia initially, so… Okay, we do this the hard way. I need an apprentice anyway, not just another initiate.”

“What are you talking about? I won’t serve you!” Kiriama asked softly, her fear at bay for the moment. “What are you…? No!” She cried as he activated the medical droid again. It hovered closer to her, sharp implements whirring as it prepared.

“I had an apprentice almost ready to go, but changed my mind. He has another destiny. I think.” Ravishaw said quietly as he programmed the droid. “Might be wrong. I am not perfect. Don’t worry, my dear. By the time I am done with you, you won’t remember your previous life. Or care. I will also change your features a bit so anyone you knew won’t recognize you. I will have to come up with a new name, but… Hey, I am adaptable.” He pulled a mask down from an overhead compartment, and after checking the readings, strapped it to her face despite her struggles. “At least I decided to knock you out first. I used to do it while the subjects were awake. Don’t worry… I know what I am doing. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Not when we can have fun wiping it.” Now his grin was downright evil.

“No…” Her muffled voice was horrified now. “Kill me! Drain me! Melt me into goo, just… Not that…Don’t… wipe… my mind…” Her terrified voice slowed and stopped as the anesthesia gas took effect.

“Sorry.” Ravishaw said insincerely as consciousness fled her body. “I have need of you. You will do nicely for what I need. I don’t care what you want. And in few hours, neither will you.” His hand came down onto her head and her body convulsed as power flowed from it into her skull. “Welcome home apprentice…”

<Thirty minutes later>

The preliminaries were done. Now he had to give the newly blank slated female Sith pureblood time to recover. The medical droid would also start the facial reconstruction. That would take much longer. Ravishaw walked into the dormitory and smiled at his students. Lia was reading a datapad quickly and Nikol was sitting, working on something. Ravishaw nodded as he realized it was a meditation exercise.

“Did both of you get enough to eat?” He asked quietly. Both of them dropped what they were doing and jumped to attention. “Ease up, both of you. This is not the military. We will train hard and relentlessly. But I will not push either of you beyond your limits. Nikol… sit…” Nikol was almost pale enough to be a white sheet. Ravishaw pointed to the floor and the boy sat slowly and carefully. “I am going to teach you as I was taught. If you have questions, ask them. I may thump you for asking senseless questions, but not for simply asking.” Lia raised a hand slowly and Ravishaw nodded to her “Yes, Lia?”

“What will we be?” Lia asked slowly. “I mean… You are not Sith, or Jedi, or… What are you?”

“Ah, Lia… Long story. Short version, I am Bladeborn.” Both sets of eyes went wide at that, but Ravishaw held up a hand to forestall questions. “You are now a part of my sect of Bladeborn. A discussion for another time. For now, we have training to do. Repeat after me, this is in ancient Tythonese. <Loyalty. Duty. Honor. Respect. Vigilance. Prowess. This is our way. We are Bladeborn.>”

The kids tried, he gave them that, Nikol actually came closest, but neither managed to get most of the words out without mangling them. Ravishaw shook his head.

“Let’s take it slow. <Loyalty>. Your loyalty is to me, and each other. No one else. Clear?” Lia and Nikol nodded soberly and Ravishaw continued. “<Duty> Your duty for now is to learn everything I have to teach you. Obey my orders and all will be well.” He smiled, thinking of what Istara’s Bladeborn would think of this. He just hoped to see their reaction when they found out. <Honor>” He paused. “What is honor? Nikol, Lia, your thoughts?”

“Ah…” Nikol thought about that and shook his head. “I can see it, but defining it… I don’t know if I can.” Ravishaw nodded to him but looked at Lia who looked blank for a moment before she blinked and nodded with a small smile.

“Honor is what you know about yourself. What you feel about yourself.” Lia said with only a slight quaver to her voice. After all, to many Sith, Honor was a stupid concept; a demeaning, weakening concept. “It is how you esteem yourself. Your self respect.”

