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Recommended healer class for me?

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Recommended healer class for me?

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08.17.2012 , 02:50 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Boyana View Post
I have a sorcerer healer with full WH augmented geaer. I also have a merc healer, but she is just an alt.
I do not have operative healer, but played one.
This is my list:
1. OP
2. Merc
3. Sorc

Operative: think I do not have to say why but beside good mobility and healing, they have cool looking spells and gear. Agent story is really interesting.

When it comes to Mercs, I DO like their animations. The sound of their abilities is amazingly cute. It also looks so much better than Sorcerer's. Not to lie, VERY first time I saw Sorc's animations I was disappointing but, since it was a first character, I decided not to quit because of boring, same-looking, purple animations hoping the next one won't be like the last one. EVERY damn spell is: her hand out, purple crap on her hand. Only I like is aoe heal, which I am not using. I AM failing to see how could Merc healer be worse than Sorc healer at all. Even if there is something: at the end of the day Merc's have heavy armor.
I would really go for Merc over a Sorc, but only when it comes to PvP. Dead healers can't heal. Dead healers cannot protect nodes. Warzones number don't mean much, it is the green win or red lose at the end.

Now, this is not a QQ, just MY OWN opinion and what I experienced and have seen. I did see people struggling to kill a Merc even in rated, but never a Sorc.
How do you find merc heal aniations good? Its just a little green or red scan, the lvl 40 1 are cool tho. But sorc got far cooler animations! DPS mercs however got some nice animations.