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How often do you get "good" games?

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How often do you get "good" games?

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08.09.2012 , 12:21 PM | #1
So, I was thinking, which is often a bad thing to do... I have a lvl50 in BM and probably just over 50% WH now, and I have lvl 40 also, both repub on Fatman. I've declined to join a guild so far, and I mostly pug. In the lvl 50 bracket, it sure seems like a lot, maybe most, of my WZ games are a blow out. Either we are crushing them, or they are crushing us, without there being much hope of turning it around. It's rare, maybe very rare, that I feel like I'm in a game that could go either way. Sub-50 WZ are leaning that way, but less so. Does that seem right? Is that a consequence of pugging? Or just the way it is for everyone?

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08.09.2012 , 12:32 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Banderal View Post
Is that a consequence of pugging? Or just the way it is for everyone?
Mostly it is a consequence of pugging. When you pug, it is random. And your opponent is chosen random. If you are against a coordinated team, your chances are low and you will probably lose badly.

Recently, I started talking to people I see often in the WZs and forming a group with them. While we are not coordinated, it is still much better than complete random, since I know at least my teammates know what they are doing. Until we hit against a premade, the WZs become easy this way. And if we face a premade or a similar group like ours, then we get close wins or close losses. That is the best outcome.
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08.09.2012 , 12:44 PM | #3
Luck of the draw totally. I play WZs with my sub 50s and it's toally random. We win big, it's close or we get blown out. The one thing I do notice is we tend to succeed (win) when we have a lot of Troppers and ranged classes +1 active healer.

But to be fair I also depends on battle instincts. I have been on teams where few words ever ever spoken other than occasional "3 inc mid" and everyone performs their role.
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08.09.2012 , 01:16 PM | #4
Consequence of pugging. When your team has 3-5 guys in recruit gear and are facing war hero opponents. Yea. Good luck. When your lowbie team is facing a premade group of 40-49's and the highest level on your team is 33. Yea. Good luck. I had a level 50 sentinel on my team the other day, full warzone and was active the whole game (i.e. not defending) .... 67k damage. Full warzone. Joined a huttball game this morning that had just started, watched my teammates literally throw it to the other team every time they got the ball, except for a guardian who threw me the ball as soon as he picked it up... I was next to him healing him. Another guy says he's going afk, sits at the spawn area in stealth. Vote to kick doesn't work or is apparently as hard as passing the ball. It's so hilariously pathetic at times that all you can do is laugh.

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08.09.2012 , 01:33 PM | #5
No hard numbers, but it feels like 1/3 getting stomped, 1/3 facerolling the other team, 1/3 close games. Half of the close games being awesome fun to play.

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08.09.2012 , 02:46 PM | #6
I get close games maybe 1 out of 4, or 1 out of 5.

Usually I can tell the outcome of the game in the first minute. If your team doesn't start off with the "correct" steps, it usually means they don't know what they are doing and most likely cannot successfully launch a comeback later in the game.
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08.09.2012 , 08:15 PM | #7
1 in every 5 for me is actually good. But I don't define "good" by how it's actually going- I define good by how our team is actually working together, and working for the objective instead of just a kill. For example- voidstar today, everyone was fighting away from the doors, doing nothing to protect the healer getting dogpiled a short distance away from them- that's the exact opposite of a good game.
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08.09.2012 , 11:05 PM | #8
More and more people are gearing up. More and more people give up in futility after being continuosly mauled.
Sort of an improvement from the middle upwards and a culling of those that don't have their heart in it, I think things are balancing out by the day.

I play Republic and for some reason, the closest matches tend to be against my own faction. Maybe because you are inherently more familiar with what they can and cannot do (teaming up with them and such) and the time it takes to process that is slightly quicker.

I have been playing ranked much more often as well. Quite a learning experience and there are definately specific players you try to mitigate as much as possible. I can't really point to one class either. If a guy can really play his character, he seems to do well no matter what class it is. Faced a monster Sentinel a couple of times today. Never knew that class could be so good because I never read much QQ about them. Our ops leader was coninuously keeping everyone informed about where he was (or where he thought he might be headed to). Constantly reminding us "Don't break the mez on him".