“Good girl. If I had cookies, I would give you one.” Ravishaw smiled at her expression. “Now, we can’t do all of the physical training in such cramped spaces, but Lia… I want you to watch what I do and mirror it. Nikol, watch only. You are not cleared for physical exertion yet. If you try, I will thump you, clear?” Both young initiate Bladeborn nodded. He started the basic warm ups, oddly happy. Was this what he wanted? He wasn’t sure, but as long as it made him feel good, he would do it. And if it irritated people he detested, so much the better.
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Ravishaw was in an incredibly good mood. Lia and Nikol were shaping up nicely. Those two force sensitive boys were on their way into the Special Branch base and a nice anonymous call to one of Cranna’s agents had secured the boys a bit of backup. The girl that Special Branch snatched was fine, if a bit shaken up by being taken prisoner and having a guard nearly molest her. Luckily Ravishaw had decided to check up on her. Maybe the Force was helping him help her? It really didn’t make a lot of sense, but hey, he didn’t really mind. He always enjoyed killing people who did things like that anyway. That had been messy. But he had taken care of that guard and ‘explained’ the situation to the base commander, who was too cowed by his appearance and disappearance to worry about anything else. He had told the commander that he would go out hunting for more suitable subjects. Not that he had any intention of returning to the base again. Not with what was about to happen to it. He really hoped the girl would survive. She had surprised him, twice actually. Being a mute and all, she was very empathic and with battle meditation… He had toyed with the idea of taking her for his sect, but no. She had been processed, the master knew about her. She wouldn’t be safe with him. He would watch through her eyes every so often. She… He liked her. He wasn’t sure why, but he did. He sighed. He had never had to worry about such things before. If someone had caught his eye, he snatched the being, played with him, her or it for a while, and then discarded them. Now? Not so much.

Wait… He paused in the crowd, letting himself flow with it to maintain his cover. What the…? Something was wrong. Something was off. He froze as the crowd in front of him suddenly vanished and a female form stepped into the cleared area in front of him. He hadn't sensed her! What the hell? She wore a gray robe cloak over… Ah hell! Silver armor! Jina Darkstorm? His guts momentarily turned to water as he realized it wasn't Jina Darkstorm… She raised a hand to the hood of her robe and it fell, exposing red hair and cold brown eyes. The sword at her waist was familiar too, even though he had never seen it before. He had heard it described more than once. Oh…. Kriff…

“Hello, Morey.” The soft, dangerous voice had his blood freezing. He had never actually heard the voice before in person. But he knew who this was. Oh flarg…Sharlina… He smiled grimly as he looked around slowly. The crowd had melted away from him. They might not know who she was, but they knew big trouble was about to happen.

“Hello Istara.” He shook his head slowly and worked to keep his voice noncommittal. “This is brazen, even for you. Where is the lickspittle?” Was that pain he felt from her? What the hell had happened? He couldn’t lose focus. There was no way she was alone. Not here, not now. “Or that crazy soldier?”

“You think I need them?” Istara did not draw her sword, instead, she started walking, angling towards him. He did the same, both of them moving to the proper position for a formal duel. “You are alone. Why should I not be?” Ravishaw chuckled but his mind was racing. He hadn’t sensed her. Was she cloaked in the Force? Protected from powers? Probably. Frack, that limited his options severely. If the others were around, what were the odds he would be able to detect them? Not good, not good at all… He cast out with his mind, seeking hers to try and end this before it got violent, but it was as if it wasn’t there! Damn! If he fought her… He laughed, seeing the sheer stupidity of this.

“Always with the honor… To the end, huh? I would have expected that blind fool to be here…” Odd that. He had always thought that when he met Istara in battle it would be a rush. Why did he feel sadness in the Force now? He froze in place. He had expected Idjit to be at his lover’s side no matter… Ravishaw blinked and then blanched as things started to make sense, horrific sense. “Oh no… he didn’t…”

That idiot… Why now? Why did he do it now of all times?

“Idjit always said your perceptions were better than most.” Istara commented as she approached slowly. Ten meters, eight, five… “We are rising, Morey. It’s begun.”

“Istara…” Ravishaw could not stop the shiver of fear that rang through him at her quiet words. The Seven… rising. Oh kriff… Then he said something totally unexpected and unprecedented. Something he would not have believed he would utter in a million years. The words came out clear and sincere. “I am sorry.”

“Sorry?” Istara asked softly, her sense in the Force muted, as if shuttered. He could barely sense her at all even this close. There was no way he would be able to do what he had done with the Sith before, read her mind to know when she attacked. His normal methods of attack relied on mental manipulation, abilities that apparently would not work here. He would have to go with his skill as a swordsman, which was not inconsequential, but... She kept walking, closer, closer. Her hand was on the hilt of her sword and his found the hilt of his own sword. “How many lives have you destroyed, Morey? How many innocents have suffered at your hands to make the point that you hate me? That you hate us? Was it worth it? To hate is?”

