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" in MY headcannon"

Crezelle's Avatar

08.12.2012 , 10:22 PM | #21
in my headcanon, we have no refreshers: we make 2v hold a bucket beneath us, and when we're done, he has to say " Thank you, master!"
Crezelle De'Chimera, of the Shadowlands
" Secret Agent Blue Booty, at your service. You Lead the way; I bring the kolto. "

Mutive's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 04:54 AM | #22
In my head canon, after a particularly great kill, Jaesa rolls around in the corpse. (Sort of the way dogs do.)

At least once Kaliyo and my female agent have gotten drunk and hooked up.

Most other aspects of my head canon are somewhat too disturbing to post...

SilentKitty's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 11:26 AM | #23
In my headcannon Akaavi tuggs my smuggler scoundrel to every big gold animal she can find on Belsavis, she loves the thropies after all

Chikun's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 12:14 PM | #24
In my headcanon, the dark council is a shadowy elite group of breakdancers that I proved myself to after challenging Thanaton and serving him.

theStirge's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 03:46 PM | #25
In my headcanon, all of my characters are sleeping with their female companions. (All of my characters are female.)

Kalterien's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 04:29 PM | #26
In my head canon there are certain companions that shall remain unnamed who did not in fact try to shiv my characters.
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Path-x's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 04:45 PM | #27
In my head canon, the whole Revan storyline introduced in SWTOR was just a really bad dream of one of the characters.
Jedi: You won the day, Sith. So, kill me if you must.
Warrior: I must.

Crezelle's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 05:15 PM | #28
in my headcanon, the killiks of alderaan no longer cause trouble due to the fact they're too buisy watching the " Dawn herald and blue booty" show *wink wink*
Crezelle De'Chimera, of the Shadowlands
" Secret Agent Blue Booty, at your service. You Lead the way; I bring the kolto. "

Ardim's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 06:40 PM | #29
In my headcanon, my Operative, Agent Washington, once got sent to another universe and met Agent Washington of Red vs. Blue. The result was a very epic fight
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Jediaidertwo's Avatar

08.13.2012 , 06:53 PM | #30
In my headcanon, the reason Alderan takes sooo long to load is because a garden gnome from space is chewing my computer's internet lines.
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