One thing I have quickly noticed is if when one or two of your team go down, the rest can fall in a big hurry. A delicate balance where losing one player can change things quickly. I learned the hard way in Voidstar today. Saw four team mates in relative proximity to the door, turned away to focus on a healer, looked back and an opponent was capping the door. Those four teammates are not chopped liver either. The speed at which situations change seem so much faster than in normal warzones (when both sides are relatively equal). I had to remind myself that the door must always be within view. Always.

I don't know if it would have made much difference as they mauled me rather quickly, is a game of seconds and you never know when reinforcements will be hopping off that platform.

Most of my team was much more experienced at ranked than I am. Quite a learning experience and I wasn't entirely displeased with myself. I definatley have room for improvement though. I need to get better at targeting specific focus opponents in a crowd. Too often I was wasting my biggest damage cds on the wrong guy. I thought my taunting was very effective though. Thank gawd I have an AOE taunt. It does give you a moment to retarget the right guy as well.

I had grown accustomed to 550ish dps in normal warzones. I don't think I broke 300 in any ranked match today, so i am particlurly impressed with those that get >500. I'm thinking you only get there by teamwork. You can't get there on your own.

Forgive me for getting off the beaten path. Obviously I had fun today and feel the need to tell someone about it. My first couple of paragraphs are my answer for the OP. I think things will balance out more through time.

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08.09.2012 , 11:58 PM | #9
In recruit/partial bm: 99% being stomped as everyone else on my team also had mostly recruit gear or even greens. Now that it's partial wh, about 50% getting stomped through other people doing stupid tactics, 40% getting stomped through just getting stomped by premades of full WH who can't find ranked pops, and 10% being on a team that has a clue.

That 10% can be either us stomping them or rarely a nice close game where you barely realize it's over because you're still fighting so hard!
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08.10.2012 , 12:45 AM | #10
That's a consequence of pugging yes. Signing up as a group of 4 will generally bring your win rate from 30-50% to 70-80%, even if you don't necessarily come with awesome PvPers.

I would say there is more or less 4 categories of players
- The "tourists" : they sign up for WZ for comms only and have no clue AND no will to learn or follow instruction. They are easy to catch. In CW/NC, they are those who go defending the node even if they were told not to (as Ops leader assigned a better defender to it). Don't expect them to be calling for inc, if they are left defending in VS, they will have the door ninjaed 95% of the time. In Huttball, they are just chasing kills everywhere or filling resolve bar and will most likely be bashing at a random guy at the other end of the map while his team try to score. Hopefully, they will learn at one point and become the second category.
- The standard player : neither determinant nor useless, he will call inc 50% of the time, generally a tad too late by excess of confidence (as he thought he could do it, but die). He doesn't necessarily chase people far from the nodes in CW/VS/NC, but you can count on them to do that from time to time, and they won't necessarily pay attention to the node capping. They CAN be guided by more experienced player. It's always safe to remind them some of the things they shouldn't do.
- The organized players : Not necessarily great players, just people who are doing their job correctly. They understood how the warzones are working, and will focus on winning the warzone rather than being solo hero.
- The self proclamed Pros : not necessarily great players either, but it's how they see themselves. They are some kind of mix between an organized player (as they DO know the wz and can do good, when they can be bothered) and a tourist. They generally leave warzones fast if you loose, and tell everyone how noob they are. They are an asset ONLY if you win. If you loose, they are a dead weight and will participate to you loosing even more by wasting time whining rather than winning.

The outcome will be determined by how many of each category you have in your team. By Pugging, you increase the chance to have a bigger proportion of 1 and 4, whereas what you would really prefer is 2 and 3. If you premade, generally you ensure yourself to have at least 4 of the second or 3rd category. So eventually you randomize only on 50% of your team, and it's way more efficient.

You can safely bet unguilded player to have a bigger proportion of #1 and #2. Reason for that is that a player who doesn't bother with a guild is generally not taking the game very seriously (which is fair enough) and won't bother that much to do better. That or they lack the social skills to get one. They don't have guildies to help them to progress, so their progression rate is slower.

So yes, sure, pugging increases the imbalance of the warzones. Note premading doesn't really solve it either, but at least you win way more than you loose, but you'll crush more than you'll be crushed.

Of course, other parameters come after that. Mostly the amount of healers each side of the Warzones. Unarguably, the loosing faction is in general the faction where the healer population is the lowest. I don't know if there is any solution to it but healers really turn the tide of warzones, way more than any other so called "OP class".
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