She is not angry… She is… sad? What the hell? What does she know?

“I never hated you.” Ravishaw said quietly as Istara stopped at precisely the right distance to strike. “We are enemies, but I never hated you. They tried to make me hate you, but it never worked. I can hate Idjit, the others… But not you.” His cloak fell at his feet and he fell into a fighting stance. Istara did not move. “I never knew you; they had no memories to warp, to twist.”

“I can’t believe a word you say, Morey.” Istara said quietly. Her face was serene, Jedi like. But she was no Jedi. “I would ask you to surrender, but you won’t.”

“I would ask the same of you, Istara.” He felt his face twist into a grimace. “But you always did pick the harder path. One thing I always admired about you.”

“Goodbye Morey.” Istara said in a quiet, sorrowful tone. She shifted her stance, just a little, but telling to a master swordsman, which both of them were. She was ready.

“Istara… Wait…” Ravishaw shook his head, but did not take his hand from his sword or his eyes from his opponent. “Let me say something. Then we can fight.” Just looking at her stance, suddenly he understood WHY Vandar had told him to get backup. It was perfectly balanced, no hesitation, no minor movement, no nothing. She was perfectly focused on one thing and one thing only. Ending his life. And her eyes… When had they changed color? Not to red like a Sith but pure silver. He felt a shiver, what was she? He wasn’t sure he could take her alive. Dead, maybe. Alive? Doubtful. “Do you know what the Seven are?”

“Pawns, tools, heroes…” Istara’s voice was soft and noncommittal. Her face could have been carved from stone. The lack of iris in her silver eyes made gauging them difficult. A minute shrug twitched her shoulders but did not disturb her ready stance. “In the end, it’s all the same. We are trying to stop it; your master is trying to control it. We are enemies and that is all we will ever be.”

“Well…” Ravishaw blew out a breath. “Yes. You do know. Good.” His stance shifted just a little and both combatants stared at each other at a range of two sword’s lengths. “Goodbye Istara Sharlina Andal.”

Istara’s chosen battleground was flat and open, a walkway between two large buildings of the type that populated Nar Shaddaa, the Vertical City. The crowd had run by now, something in their minds all telling them that BAD things were about to happen. A few beings were watching, thugs, a few bounty hunters, assorted other scum. But no one dared shoot at her or him, Ravishaw realized. Not until the battle was actually joined and both were distracted. Both were obviously Force users and the silver armor, while distinctive, was not well known. Yet anyway. They wouldn’t stay anonymous for long though, and then every two credit bounty hunter on planet would be coming after him at least and probably both of them. But he couldn’t move. If he did, she would. He had always thought himself a master without equal with the sword, but standing here, looking Istara Sharlina Andal in the cold silver eyes, he wondered. She wasn’t moving. She wasn’t going to move until he did. A minute dragged into two, into three, and neither of them moved.

He felt it start. A trickle of wetness on his brow. The drop of sweat went down his face, down his chin, and then, paused for a moment before falling. Before it hit the ground he was in motion. His sword came out fast and as perfectly balanced as always, a hum spitting the air as the vibrosword literally cut through the molecules in its way. He used his best thrust. A simple, elegant and always unstoppable piercing attack to the inside sword arm that always managed to at least hurt Sith, Jedi, and anyone else before they could defend. But… With a skitter of steel on steel, his lightning fast, unstoppable thrust was parried! Then he was forced back as Istara’s blade came in, her sword coming from up, then down and then from the side. Then a vicious twisting lunge that nearly took him in the gut as he backpedaled to try and gain space. But she would not let him! She stayed right with him and her sword seemed to be everywhere. He parried, cut, thrust, spun, turned, tried to spin, nothing worked… He had no words for half of the moves she used, all he could do was try and…

“AHH!” He screamed as the point of her sword bit deep into his sword shoulder and twisted a little, causing more damage before withdrawing. Where had she learned THAT? That was no Sith move, Bladeborn move, or Jedi move… Then his eyes saw stars as something went ‘bang’ up against his skull hard enough to stun him momentarily. He swept his sword in a vicious arc, clearing his front, but he didn’t hit anything, not even her blade. He jumped backwards, trying to gain time to recover, but she was following! His sword was in his offhand now and he stared as she paused, and then transferred her own sword to her off hand. Her primary hand went behind her back, probably to grab her belt. What the hell? He shook his head as he realized she was not taking advantage of his disability. His voice held rueful humor as he grated out words between parries of her lightning fast blade. “That is dumb. Always with the honor, eh, Istara?”

“With your sword, you are a worthy opponent.” Istara said coolly as she continued to press the attack. “I have to kill you, but it’s a shame. There are too few like you in the galaxy, sword masters of your skill level. It is an honor to fight you.”

“The honor is mine, Bladeborn…” The old words came easily to his throat. Ravishaw smiled grimly as she closed, but then his eyes went wide as the Force screamed at him. “Incoming!” He shouted as a rocket hit the deck nearby as he jumped away, trying to clear the ringing from his ears. He stared as he saw Istara slumped on the deck, apparently unconscious or at the very least stunned and another rocket speeding towards her! “Istara!” He snarled and made a gesture with his sword. The rocket spun in midair and flew back towards the launcher that he could barely see in the distance. He snarled as the whole side of the building where the launcher had been exploded with a thunderous boom that was likely seen from orbit. Apparently there had been a lot of ordnance there. Idiots. “No one kills her but me!

He spun back in time to see Istara rising, shaking her head but her sword was steady in her hands as she turned to face him again. Now the Force was screaming at him again. ‘Run, Run!’ Not that he needed any goading. There was no way he was going to win this.

“Another time.” He darted towards the edge of the catwalk, the railing having been destroyed by the rocket. He jumped off the edge, trusting the Force as it drew him away from Istara’s scream of rage and acknowledgement. She knew he would get away.

It was exhilarating and terrifying, falling as he did. But he trusted the Force. He steered as best he could, trying to avoid the smaller vehicles until he saw something he could use. He hit the back of the garbage barge instead of the front where he had been aiming, but the Force was with him and he managed to slow himself enough that all he did was make a loud crunch as he hit the pile of junk and nothing impaled him. He smiled, it wasn’t every day one could fall that far and not get hurt. At least, that was what he thought until he tried to stand and a shaft of white hot pain surged through him.

“Oh crap…” He said quietly as he saw his right ankle twisted the wrong way. Broken. “And it was such good day too…” He focused. Maybe there was enough organic material in the barge to repair himself. He hoped so. He sighed as he started sending the machines inside his body out. This might take awhile. He just hoped he could get out of the barge before it arrived wherever it was going. He did not want to be compacted, incinerated, whatever. “We will meet again, Istara Sharlina Andal. Count on it…”
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This was…completely unexpected. Maybe it had been luck, maybe it had been the Force, but the airspeeder van he had jumped to from the barge had been full of new slaves for a Hutt on their way to their fates. The only beings conscious in the entire van had been a single guard and the driver and those had posed no difficulty at all. But then his machines had not worked. There hadn’t been enough organic material in the garbage barge to use to heal himself, so he had jumped to the passing van and hit the jackpot. He had tried to recycle the guard’s bodies to heal himself and it hadn’t worked. He tried to use the machines on the still living merchandise, two humans, a Gand, a Devonarian and a Zeltron had been bound and gagged in the back. THAT hadn’t worked. He was stuck. From the looks of it, at least one of the slaver scum had ‘enjoyed’ himself with the merchandise but he was in no mood to do anything of the sort, even if he had been so inclined, which he wasn’t. All of the slaves seemed unconscious and he paused as a thought came to him. What better way to stay in his master’s good graces than to bring several healthy test subjects to him? He was disposing of the guards’ bodies by the simple expedient of shoving them out the door of the hovering van when the Gand spoke.

“What do you do?” The voice was polite, if odd, but then again, Gand as a whole were odd. The Gand could not see him through the hood that covered its huge eyes but it turned its head anyway. “Who are you?”

“Nobody.” Ravishaw replied sourly, his ankle hurt like fire. He had been very careful not to move his ankle as he had thrown the bodies out the door to fall until they hit something, which might be miles.

“You are in pain.” The Gand reached for his ankle with bound hands and Ravishaw stepped back, hissing at the discomfort. “This one means no harm.” The Gand bowed to him, even bound. “This one is a healer.”

“A healer?” Ravishaw asked dubiously. He hadn’t had much contact with Gand. He had seen them around, he had fought Findsman bounty hunters on occasion, dangerous and worthy foes, but non-violent contact? He had never had any. “You?” He got the shock of his life when he scanned the being with the Force. The feelings were… odd, but feminine? And it/she had the Force! He couldn’t manipulate this mind, it was too alien for him to understand its thought processes. “Who are you?”

“This one is Qulrrg.” The Gand replied quietly. “This one was purchased to keep the Hutt’s slaves alive for longer.” Its head tilted. “You work for Mailto the Hutt?”

“No.” Ravishaw shook his head as he started the speeder off towards the spaceport, and then changed his mind and arced it towards another area. The pain in his ankle seemed to increase exponentially and he jerked as the Gand spoke again.

“Your ankle is broken. This one cannot fix it instantly, this one does not have the power, but this one can help.” The Gand hadn’t moved from where it had been bound. It sat and waited.

“Why?” Ravishaw asked softly as he put the van on autopilot, programming in various turns to avoid being followed. The last thing he needed was for one of the Seven to track him to where he was going, or back to his ship.

“You saved this one from a life of slavery. This one owes you.” His eyes went wide as the bonds on the Gand’s wrists and ankles fell away. “This one had no options before. Now this one does.”

“A life debt? Who trained you?” Ravishaw asked softly as his sword came to his hand. The Gand did not move, its hands were down, unthreatening. “You are no Sith… Jedi?”

“This one does not know.” The Gand replied. “The being who trained this one was a slave of the Hutt. That being angered the Hutt and died, leaving this one the sole medical person for that Hutt. Until this one was sold.”

“Sounds like a Jedi.” Ravishaw smirked. “Evil will always win because good is dumb. I am not good, Gand.”

“This one does not truly understand the concepts of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ as humans put it.” The Gand reached up slowly and uncovered it’s eyes. “Survival is something that this one understands. This one will serve.”

“Serve me?” Ravishaw asked softly, somewhat unsure. “Without question?”

“If you order this one to self immolate, this one will question.” The Gand made a noise that might have been a laugh, or might have been a cough, or something. “Other than that, no, this one will not question.”

“Okay… Qulrrg…” Ravishaw relaxed, just a little. “See what you can do with my ankle and then we need to get these… subjects prepared for transport.” He extended the broken ankle, but held his sword ready, just in case. “My master requires many, many test subjects.”

“This one is fully qualified for such things. There are many facilities on Nar Shaddaa that specialize in such matters.” Qulrrg took the ankle in three fingered hands that were oddly gentle and a soft pulse of power seeped through the wounded extremity, soothing, numbing. Qulrrg shook its head. “The injury is beyond this one’s ability to heal instantaneously. This one recommends a splint.”

“Do it.” Ravishaw was not sure about this being. Not sure at all. But he had other concerns now. His master was NOT going to be happy with what was about to happen on this planet. Perhaps if he added some medical personnel to the list of subjects to be delivered? Not Qulrrg, no. He figured he had a place for the odd Gand. Not that Gand were not odd to begin with. Matter of fact… He smiled evilly as the Gand removed his boot gently and started binding the ankle. “Qulrrg, we have some shopping to do…”
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It had taken them some time, and not a few stops, but Ravishaw was finally satisfied with his selections. He was also quietly impressed with Qulrrg. The Gand was anything but squeamish, and obeyed orders to the letter. Even when a doctor attempted to bribe the Gand to keep from being shoved into carbon freeze, the Gand ignored him. The prep work had been exemplary, all of the subjects had survived their incarcerations into carbonite and with the slabs loaded into a regulation shipping container, no one would notice when it was delivered to his ship. He smiled as he left the airtaxi that he had rented with the doctor’s attempted bribe and hobbled towards the ship. Qulrrg followed slowly, looking around.

“Come on Qulrrg.” Ravishaw said quietly as he started up the ramp. “We have more work to do, cargo to move and all that. I also want to introduce you to your patients.”

“This one follows.” Qulrrg responded in its quiet way. It was hard to imagine the Gand as a healer at times. It was efficient and merciless, but in the next moment, it could be kind and gentle. A nurse had tried to run from her ‘acquisition’, and Ravishaw had been forced to break her leg to stop her. The Gand had splinted the leg, soothed the sobbing girl until she relaxed, and then shoved her into the carbonite machine without a second thought.

In all, they had ten total subjects now. Four slaves, and six medical professionals of various ranks. All were in good health. They had taken the four slaves to a lower level medical clinic to get pre-carbonite checkups, and when that had been done, they had used the medical facilities to prepare their ‘guests’ for transport. Even low budget med facilities had some cryo capability and this had been a mid level. Once that was done, they had absconded with the medical staff as well. A nice, neat explosion –a regrettable terrorist attack- had eliminated all evidence of the abductions and they were in the clear. They even had the medical files of the staff. The ramp came down and…

“Teacher!” Lia was at the top fop the ramp, her expression worried. “There was a call for you. We didn’t know what to do, we did not answer it.” Her eyes went wide as she saw Ravishaw limping. “What happened?” She did not offer assistance, she knew better.

“I ran into an old friend and made a new one. Lia, meet Qulrrg.” Ravishaw nodded to the Gand who followed him up the ramp. “Qulrrg, meet Lia. Lia, Qulrrg is a healer. Take it to the medical room.” He turned to the Gand. “I have two patients I need you to check up on. I need to rearrange some cargo, but first I better return the call.”

“This one recommends you come in as well so this once can be sure the ankle is set properly.” Qulrrg said quietly as it followed Lia into the ship. Ravishaw sighed and shrugged. He had better find out his master’s business first.

He moved to the cockpit and sat, sighing as the weight came off his ankle and then he hit the controls to check his messages. He grimaced as he realized Vandar had tried to contact him. He hated dealing with the Jedi, but it was better than dealing with the thing that owned them both, body and soul. He hit the switches to return the call and waited.

“Where have you been?” Vandar’s voice was soft, but conveyed disgust and worry. “I have been waiting for your call for ten hours.”

“Playing in garbage.” Ravishaw grinned at the Jedi’s expression, but then sobered. “I am only going to say this once, so don’t crow in delight. You were right.”

What?” Vandar asked in disbelief. That was a first from Ravishaw. “What happened?” He asked in a worried tone.

“I got my tail kicked is what happened. I never sensed Istara coming.” Ravishaw did not flinch as the Jedi glared at him.

“I told you not to face her alone.” The Jedi broke off as Ravishaw nodded. “What?”

“I didn’t have a choice, she ambushed me. Alone… She is good…Incredibly good.” Ravishaw shook his head. “If not for some loony with a rocket launcher, I would likely be dead. As it was, I escaped, barely, and had to find my way back from the undercity. Broke my ankle in the process and the nanites didn’t work to heal me. I had to hobble back. Any idea why they wouldn’t work?”

“They didn’t work?” Vandar actually looked nonplussed at that. “No… I have no idea…”

“Joy.” Ravishaw sighed. “Well, then I have to let it heal naturally. Good news is that I seem to have ‘acquired’ a few more subjects for the master. Should I deliver them to the base?”

“The base is gone.” Vandar sighed. “All of them.”

“What?” Ravishaw managed to put a look of stunned surprise on his face. He wasn’t sure he fooled the Jedi, but Vandar did not react. “When? And who?”

“We are not sure.” Vandar shook his head. “Preliminary reports say it was Cranna the Hutt, but…She wouldn’t dare operate on Nar Shaddaa, would she?”

“Maybe… That Hutt sure knows how to hold a grudge.” Ravishaw said quietly. “On the plus side, I acquired some medical staff along with the slaves I ‘found’. I knew we needed some more. I can have them shipped just about anywhere. They are all in carbonite.”

“We do need them, and once they are programmed, they will be of great help. Considering how many of our staff we just lost.” Vandar looked at him appraisingly. “But you wouldn’t know anything at all about that, would you?”

“Me?” Ravishaw snorted sourly. “I was busy getting my tail kicked and trying not to die. Vandar…” His voice became serious for once. “She knows… She said they were rising. And Idjit has apparently gone…” He broke off as the Jedi master on the screen’s face turned a color he hadn’t been aware the small green form could and not pass out. “Yeah… It’s begun…”

“Oh no…” The Jedi shook his head. “You will need to lie very low for a while. If she tracks you…”

“I know.” Ravishaw knew more than he wanted to about what was coming. Far more than he wanted to. “Give me coordinates to drop the subjects off and we are out of here.”

“Who is ’We’?” Vandar asked curiously. Then he groaned. “Oh Ravishaw, you didn’t…”

“What can I say?” Ravishaw smirked at the Jedi’s look of utter disbelief. “Stupid Sith followed me home…I am going to keep her.”

“Ravishaw…!” The Jedi started to scold but the man cut the connection. He shook his head and started the preflight checks. Then he had to change around the cargo hold to fit ten carbonite slabs… It would get very crowded in this ship for a while.
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